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[19:00:29] <itnet7> Hey there everyone, how is everyone doing for the New Year! show of hands please?!?!
[19:00:34] <itnet7> o/
[19:00:39] <chunkxzor> hai
[19:00:41] <crashsystems> hand
[19:00:47] <govatent> feet
[19:00:49] <itnet7> well actually mootbot kind of shows us who was here
[19:00:50] <itnet7> lol
[19:01:09] <itnet7> mhall119: ?
[19:01:38] <itnet7> Well the first topic was mhall119
[19:01:38] <X-Man> Hi
[19:01:43] <itnet7> hey there X-Man !!
[19:01:48] <jiohdi> hi
[19:01:54] <itnet7> hey there jiohdi !
[19:01:58] <munz> ello
[19:02:08] <itnet7> olah! munz
[19:02:29] <munz> hi itnet7
[19:02:38] <mhall119> I'm here
[19:02:42] <itnet7> whew
[19:02:50] <mhall119> sorry, putting kids in bed
[19:03:02] <itnet7> [TOPIC] Anchor House Needs -- mhall119 2010-01-05 16:57:19
[19:03:29] <itnet7> you have the floor mhall119 brb if you're ready
[19:03:35] <mhall119> alright, so we need some specific help
[19:03:40] <mhall119> for the anchor house setup
[19:04:07] <mhall119> we need a filtering proxy server for the kid's side of the network
[19:04:27] <mhall119> we will need to fully separate the kid's side of the network from the administrator's side
[19:04:55] <crashsystems> have you considered opendns for the filtering?
[19:05:00] <mhall119> we will need CUPS setup at a network print server
[19:05:08] <munz> how many users? aprox
[19:05:17] * cjohnston just got voted in as a member of the beginners team
[19:05:23] <mhall119> crashsystems, yes, they were wanting something that could produce a log of attempts
[19:05:32] <mhall119> munz, approx 10 computers on the kid's side
[19:05:40] <mhall119> all running Ubuntu
[19:05:41] <crashsystems> I think opendns can do that if you log in mhall119
[19:05:49] <govatent> i think so as well
[19:05:53] <mhall119> crashsystems, log in? to dns?
[19:05:57] <govatent> opendns
[19:06:04] <crashsystems> yes, log into the opendns account
[19:06:09] <govatent> if you have a free account you can log all traffic and keep logs
[19:06:10] <Michelle_Qimo> crashsystems: you there?
[19:06:16] <crashsystems> yep
[19:06:18] <Michelle_Qimo> oh, hey, meeting
[19:06:29] <Michelle_Qimo> never mind
[19:06:45] <mhall119> I'll need some help doing the actual wiring of the network
[19:06:52] <munz> take a look at untangle, its linux based, real quick and simple to set up
[19:06:53] <govatent> what part of the wiring?
[19:06:56] <mhall119> if anyone has crimpers and caps
[19:07:07] <munz> o/
[19:07:07] <mhall119> munz, untangle is on my list to look at
[19:07:13] <govatent> I have.
[19:07:19] <munz> crimps & caps prob
[19:07:24] <mhall119> but I would feel much better not being the only one there who knows anything about getting it setup
[19:07:45] <govatent> i also have loads of wire. i think. i had 1000 ft not sure how much is in the box
[19:08:01] <mhall119> we're supposed to tour the facility later this month when they're done renovating, so I'll know what physical cabling solutions we need
[19:08:05] <itnet7> going to temporarily end the meeting to switch control to mhall119 !
[19:08:10] <itnet7> #endmeeting
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[19:08:22] <mhall119> awesome
[19:08:31] <itnet7> thanks mhall119 be back in a bit
[19:08:47] <mhall119> okay, so it's going to be Jan 30th
[19:08:56] <mhall119> munz, govatent can either of you make it?
[19:09:14] <munz> i will look and see
[19:09:14] <Michelle_Qimo> as per the usual, we'll have dinner back at our house once everything is done.
[19:09:32] <govatent> i might be able to if its on a Saturday.
[19:09:39] <mhall119> it is a Saturday
[19:09:40] <Michelle_Qimo> that's the plan, govatent
[19:09:41] <munz> it isa
[19:09:46] <munz> *is
[19:09:53] <munz> i think i can then
[19:10:15] <munz> i will have to double check but will get back on it
[19:10:32] <mhall119> that's all I have for Anchor House for now, there will be more later in the month
[19:10:51] <mhall119> [TOPIC] Family Website
[19:11:10] <mhall119> so, a while back cjohnston and I setup http://family.ubuntu-fl.org
[19:11:20] <cjohnston> uh oh
[19:11:30] * cjohnston is still waiting on instructions from the boss
[19:11:36] <Michelle_Qimo> I know, I know
[19:11:39] <Michelle_Qimo> :D
[19:11:43] <mhall119> it's a simple Wordpress site, were members of the LoCo, and especially their families (spouses, parents,kids, etc) can blog
[19:12:19] <mhall119> it'll be a place where we can talk about social things, not necessarily technical things
[19:12:35] <Michelle_Qimo> It's a place I can run my mouth! :D
[19:12:37] <cjohnston> non-technical? what is that?
[19:13:00] <mhall119> so, if you want to be involved let me or cjohnston know and we'll get you an account setup
[19:13:02] <jiohdi> cjohnston something humans do much of the time
[19:13:27] <jiohdi> why is beyond me :)
[19:13:36] <cjohnston> lol
[19:13:39] <mhall119> I hope that Hope, Smita, Heidi and telepathy will start blogging there too
[19:13:49] <mhall119> "hope that Hope", heh
[19:13:56] <mhall119> anyway
[19:14:11] <govatent> mhall119: how much cable do you need?
[19:14:19] <mhall119> we had a lot of people getting to know eachother at the birthday bash, and this is a way they can keep in touch
[19:14:30] <mhall119> govatent, don't know yet, I have to see their facility
[19:14:36] <mhall119> I'll let you know as soon as I do
[19:15:19] <mhall119> the website is open to any member that want's to participate, but the Ubuntu CoC still applies
[19:15:38] <mhall119> also, it's not private, anybody on the internet can potentially read it, so don't give out too much personal information
[19:16:24] <mhall119> any questions on the family site?
[19:17:09] <dantalizing> when will it have flash games?
[19:17:15] <Michelle_Qimo> next week
[19:17:16] <Michelle_Qimo> :D
[19:17:23] <mhall119> dantalizing, when flash doesn't suck
[19:17:26] <cjohnston> as soon as you put them there
[19:17:29] <dantalizing> oh never
[19:17:47] <mhall119> if that's what Smita wants, I'll put flash games on there
[19:18:00] <dantalizing> i want cubis
[19:18:11] <mhall119> you'll get farmville
[19:18:23] <dantalizing> and you'll like it
[19:18:29] <Michelle_Qimo> I object to farmville
[19:18:30] <mhall119> moving right along...
[19:18:57] <mhall119> [TOPIC] UbuCon or LUG gathering in Lakeland in 2010
[19:19:31] <mhall119> so there was discussion at the last Tampa meetup about doing some community-organized events leading up to a big, state-wide, Linux/OSS event next year
[19:20:05] <dantalizing> indeed
[19:20:19] <mhall119> I wanted to see what interest there was in doing either a mini-UbuCon, or a state-wide LUG gathering in Lakeland
[19:20:38] * Michelle_Qimo breaks out the to-do list
[19:20:51] <dantalizing> i told the group i'd start putting together a project plan
[19:20:55] * cjohnston would like to go.. but probably can't much participate in the pre- part
[19:21:01] <mhall119> dantalizing, for which?
[19:21:07] <dantalizing> based on 2 mini-Ubus and a final master ubucon
[19:21:15] <mhall119> ok
[19:21:34] <mhall119> those 2 mini-Ubus going to be in north and south FL?
[19:21:36] <dantalizing> I started doing taht based on some of the stuff akgraner has already done
[19:21:41] <dantalizing> then i remembered
[19:22:01] <dantalizing> we've already got a process started for a big Ubucon in Atlanta in November
[19:22:26] <dantalizing> "we" meaning akgraner announced to the list a while back and several people offered to help
[19:22:41] <akgraner> yep driving to ATL next week
[19:22:44] <Michelle_Qimo> lol, seems like the way to do things
[19:22:52] <dantalizing> so I'm not sure we should spin our wheels
[19:23:05] <dantalizing> we can maybe do a couple of mini-cons
[19:23:11] <akgraner> checking dates to make sure we don't have a conflict with any other events
[19:23:14] <Michelle_Qimo> dantalizing: mini-cons seems wise
[19:23:15] <dantalizing> but we should be helping akgraner with the big-'un
[19:23:39] <Michelle_Qimo> akgraner: this going to be in conjunction with ALF?
[19:23:54] <akgraner> there will be an Ubucon at ALF
[19:24:00] <mhall119> or is this the South East LoCo's meetup you've been wanting to do?
[19:24:05] <akgraner> we have to finalize the venue for ALF
[19:24:10] <Michelle_Qimo> but a second event in Nov?
[19:24:31] <akgraner> not sure yet? depends working all that out
[19:24:37] <Michelle_Qimo> aah ok
[19:24:39] <dantalizing> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/AnnualUbuntuUserConference
[19:25:36] <mhall119> okay, so we're gonna try and do some mini-ubucons leading up to that?
[19:25:44] <dantalizing> so all of this doesnt preclude a Lakeland (blech) -con, but I think, as a team we need to rally around making November great
[19:25:51] <akgraner> yep so far SCaLE and SELF are confirmed
[19:26:02] <mhall119> lakeland-con, doesn't sound very inviting
[19:26:16] <crashsystems> better than lakecity-con
[19:26:36] <mhall119> [ACTION] become involved in the planning and preparation of the Atlanta UbuCon
[19:26:52] <mhall119> akgraner, are you our go-to person for that?
[19:26:59] * Michelle_Qimo brings cookies
[19:27:29] <akgraner> mhall119, I can be if you want
[19:27:41] <akgraner> SELF is happening before ALF though
[19:27:53] <akgraner> so the opportunity to help with both :-)
[19:27:54] <mhall119> [AGREED] akgraner will be our go-to person for the Atlanta UbuCon
[19:28:20] <mhall119> SELF might be farther than most of us can go to help before the event
[19:28:33] <munz> brb
[19:28:35] <dantalizing> plus nobody wants to go to SC
[19:28:47] <dantalizing> no offense -sc
[19:29:04] <mhall119> maybe everybody just spent their money on a new phone instead of travel
[19:29:08] <akgraner> ok cool
[19:29:15] <dantalizing> lol +1
[19:29:54] <mhall119> akgraner, maybe you, me, Michelle_Qimo and itnet7 can get together and discuss what -fl can do to help during SCaLE
[19:30:02] <mhall119> and dantalizing too, oh wait...
[19:30:29] <akgraner> sure the CA team is working it as well
[19:30:29] <Michelle_Qimo> sure
[19:30:48] * dantalizing is ashamed of his privacy-hating phone
[19:30:55] <akgraner> so we need to get with them I'll send you the info for our next meeting
[19:31:03] <itnet7> what privacy hating phone do you have now?
[19:31:15] <akgraner> mhall119, can you email names and email addresses please
[19:31:16] <dantalizing> itnet7: nexus
[19:31:17] <itnet7> sorry... just checking to see how far we are in
[19:31:17] <mhall119> akgraner, I meant to help with SELF and ALF
[19:31:23] <itnet7> you have one already???
[19:31:24] <akgraner> oh ok
[19:31:31] <mhall119> akgraner, if you PM me your email address I can
[19:31:32] <dantalizing> itnet7: its on the way
[19:31:41] <itnet7> dantalizing: you are my hero!
[19:31:45] <itnet7> :-)
[19:31:55] <dantalizing> yes, but mhall119 hates me
[19:32:02] <mhall119> no offense
[19:32:05] <akgraner> sure can do
[19:32:08] <crashsystems> how do you have one already?
[19:32:13] <dantalizing> i dont
[19:32:18] <dantalizing> its on the way
[19:32:51] <mhall119> okay, so I'll see what I can do in Lakeland that won't take away from the mini-cons and UbuCon, and come back with ideas
[19:33:22] <mhall119> [TOPIC] SpaceCoast Linux and OSS Meetup Group
[19:33:32] <itnet7> Okay
[19:33:50] <itnet7> I just wanted to share that I have formed a similar group to the Tampa Meetup
[19:34:10] <mhall119> aw, now you won't travel across the state every month to spend a few hours with us
[19:34:23] <munz> ok im back
[19:34:26] <itnet7> I am going to try and not schedule overlap
[19:34:29] * Michelle_Qimo pouts at itnet7
[19:34:32] <itnet7> wherever psossible
[19:34:37] <Michelle_Qimo> oh, ok then
[19:34:42] <itnet7> s/psossible/possible
[19:35:03] <itnet7> your group was first, so I will bear that in mind when organizing stuff!
[19:35:27] <Michelle_Qimo> meh, no worries. I don't think anyone (zoopster) will mind
[19:35:36] <itnet7> if you all hear of anyone on the Space Coast in the forums, irc, or wherever point them in our direction
[19:35:47] <dantalizing> got a link?
[19:36:07] <itnet7> http://www.meetup.com/Spacecoast-Linux/
[19:36:14] <dantalizing> nice
[19:36:30] <itnet7> I made a logo that Desperately needs some reya love
[19:36:45] <mhall119> where is he anyway?
[19:36:59] <itnet7> There are about 6 people that have joined and have already been asking for installfests, etc!
[19:37:01] <dantalizing> he's down
[19:37:02] <itnet7> not sure
[19:37:21] <Michelle_Qimo> speaking of installfests...
[19:37:25] <Michelle_Qimo> we need to have one, mhall119
[19:37:28] <mhall119> yes
[19:37:56] * Michelle_Qimo consults calendar
[19:38:09] <Michelle_Qimo> anyone available Jan. 23rd?
[19:38:41] <mhall119> I am!
[19:38:59] <cjohnston> mhall119: no you arent
[19:39:05] <Michelle_Qimo> really?
[19:39:28] * Michelle_Qimo will have it without him
[19:39:29] <munz> not sure, whats up
[19:39:41] <mhall119> we've got some computers we need to install Ubuntu on
[19:39:43] <Michelle_Qimo> installfest - we've got 50 computers that need operating systems
[19:39:46] <cjohnston> mhall119: is mine on the 23rd
[19:39:55] <mhall119> what now?
[19:40:03] <cjohnston> user days
[19:40:09] <mhall119> oh, right..
[19:40:17] * mhall119 needs to put together an outline for that
[19:40:18] <Michelle_Qimo> Can that be conducted mid-installfest?
[19:40:19] <itnet7> so it's an open meeting for a bit
[19:40:47] <mhall119> not really
[19:40:55] <cjohnston> mhall119: your at 1pm
[19:40:56] <mhall119> I'm teaching an hour-long course
[19:40:59] <cjohnston> (our time(
[19:41:00] <cjohnston> )
[19:41:04] <mhall119> [TOPIC] open
[19:41:19] <X-Man> I have a question for cjohnston, How is the Ubuntu hour going?
[19:41:29] <itnet7> bbiab ok
[19:41:32] <mhall119> cjohnston, did you see the lernid demo today?
[19:41:43] <munz> ill look and see
[19:41:43] <cjohnston> mhall119: nope.. was on a call :-(
[19:41:59] <cjohnston> X-Man: good... didnt have one this week.. but we have had 3 i think...
[19:42:25] <mhall119> cjohnston, evidently it's making good progress
[19:42:48] <mhall119> okay, so anyone want to come over on the 23rd and install Ubuntu?
[19:42:48] <X-Man> cjohnston, I wanted to start one in Tallahassee, but wanted to get some feedback from you about yours
[19:42:51] <cjohnston> i dont know if ill be able to be there next week.. the wife is having surgery that day.. so it will depend on if she wants to get rid of me
[19:43:15] <dantalizing> X-Man: just do it!
[19:43:53] <mhall119> X-Man, just pick a place and tell people when you'll be there
[19:44:00] <cjohnston> X-Man: id do it.. we had one person the first night show up based upon my post on planet
[19:44:05] <munz> ill look and see if i can
[19:44:12] <Michelle_Qimo> cjohnston: do y'all have dinner Monday night taken care of? Or someone to cook for you?
[19:44:18] <Michelle_Qimo> if not, I'll bring something over on Sunday
[19:44:39] <cjohnston> Michelle_Qimo: my mom will be here.. so im sure we will be fine
[19:44:57] <Michelle_Qimo> ok
[19:45:04] <cjohnston> thanks for the offer
[19:45:44] <Michelle_Qimo> np
[19:45:58] <Michelle_Qimo> OK, so InstallFest on 23rd is scheduled on Meetup
[19:46:32] <Michelle_Qimo> 10am - with food
[19:46:38] <Michelle_Qimo> RSVP if you can make it
[19:46:44] <Michelle_Qimo> so I can adequately feed you
[19:46:48] <dantalizing> which meetup?
[19:46:52] <dantalizing> oh tampa
[19:46:57] <Michelle_Qimo> Yes, sorry
[19:50:24] <mhall119> anyone else have something that want to talk about?
[19:50:30] <Michelle_Qimo> nope
[19:50:39] <mhall119> going once...
[19:50:58] <mhall119> going twice....
[19:51:11] <mhall119> #endmeeting

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