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    * [[http://www.assisi-kredsen.dk/ | Assisikredsen]]
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     * Franciscan Tuscany and Umbria (Oct. 2012)      * Franciscan Tuscany and Umbria (Oct. 2011)
     * Heaven down to earth (Nov.


$ whoami -vv


I was born on April 5th 1948 in Western Jutland, Denmark, the 3rd child of a country doctor who was active in the Danish resistance movement against the German nazi occupation. So ideals of freedom and taking responsibility were implanted in me from early childhood. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why I greatly value the Catalan tenacity and love of independence, and the Cretan passion for freedom, and the famous philoxenia of the Cretans - charity towards strangers, values not unknown to Ubuntu.

Graduated from college at Struer Statsgymnasium in modern languages in 1967, with subsequent military education in Russian 1967-1969.

Studies at the University of Copenhagen 1969 et seq. in sociology, ethnology, japanese. B.A. in esquimology from U. of C.

My main field was lingustics, and apart from the Scandinavian languages I am competent in English, German and Italian, apart from Latin, and am able to read and understand Catalan, Castillian, French, apart from Russian and to some degree Czech and Greek. Sadly to say Japanese and Inuktitut are almost forgotten. As of February 2010 I have taken up the study of Old Irish (sad to tell very small steps!).

Intensive studies in the life and works of Danish polar pioneer Peter Freuchen, and main actor in the festivities on the occasion of the centenary of his birth in 1986.

Active in the planning of the University Centre of Roskilde in 1970 and subsequently tutor at RUC until 1975.

Left the university in 1975 and worked for the Danish Railways 1975-1986, for the last 6 years as a stationmaster at Frederiksberg.

In the years 1970-1979 active in the socialist movement. And from 1979 a dedicated follower of Japanese and Chinese martial arts: kendo, iaido, ninjutsu, taijiquan, baguazhang with accompanying studies i buddhism and daoism. From 1997 I have mainly concentrated on the Sun Lutang tradition in taijiquan and baguazhang.

From the late 1980'es I have been a consultant for the martial arts community Amanogawa in Vejle.

From 1968 to 1975 I was married to Elisabeth Møller Jensen, the present esteemed leader of KVINFO. Our children are Tomas, who is now an M.D. specializing in endocrinology, and Line, a communications expert, who have given us altogether 6 wonderful grandchildren.

In 1986 I married Gitte Vemmelund with whom I have further 3 children Thea (studying psychology), Tue (studying architecture), and Simon (at college, studying biotechnology), without whom the world would have been a poorer place.

In 1986 my wife and I moved from Copenhagen to the provincial town of Vejle in Jutland, where I found work as a janitor, until I found my final calling as a verger in 1997 at the churches of Hover and Grejsdal, a vocation that calls for empathy and integrity. Twice a year I dedicate a weekend to participating in the orthodox christian liturgical chanting seminars lead by Irina Gerassimez. From September 2012 part of a Christian spirituality study and meditation group.

Favourite organizations

Other than Ubuntu related organizations, I am a member of:


Contributions to Ubuntu


In connection with work I have created and upholds the parish website for the churches of Hover and Grejsdal My private website is stromata.dk named after the writings of Clement of Alexandria, 'stromata' or 'stromateis' - meaning approximately patchwork. The site contains a patchwork of important elements of my life: Peter Freuchen, Ubuntu and Archbishop Tutu, Kungfu, Dorothy L. Sayers, St. Francis of Assisi, Fathers of the Church, Mentors like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C. S. Lewis and Georgios Kazantzakis, Poetry like that of Dante Alighieri in words and Antoni Gaudì in stone and concrete, Pilgrimage, and insights in life in general.

Ubuntu and I

I first heard of Ubuntu through the activities of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whose fight for freedom and humanity gave me new insights into what a political life ought to be. Not least in the Commission of Reconciliation.

So the idea of Ubuntu was known to me before I realized that it was also the basis of a unique computer operating system and a community based on ubuntu as defined and lived by Desmond Tutu.

What a joy it was to enter the world of ubuntu! In 2008 I switched completely to ubuntu on my pc - 3 days with Gutsy, and from then on all subsequent releases.

In the spring of 2008 I found help in ubuntuforums.org and decided to contribute with what help I could give to others on the Danish ubuntu-forum.

And now for something completely different

For relaxation count on me to reread Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe, Lord Peter Wimsey, Homer, Dante, T. S. Eliot, Joseph Conrad, Tolkien, Jorge Luís Borges, or centuries old theological treaties, or watch a movie starring Michael Caine, Toshiro Mifune, Clint Eastwood or Anthony Hopkins, and last - not least - Monty Python. O,r enjoying the music of Bach and Bowie, Clapton or Cohen. Or, roaming around the countryside with my Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier (Molly). Or, preparing and sharing a good meal with family and friends, preferably something Mediterranean style.

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