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Hi all! I’m Adolfo Jayme, an Ubuntu user and official member, translator, and Bug Control member.

Ubuntu is what introduced me to the libre software world. After being annoyed with that Microsoft’s infamous operating system, a couple of friends and I stumbled upon Ubuntu, a pretty famous distro. I immediately loved it because its spirit and community; altrough I wasn’t familiar with Linux systems I was confident that out there will be someone wanting to help novice users like me. Even knowing that, I found my new OS pretty easy to use. I found very exciting the six-month release schedule, because I was accustomed to very long development cycles, the crappy Windows updates and the like; and seeing the evolution of the software in such a short timing was very exciting for me, seeing bugs resolved in almost no time was amusing too! Thanks to the close community involvement in the developing of Ubuntu, I wanted to jump in too.

Eventually Ubuntu became my only operating system. I have tried out other distros, but I have a special feeling with Ubuntu. Thanks to it I’ve knew many new friends, and it’s freakingly easy to get involved in order to help the project, even with my crappy skills at programming.

I found my way contributing to Ubuntu with translations and quality assurance. Another thing I loved in Ubuntu (and many other open source communities) is the acknowledgement that offers back when you contribute—I lofty showed off to my friends my name in the “Credits” window of the apps I helped translate! Big Grin :) It’s that welcoming feeling in the community that made me stay here and believe in the project.

I can see a very promising future for Ubuntu and Linux in general. Everyday people is more aware that Windows does not mean computing, people is now more aware that alternatives exist, and that Linux is not only for über-geeks—Ubuntu and Android are the most popular examples of Linux being successful in the industry—. Ubuntu also helps my community and companies: it enables to do office work and other computing activities without havig to pay excessive gold, reducing the digital divide in developing countries like mine.

Future goals

  • Develop my programming abilities and contribute moar code
  • Promote the creation of more Ubuntu-related events in Mexico
  • Participate in IRC more frequently as well


  • Ubuntu fitoschido is a great guy, he makes translations in no time, he has help us to provide with descent how-to leadership to our guests in the UGJ-df twice!, in twitter (@fitoschido) he use to give tips about how get started with translations and how to translate correctly some confusing words, if you don't believe me you only need to check its lp page out, karma doesn't lie, I'll be happy to provide my support in the irc when the board vote *\n_n/* - by ~chilicuil


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