New Features

  • s3: add sleep type setting for testing with s3 or s2idle
  • auto-packager:mkpackage.sh: add jammy

Fixed Bugs

  • ACPICA: Update to version 20210930
  • acpi: uniqueid: skip comparison of _HID and _CID of the same device
  • acpi: madt: De-initialise ACPICA core engine in case of error.
  • lib: fwts_smbios: fix loading SMBIOS table from uefi
  • snapcraft: fix path to fwts
  • snapcraft: Fix incorrect core20 library path

Detail Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_21.11.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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