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UEFI Forum Board of Directors announces Firmware Test Suite (FWTS) has been recommended as the ACPI 5.1 Self-Certification Test (SCT) on 1 Dec 2015!



Stable release

We are continually finding new ways that firmware can be broken, and hence fwts is continually being improved to detect firmware issues. Every release cycle a stable version of fwts is uploading into Universe and occasional updates appear as bug fix releases. However, a PPA is provided containing more up-to-date version of fwts.

The stable PPA contains more stable updates, generally code that has been tested for quite a while and is thus less likely to contain new features that cause breakage. To install from this PPA use:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:firmware-testing-team/ppa-fwts-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fwts

Release Notes




Firmware Test Suite Live Images


Mailing Lists

  • fwts-announce : Formal announcements for the FWTS and the FWTS-Live projects.

  • fwts-devel : Patches, discussions about the FWTS and the FWTS-Live projects.


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