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About Me

As you can see, my name is Florian Brandes, I'm from Germany and recently joined the ubuntu community. I'm 23 years old and don't study computer science or math or anything related to computers Wink ;-)

About 5 or 6 years ago I got quite frustrated with Windows and started playing around with Linux. It took a while, but after going through about 500 distros (at least it felt like that) I stuck with ubuntu.

Now I'm quite happy with my systems and work more or less professionally with ubuntu. A few days ago (so about middle to end August '11) I was wondering about the things behind ubuntu, like the community, developers or canonical and started "poking" around.

After some reading I came about Launchpad, signed up and gave a bug a try. I could actually fix the problem (it was a simple build dependency) and felt so satisfied that I tried another one.

Besides that, I study medicine, work in laboratory, like watching NCIS and do sports.


I do sports about two to three times a week, am happily married, have two bearded dragons at home and enjoy listening to music (probably like everyone), especially to hardrock, some metal, punk and funk (probably not everyone).

I also do like to do lots of computer "things", like playing around with new things, programming in C++ and Qt, maintain my mediapc and home server etc...


Like I said, I study medicine, if everything goes accordingly I will be finished in 2014. Besides that, I work and do research in a laboratory at university.

Ubuntu Participation

Fixing a few bugs here and there. I only did FTBFS bugs until now and learned a little bit about different ways to build and compile source code. My programming "skills" are unfortunately quite rudimentary:

  • BASIC (moderate to good)
    • BASIC in Bascom on Atmega Microchips (very good)
  • PASCAL (did some Delphi programming some time ago)
  • C++ (bad to moderate, usually in combination with Qt)
  • Bash scripting (good)
  • HTML (very, very basic knowledge)

I'm very fond of Qt, I like the IDE, the portability, the very good documentation, so my goal is, to get better in programming, especially using Qt.

I am very interested in fixing bugs and making things work again. Therefore I applied to ubuntu-bugaquad to get more involved. Recently I am also very fond of KDE (since Unity isn't really my thing, neither is the new Gnome3 desktop) and would like to get more involved in that area of development as well.

Internet Relay Chat

My nickname in IRC is gador. I usually hang around in #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-de on irc.freenode.net

Goals For The Future

Maybe not only help fixing bugs, but contributing more (something like language/translation help, new ideas, maybe even develop new features in programs)



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