21:01:36 <bordy> =========START MEETING=========

21:01:50 <bordy> just mike_f and xzai?

21:02:05 <bordy> poningru, mark007, lando, elcasey, tlcoffee you here?

21:02:08 <bordy> oh theres casey

21:02:09 * elcasey-lap is here

21:02:22 <mark007> yup, bordy.

21:02:26 <elcasey-lap> i decided it was time to hit the couch

21:02:38 <bordy> thats a good plan, wish I had a laptop

21:02:55 <bordy> Alright... first off, thanks for actually showing up to the time I arbitrarily set

21:03:11 <mark007> Or just idling and happening to be here Smile :-)

21:03:15 <bordy> shhhh

21:03:17 <bordy> Wink ;)

21:03:18 <Mike_F> your welcome

21:03:38 <bordy> One of the first things we really need to focus on is getting our team to be recognized as official

21:03:50 <Mike_F> how do we do that

21:03:55 <bordy> that opens up windows for us as far as what resources are available through canonical

21:04:35 <bordy> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto

21:04:42 <bordy> describes houw to become approved

21:05:04 <bordy> we need to show that we've established all our resources (which we have), and that we have a sustained presence in the loco community

21:05:39 <Mike_F> we have sustained a presence for a couple of weeks

21:05:41 <bordy> with some effect, be it finding or fixing bugs, advocacy (like Mike_F and his show coming up), help in the forums/IRC, etc.

21:06:06 <Mike_F> i still have to find out if i can do it

21:06:20 <bordy> Well one of the ways they recommend making a splash is creating a local distro, which we've talked about before too

21:06:41 <Mike_F> as long as it's less $200 and there is room for me

21:07:01 <Mike_F> has anyone looked at uck

21:07:05 <bordy> oh, here's a better "Getting approved" page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved

21:07:32 <lando> eeek almost missed the meeting 21:07:50 <bordy> damn yous lando! Wink ;)

21:07:51 <bordy> lol

21:07:52 <elcasey-lap> i think this'll run a bit more smoothly if bordy and whoever else is "running" the meeting cover all the pertinent points and then we discuss them afterward

21:08:06 <elcasey-lap> otherwise we'll get off on tangents...at least I'm that way :P

21:08:21 <Mike_F> that eocc show should count for one of the experiences

21:08:30 <bordy> thats true Mike

21:08:44 <bordy> yeah, I will do that right quick here.... give me a second to type out what we're going to cover, then we can move on them.

21:08:49 <Mike_F> anyone around orlando is welcome to show up, we a cool chamber of commerce

21:09:11 <bordy> (and btw, the agendas for the meetings will always be on wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/Meetings for editing and adding to by anyone

21:10:05 <bordy> 1) Disucss plans for becoming approved

21:10:21 <bordy> 2) Discuss the importance of creating/editing our own personal wikis on wiki.ubuntu.com

21:10:30 <bordy> 3) recruiting, recruiting, recruiting

21:10:38 <bordy> 4) Promotion ideas (natecohn)

21:10:54 <bordy> 5) discuss personal skills we might have to help grow the florida team (natecohn)

21:11:10 <bordy> thats all we had on the wiki for now

21:11:30 <bordy> And funny enough, everything we do will aim towards goal 1, getting approved

21:11:34 <bordy> so we can start anywhere.

21:12:18 <xzai> 5

21:12:31 <bordy> fair enough, we'll start there. Wink ;)

21:12:43 <Mike_F> who's first?

21:12:54 <xzai> its mine i can go first

21:13:10 <bordy> Personally, as I am sure all of you know, I have far inferior computer skills... all I can really hope to bring here is a level of organization, and a desire to see us succeed.. sort of an enabler, as it were.

21:13:24 <xzai> which is awsome

21:13:39 <bordy> And I am glad you guys haven't revolted yet Wink ;)

21:13:52 <xzai> i do video work, i can draw, web design, im pretty much just an artist

21:13:53 * elcasey-lap is still gruntled Big Grin :)

21:13:56 <xzai> and a really good cook

21:14:12 <xzai> i also know how to party and get people hyped up about shit

21:14:28 <bordy> Wink ;)

21:14:32 <coachdanny> Hey Everyone! Danny here (bodycoach2 in the forums)

21:14:34 <bordy> and you have friends who take their shirts off.

21:14:50 <elcasey-lap> Canonical is gonna *love* us xD

21:14:53 <bordy> hey danny.. we're in the process of listing what we can do, so we have an idea of each others capabilities and who to ask for certain things

21:15:24 <xzai> yea

21:15:29 <xzai> i can get girls naked

21:15:30 <coachdanny> Hmmm

21:15:43 <bordy> lol. Alright, Mike_F, whatcha got

21:16:02 <coachdanny> <Writer, volunteer work, photography

21:16:25 <Mike_F> 20+ enginering and business experince

21:17:08 <bordy> So you are decent with coding and whatnot? I would like to get us somewhat involved in bug triaging, mainly because I want to learn it myself but also because it gives us a bit of visibility

21:17:10 <Mike_F> do you really want me to get into details, what do we want to do?

21:17:15 <bordy> not yet

21:17:21 <bordy> but we will get there

21:17:29 <coachdanny> I think the biggest thing we can do is get Ubuntu onto old computers, and get those computers to people who need them

21:17:50 <bordy> afternoon vorian

21:17:59 <bordy> spose we can let a dirty buckeye in here

21:18:00 <elcasey-lap> bordy: if we just all take time to file bugs as we find them, that'll help immensely. The guys on the various coding projects do a great job marking duplicates and moving up new bugs

21:18:08 <vorian> hola Smile :)

21:18:19 <coachdanny> We just need to work on bug #1

21:18:21 <elcasey-lap> hi vorian...didn't know you were in florida

21:18:25 <elcasey-lap> coachdanny: so true Wink ;)

21:18:36 <bordy> elcasey-lap a good idea, that I've been trying to do, is follow the forums and lp and see if there is anything we can work on ourself

21:18:37 <elcasey-lap> oh, oh, he is a buckeye...forgot :P

21:19:10 <elcasey-lap> bordy: I had a serious feisty bug (it wouldn't boot), and I was impressed with how quickly it was solved, and how communicative the kernel guys were.

21:19:14 <coachdanny> I've given out 16 computers with Ubuntu variants so far.

21:19:20 <bordy> yeah those guys are good.

21:19:27 <bordy> coachdanny: lets move with that topic.

21:19:34 <bordy> have you looked into starting a freegeek chapter?

21:19:57 <coachdanny> yes....they have a wiki on the subject: http://wiki.freegeek.org

21:20:01 <Mike_F> I think that giving away computers thing could help getting our group offical

21:20:12 <bordy> how much work would be needed to get it running coachdanny?

21:20:36 <bordy> vorian: we were discussing a lil about getting approved. Since you've done it, and you are our assigned mentor, feel free to jump in. lol

21:20:41 <coachdanny> Right now, I'm doing it independently. If we can find a way to organize each independent person, we might be able to come up with our own free geek variant

21:20:46 * bordy has an aside on this topic right quick

21:21:23 <bordy> Vorian is our assigned mentor, assigned through the Ubuntu-us umbrella group. I really want to get in on that, I think I could do wonders helping new or struggling teams, since I can't really help with coding... but we can't help til we're approved. it is a vicious cycle.

21:21:29 <Mike_F> are we still talking about peoples skills ?

21:21:30 * bordy is done with his aside... sorry.

21:21:36 <elcasey-lap> oh cool

21:21:52 <coachdanny> Hello Vorian

21:22:19 <bordy> I have been interested in the freegeek action, I just don't know what the time/money commitments are. Might you want to run with that Coachdanny, and maybe create a subpage of the floridateam wiki about it?

21:22:27 <bordy> so we can track progress and help when needed?

21:22:40 <coachdanny> I can do that.

21:22:48 <bordy> have you edited wikis yet?

21:22:57 <coachdanny> Not yet....need to learn anyway

21:23:08 <bordy> that segues well into my next topic

21:23:13 <elcasey-lap> the MoinMoin stuff isn't too different from wikipedia's, for example

21:23:17 * bordy sets new topic to Wikis

21:23:26 <coachdanny> wikinomics!

21:23:29 <bordy> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChrisRohde

21:23:30 <coachdanny> excellent book

21:23:42 <bordy> that is my page... it couldn't hurt any of us to go through and set one up.

21:23:52 <Mike_F> If anyone wants to mess around I have a prototype wiki site online

21:23:59 <bordy> If you make one, make it to match either your real name (wiki style) or how your name is listed on the team page

21:24:14 <bordy> if you ever want to become an ubuntu member, you need to have a wiki set up with your accomplishments, plans, etc.

21:24:18 <Mike_F> its http://wiki.gs

21:24:40 <Mike_F> this is part of my line of business

21:24:59 <bordy> oh thats right, I saw that.

21:25:01 <bordy> very nice

21:25:18 <Mike_F> anyone is welcome to use it to experiment

21:25:21 <bordy> Now, statik had brought up the idea of maybe setting up starter wikis for those of us who don't have them yet, and just letting them go in and edit the information

21:25:30 * bordy wishes statik were here!

21:25:40 <elcasey-lap> aye

21:25:56 <bordy> That could be a decent lil half-hour project for a couple of us to do, and I am completely willing to do it myself if yall don't have the time

21:26:02 <elcasey-lap> i think it'd be a good idea to have a text file worked up as a "wiki template"

21:26:10 <bordy> damn good idea

21:26:20 <elcasey-lap> i can help with that if you want

21:26:26 <Mike_F> I like that idea

21:26:51 <bordy> thanks. Maybe a text file with the template, and another for a how-to? the how-to given by the wiki could stand to be a little better, and I am thinking of going in and fixing it up

21:26:58 * bordy wants to get on the docs-team Wink ;)

21:26:58 <coachdanny> bordy - is the ChrisRohde your wiki?

21:27:01 <elcasey-lap> we might want to write a simple "style guide" that all of our wikis should generally adhere to, to give us a unified presence within our own Wiki heading

21:27:04 <bordy> coachdanny: yeah

21:27:16 <coachdanny> was that from a template?

21:27:23 <bordy> elcasey-lap yeah thats a good idea... i went kinda nuts on mine, cause i like the icons. lol

21:27:34 <bordy> coachdanny: no, but I stole style ideas from people like vorian and nixternal

21:27:45 <elcasey-lap> the icons look great, and they're *easy* to put into wikis if you use the IconsPage images. Wink ;)

21:27:52 <elcasey-lap> Guess who told me that? :P

21:27:54 <bordy> oh i love me some iconspage

21:27:58 <bordy> <-- this guy!

21:28:02 <elcasey-lap> Big Grin :)

21:28:12 <coachdanny> vorian - can you give a link to your wiki

21:28:35 <bordy> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Vorian

21:28:45 <bordy> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nixternal

21:28:56 <bordy> Also look at their team pages (ohio and Chicago, respectively) because they are wonderful

21:29:27 <bordy> But both teams are very organized, and already approved... .so tracking how they do things can only help us in the long run

21:30:21 <elcasey-lap> any of us who are going to be involved with promotion should at least join the Marketing mailing list

21:30:46 <bordy> yeah I would also recomment the LoCo Contacts list.. even though the official contacts are me and poningru, it is a good list to be on

21:30:47 <elcasey-lap> their meeting is going on right now, too, but they're fairly active and I know a lot of those guys

21:31:16 <Mike_F> I joined the marketing team, the mailing list is very helpfule

21:31:18 <bordy> dammit I thought their meeting wasnt til 4!

21:31:38 <elcasey-lap> bordy: adamant1988 was telling me it was at 3, but I thought it was at 4, too.

21:31:41 <coachdanny> elcasey - Do you know anything about the Marketing strategy?

21:32:13 <elcasey-lap> I don't really have any particulars, but Jenda is probably the man to contact. He's often online here in Freenode.

21:32:20 <elcasey-lap> their channel is #ubuntu-marketing

21:32:39 <bordy> coachdanny: what did you wanna know?

21:32:48 <elcasey-lap> I used to idle in there, but that was before I knew a Florida LoCo was being formed

21:33:29 <coachdanny> Mostly what their general strategy is for marketing. If we know that, we can do things to follow with that strategy locally.

21:33:40 <Mike_F> There isn't any action on ubuntu-markerting are you in the right time zone

21:33:43 <bordy> http://wiki.ubunt.com/DIYMarketing

21:33:58 <elcasey-lap> Mike_F: the meeting must be at 4, then

21:34:14 <coachdanny> I'd like to get some automotive stickers for the back window of cars, like the white apple logo

21:34:18 <elcasey-lap> and I seem to remember Jenda telling me it was at 4

21:34:19 <coachdanny> Ubuntu logo instead

21:34:30 <bordy> Alright, onward... xzai, want to kick off whatever ideas you had for your other agenda addition?

21:34:32 <Mike_F> The marketing posting is cool

21:34:36 <elcasey-lap> coachdanny: that is a great idea, since I still need to scrape the Apple sticker off of my car :P

21:34:45 <bordy> coachdanny: if you order CD's from shipit they send you stickers too Wink ;)

21:34:51 <elcasey-lap> I got two sheets of stickers from Canonical when my CDs arrived

21:35:13 <bordy> speaking of ordering CDs...

21:35:14 <elcasey-lap> but they're paper, so they'd probably fade out on a car pretty quickly

21:35:16 <xzai> gotta get the name out localy

21:35:26 <bordy> Any ideas on that xzai?

21:35:30 <Mike_F> What's an apple, is that a computer?

21:35:32 <coachdanny> I made my own stickers for the computers

21:35:34 <elcasey-lap> Mike_F: :P

21:35:53 <xzai> i think figuring out what groups would be willing to adopt ubuntu around here first

21:35:57 <xzai> surfers and old people

21:36:11 <xzai> old people cus they dont know any better

21:36:17 <raptor2552> hey

21:36:18 <Mike_F> small businesses like things that are free

21:36:23 <xzai> and surfers cus free stuff is cool to them

21:36:24 <bordy> xzai I have found that people 50+ who don't really know what they are doing are incredibly easy... my mom, my friends moms, etc. lol

21:36:38 <elcasey-lap> lol raptor2552

21:36:49 <coachdanny> http://flickr.com/photos/coachdanny/218104519/

21:37:16 <xzai> starting a free geek around here

21:37:17 <raptor2552> I'm not getting old, I'm simply aging

21:37:17 <bordy> nice, danny!

21:37:18 <elcasey-lap> I talked about Linux with one friend of mine who owns an architectural firm. The biggest barrier to adopting Linux, I've found, is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

21:37:33 <elcasey-lap> He has no intention of going to Vista, so he has no intention of making any changes yet.

21:37:33 <Mike_F> Getting back to bug one, maybe people should think of Ubuntu as an XP upgrade

21:37:35 <xzai> and putting ubuntu on it

21:37:39 <elcasey-lap> But obviously *everyone* isn't the same way.

21:37:39 <bordy> elcasey-lap well then we need to show them why it is broke

21:37:50 <xzai> but i think we should get on the wiki

21:38:00 <xzai> and put down ideas to get ubuntu out there

21:38:14 <elcasey-lap> i'm a bit reticent to push changes into a working production environment

21:38:19 <coachdanny> That "if it ain't broke" thing is why I focus on getting the older computers out to people who need one, with Ubuntu on it.

21:38:23 <bordy> xzai, you wanna tackle a marketing ideas subwiki on floridateam?

21:38:27 <elcasey-lap> with end users, it's different

21:38:34 <xzai> ahhh um sure

21:38:44 <bordy> not alone, but if you come up with anything good, just throw it on there

21:38:45 <coachdanny> Average person isn't going to change, until it's absolutely necessary

21:38:58 <xzai> alright

21:39:13 <raptor2552> until they encounter vista

21:39:16 <bordy> coachdanny: all it took me with my friends mom was explaining the problems with IE and how they relate to the problems with windows (re: malware and the giant target that is MS)

21:39:33 <Mike_F> I think the best way to promote Ubuntu is let people know it exists

21:39:49 <elcasey-lap> i think holding ubuntu up as not just an alternative to Vista, but as what's right with software where Vista is wrong, is a good opportunity

21:40:04 <coachdanny> I've converted about 20 computers so far, but only after they've been so infected, the computer grows boils.

21:40:20 <Mike_F> Throw in Open Office, Firefox and Gimp they run on windows too

21:40:28 <coachdanny> Vista is wrong mostly on price

21:40:30 <bordy> coachdanny: thats why I am getting my mom fixed up too. that and remote fixing of her stuff

21:40:43 <poningru> doi

21:40:47 <poningru> sorry here

21:40:51 <elcasey-lap> Mike_F: good point...familiarization with common *nix apps under windows removes a big barrier.

21:40:55 <coachdanny> Learning how to fix things remotely would help all of us for future business opportunities

21:40:57 <bordy> hey poningru youre alive!

21:41:21 <coachdanny> Is there a "How To" on that in the How to forum thread?

21:41:23 <elcasey-lap> my folks aren't going to switch to linux, and i'm not gonna push them, but because I was so frustrated supporting them with Outlook Express and IE6, I've got them on FF, T-bird and OOo now.

21:41:46 <Mike_F> the support applications are the big cost in the pay as you go world of software

21:41:48 <elcasey-lap> which makes it that easier when it's time to flush XP.

21:41:52 <bordy> elcasey-lap yeah I feel the same way, but I am sick of workin on my mom's dying comp. so I gotta move stronger

21:42:05 <elcasey-lap> bordy: if it dies again, they won't be getting a choice :P

21:42:37 <bordy> One of the stronger points, i think, in advocating ubuntu, is the free support in the forms of forums, wikis, and the ever-helpful mailing list

21:42:50 <xzai> omfg

21:42:51 <bordy> I would never recommend going to #ubuntu, since it is terribly trying to get help in there

21:43:00 <Mike_F> I remember when

21:43:00 <coachdanny> I've had an idea about online support

21:43:07 <elcasey-lap> #ubuntu is a madhouse

21:43:07 <xzai> off topic but my GF called me and april foolsed me with she was pregnant

21:43:15 <elcasey-lap> the horror

21:43:15 <bordy> oh the bitch!

21:43:34 <vorian> oh my!

21:43:35 <coachdanny> I'm a ChaCha guide, and I have "Ubuntu Linux support help" as a keyword for my 'clients'.

21:43:40 <Mike_F> MS support was free once

21:43:41 <raptor2552> are u sure

21:43:41 <elcasey-lap> commercial support is something even i don't know enough about

21:43:52 <elcasey-lap> is it all outsourced, or does Canonical do its own?

21:44:07 <Mike_F> back when someone name "Bill" still answered the phone

21:44:07 <elcasey-lap> especially for businesses, support is going to be an issue

21:44:15 <elcasey-lap> in the 50s?! :P

21:44:20 <vorian> <coachdanny> vorian - can you give a link to your wiki

21:44:22 <Mike_F> Right

21:44:27 <vorian> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StephenStalcup

21:44:31 <vorian> Smile :)

21:44:48 <bordy> vorian you are running two wikis! the horror!

21:45:05 <coachdanny> Most excellent wiki!

21:45:14 <xzai> ive heard the horror twice in 2 minutes. the horror!

21:45:17 <Mike_F> Guess want my business is, does 20+ years of UNIX/LINUX experience count

21:45:34 <elcasey-lap> one thing before I forget -- someone should save the buffer from meetings as a form of minutes. Which we can clean up and turn into a decent document later...

21:45:59 <Mike_F> good idea (the decent part)

21:46:03 <elcasey-lap> Wink ;)

21:46:10 <coachdanny> I've had 20+ years of experience in Personal Training and fitness, but I can't think of any way for that to help.

21:46:22 <bordy> elcasey-lap we are, locobot4 saves all logs, and I am going to move the meeting over to wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/Minutes

21:46:26 <elcasey-lap> too many of us nerds need to get back in shape :P

21:46:38 <elcasey-lap> bordy: ok, i didn't know it was autologged already

21:46:40 <bordy> coachdanny come down to the lakeland Y and train me back to Marine Corps shape Wink ;)

21:46:49 <coachdanny> GeekFit

21:46:51 <bordy> Alright... back on a new topic

21:46:58 * bordy changes topic to sub-teams

21:47:18 <coachdanny> I would LOVE a submarine!

21:47:28 <Mike_F> where are we #3?

21:47:29 <bordy> If you guys wil look at the ohio team wiki, you'll see they sort of organized into sub teams, with different responsibilities... theres only going to be so long that I am able to do all this on my own.

21:47:50 <bordy> we'll hit 3 last, I think Mike_F

21:47:56 <coachdanny> I think the education team is important too

21:47:56 <Mike_F> cool

21:48:12 <bordy> Any ideas as to how to distribute team responsibility? Or does anyone have a topic they are particularly fond of?

21:48:15 <coachdanny> Maybe, getting Edubuntu to some schools will help proliferation.

21:48:26 <bordy> coachdanny thats a hefty order

21:48:28 <Mike_F> What are our locations around the state

21:48:34 <elcasey-lap> bordy: Well, I think it oughta be split up by our abilities and interests.

21:48:39 <bordy> most of us are pretty centralized, Mike_F

21:48:53 <Mike_F> It seems like Orando is about an hour away for most

21:48:58 <xzai> yea

21:49:01 <bordy> elcasey-lap exactly.... I will keep handling wiki and launchpad stuff, and trying to steer us towards approval

21:49:01 <Mike_F> after easter of course

21:49:03 <elcasey-lap> bordy: those who are "people persons" can tackle marketing and such, i'm not half-bad with Photosh, er, the GIMP Wink ;)

21:49:19 <coachdanny> GIMPshop

21:49:32 <elcasey-lap> bordy: someone to keep us on course is imperative. I'm technically sound, but I'm also not a programmer.

21:50:02 <bordy> Welp, I am going to set up a couple new sub-pages... one for /accomplishments, one for /new members, etc

21:50:04 <elcasey-lap> but I don't mind giving time to install ubuntu, etc. be it freegeek, local advocacy, whatever.

21:50:05 <Mike_F> I can run a programming team, when we are ready

21:50:05 <coachdanny> I'm in school for Information Technology, so I'm just learning the ropes

21:50:13 <Mike_F> an we ani't ready

21:50:22 <xzai> im really good with people but i think im not good for a first impression with linux

21:50:30 <elcasey-lap> but I'm not much of a people person, i'll admit it.

21:50:36 <bordy> and I want to get out that anything anybody accomplishes, be it bug fixes, reporting, events, etc I want people to add to the /accomplishments page

21:50:40 <coachdanny> Best thing to do right now: let everyone know what your doing with old computers. You'll have about 20 within three months!

21:50:48 <elcasey-lap> xzai: come on, tattoos and beer isn't the Ubuntu image?!

21:50:50 <bordy> I can handle the people , I am quite a schmoozer.

21:51:06 <xzai> lol dunno?!

21:51:07 <coachdanny> People person here! It's been my business for 20 years (personal trainer)

21:51:08 <Mike_F> I got a computer recycling place in the same building as me

21:51:12 <bordy> heck, even if we were to design a couple florida-specific backgrounds, that would count.

21:51:28 <Mike_F> the cover this area (brevard) and they never heard of ubuntu

21:51:34 <coachdanny> Wow!

21:51:39 <elcasey-lap> and Nate and I are local to each other, so we can coordinate some stuff physically, but I think we'll be involved in different areas.

21:51:44 <coachdanny> Show them the free geek video on google

21:51:44 <poningru_> sorry guys I'm late

21:51:51 <poningru_> what are we discussing?

21:51:57 <Mike_F> I don't even want to get into what they put on them

21:51:59 <bordy> sub-teams, poningru

21:52:04 <bordy> any ideas?

21:52:13 <elcasey-lap> Mike_F: you're in Brevard, too? Cocoa, was it?

21:52:19 <elcasey-lap> who all is in Brevard?

21:52:25 <coachdanny> Orlando here

21:52:26 <bordy> like I said, I am going to set up some sub-pages on the wiki for other things, like accomplishments, new members, etc.

21:52:30 <xzai> brevard!

21:52:31 <Mike_F> cocoa beach, cape royal building

21:52:33 <poningru_> hmm ic

21:52:39 <raptor2552> melbourne

21:52:41 <elcasey-lap> ok, melbourne

21:52:44 <elcasey-lap> this is awesome

21:52:44 <xzai> melbourne

21:52:50 <elcasey-lap> at least four of us in brevard already

21:52:55 <xzai> 3 in melb

21:53:04 <bordy> I think I am the only polk county, but theres one or two from tampa

21:53:06 <coachdanny> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3343196262291457240

21:53:46 <elcasey-lap> Cocoa Beach isn't too far

21:54:02 <elcasey-lap> and hell or high water, I will be at the MLUG meeting on Tuesday

21:54:20 <coachdanny> One thing would really help get Ubuntu noticed: BOOTH BABES!

21:54:28 <bordy> xzai: get on the booth babes Wink ;)

21:54:46 <Mike_F> maybe we can meet at the new bunky's

21:54:58 <xzai> booth babes are done

21:54:58 <Mike_F> I don't go to coconuts

21:55:07 <bordy> coconuts in cocoa beach?

21:55:12 <Mike_F> yes

21:55:13 <elcasey-lap> Bunky's sounds more my speed, anyway

21:55:15 <xzai> lets go to ledo!!!!!!

21:55:18 <bordy> I think I ate lunch there like 2 years ago before my honeymoon cruise

21:55:18 <xzai> NOOO CHEATERS

21:55:20 <elcasey-lap> lol xzai

21:55:22 <coachdanny> Also, we should start telling teenagers they are NOT allow to use Ubuntu

21:55:24 <Mike_F> the room

21:55:36 <bordy> hey we got a middle schooler in our group, btw!

21:55:43 <xzai> lets have a meeting at cheaters i know a bunch of girls

21:55:46 <xzai> who work there

21:56:05 <elcasey-lap> you're gonna cost me $400 to have a damn LoCo Brevard meeting, xzai !

21:56:09 <coachdanny> If we tell teenagers they are NOT allow to use Ubuntu, that will simply get them to use it.

21:56:20 <elcasey-lap> coachdanny: lol, excellent point

21:56:25 <xzai> no we can get in for free

21:56:30 <Mike_F> okay I can't afford any of those places

21:56:30 <xzai> we can drink for cheap

21:56:31 <elcasey-lap> although I'm *shocked* at how many teenagers use and write code for Linux

21:56:52 <elcasey-lap> a few beers and something dangerous or fried is my forte, i.e. Bunky's :P

21:56:56 <coachdanny> I got my kids to turn down the music by pulling up to their school with it blasting. It a LeSabre

21:57:02 <bordy> Well, I think its relatively clear that any future in-person meeting, if even possible, will most likely have to be in orlando

21:57:16 <bordy> we'll be screwing xzai and lando, but the rest of us are close

21:57:18 <elcasey-lap> i think Orlando is fairly central to all of us, no?

21:57:20 <Mike_F> orlando is cool

21:57:27 <Mike_F> the airport area

21:57:28 <coachdanny> clean cood too

21:57:32 <coachdanny> code

21:57:36 <elcasey-lap> bordy: Orlando is only about an hour+ from Melbourne

21:57:38 <Mike_F> I am there every thursday morning

21:57:56 <Mike_F> at the Marriott

21:58:07 <bordy> Welp, in the interest of keeping this around an hour, lets summarize

21:58:09 <coachdanny> Meet at City Walk

21:58:11 <elcasey-lap> to do your investment seminar? :P

21:58:15 <xzai> yea we do a in person meeting ill catch a ride out there

21:58:26 <Mike_F> City Walk?

21:58:36 <bordy> We need to split up some sub teams with their own responsibilities, just so we can focus on getting our message out, and getting approved.

21:58:37 <Mike_F> I don't do I-Drive or the rat

21:58:43 <coachdanny> Where Universal and Islands of Adventure are

21:58:45 <bordy> I will work on that soon, at least on the wiki

21:59:01 <bordy> We know what each of us is good at now, so that should be able to help us specialize

21:59:02 <elcasey-lap> bordy: a list of desired subteams would be great, then we can plug ourselves in

21:59:11 <bordy> Will do, elcasey-lap

21:59:26 <Mike_F> when's the next online meeting?

21:59:28 <elcasey-lap> are we using Ohio as a model?

21:59:37 <bordy> We talked about how to get approved, and I hope I pushed the importance of that... (ie, they only send you good materials when you are approved)

22:00:03 <bordy> WE talked about personal wikis, and elcasey-lap are you going to set up the text files? (template and how-to?)

22:00:05 <coachdanny> Has anyone seen the Gentoo wiki?

22:00:15 <bordy> I am going to edit the actual wiki how to to add in a little ease of use

22:00:19 <elcasey-lap> bordy: yeah, just keep on me and we'll collaborate on that.

22:00:20 <Mike_F> How about meeting in Melbourne at some internet coffee shop

22:00:27 <Mike_F> that's real cheap

22:00:38 <bordy> Alright, good meeting. How does everyone feel about meeting say, the first sunday of every month?

22:00:45 <elcasey-lap> Mike_F: when this is over, let's coordinate

22:00:52 <Mike_F> okay

22:00:54 <elcasey-lap> bordy: that's fine with me

22:00:57 <coachdanny> I think online meetings are going to be more successful

22:00:59 <poningru_> bordy: sounds good

22:01:04 <coachdanny> I'm too broke to drive far

22:01:14 <poningru_> did we talk about custom cds?

22:01:20 <poningru_> I'm kinda against that...

22:01:26 <bordy> not too much

22:01:26 <Mike_F> it's the airport closer to winter park then i-drive

22:01:30 <bordy> why's that, poningru?

22:01:38 <elcasey-lap> lot of man-hours

22:01:41 <poningru_> another maintainance thing

22:01:43 <poningru_> yeah

22:01:45 <bordy> true

22:01:52 <poningru_> we dont want to add burden

22:01:56 <bordy> well, when we get approved we can order liveCD's in bulk

22:02:02 <bordy> (just ask vorian!)

22:02:09 <elcasey-lap> but changing the default theme in Ubuntu might be nice :P

22:02:16 <Mike_F> what about the conference kit?

22:02:18 <bordy> well how about, in the meantime, we work on a couple florida-based backgrounds?

22:02:30 <vorian> http://vorian.org/?page_id=31

22:02:32 <bordy> conference kit you can order yourself, I think... or I might have to do it and have it shipped directly to you

22:02:32 <coachdanny> There use to being a template for making CD holders to display in the art and marketing sections

22:02:34 <elcasey-lap> i just ordered my second group of 10, and I can work on some FloLoCo wallpapers Wink ;)

22:02:58 <Mike_F> okay, as soon as I confirm the june 1 thing this week (i hope)

22:03:02 <elcasey-lap> coachdanny: they're still around somewhere

22:03:27 <elcasey> ok, i'm back on the deskop machine now

22:03:30 <coachdanny> How about a Florida specific PowerPoint/Impress presentation to send around, maybe even put on YouTube

22:03:42 <bordy> Or a screencast, coachdanny?

22:03:46 <coachdanny> Ugh

22:03:50 <coachdanny> Xvidcap

22:03:55 <coachdanny> painful

22:04:08 <coachdanny> blood, sweat, tears

22:04:11 <Mike_F> did you see the offical poster

22:04:29 <Mike_F> i can up it somewhere

22:04:30 <elcasey> finishing/improving the Ubuntu Impress thing that's in the Live "Examples" folder might be a good idea.

22:04:38 <bordy> elcasey: whats that?

22:04:44 <coachdanny> There really needs to be a quality screencast package for us. xvidcap and Istanbul just aren't working well

22:04:54 <coachdanny> ubuntuclips.org does a good job

22:04:56 <elcasey> bordy: there are Impress presentations and fliers for (K)Ubuntu on the LiveCDs

22:04:56 <tlcoffee> hey guys

22:05:00 <elcasey> but they need some work

22:05:00 <bordy> I found a different one somewhere... think the ubuntu screecast team uses a different one

22:05:31 <xzai> i think im gonna do a ubuntu video

22:05:33 <bordy> Alright... last point before I cut this meeting off and move the logs into /minutes... how many of you can contact your local LUGs? Or even some other counties we don't have reps in?

22:06:10 <coachdanny> http://www.youtube.com/ubuntuclips

22:06:20 <elcasey> bordy: I'll be becoming active in Melbourne's LUG this week

22:06:39 <elcasey> I haven't been to a meeting in about five years, but they assure me the meetings are still regularly held

22:06:45 <bordy> Alright, cool. I have tried to get word out to the lugs I could find (ie SLUG, GOLUG, and LEAP) but to little success.

22:06:56 <coachdanny> I'm not ever sure where the Orlando LUG is

22:06:57 <elcasey> there are two Orlando LUGs

22:07:02 <elcasey> OLUG and something else

22:07:11 <coachdanny> Where are Orlando Lugs, elcasey?

22:07:19 <elcasey> I don't know, I can look them up

22:07:23 <bordy> GOLUG and LEAP are in orlando

22:07:29 <elcasey> LEAP, that's the one

22:07:34 <coachdanny> Oh...yeah...I guess I could do that. LOL

22:07:35 <bordy> they have their own channels at #GOLUG and #LEAP

22:07:45 <poningru_> we have #gatorlug

22:07:48 <poningru_> gainesville

22:07:50 <elcasey> coachdanny: lol, no worries. I looked them up previously, I just didn't remember.

22:07:58 <poningru_> and #slug.fl

22:08:23 <elcasey> I wish MLUG's site wasn't so badly in need of maintenance. I don't think they have an IRC channel.

22:08:27 <bordy> yeah slug never even emailed me back

22:08:30 *** vorian is now known as Vorian

22:08:38 <poningru_> I'll take care of #gatorlug and I guess #slug.fl

22:08:39 <elcasey> http://www.mlinux.org - that's their site, anyway. The calendar is kept up to date.

22:08:41 <bordy> Alright, so we know we gotta get some word out to the LUGs. I could really use some help on that

22:08:59 <bordy> but right now, I gotta jet... gonna cut the meeting off, since we covered everything we intended to.

22:09:19 <bordy> Just please PLEASe remember, that anyone can edit the wiki... add information, add pages, whatever you want to do. That way we can all stay informed of what you're doing

22:09:27 <elcasey> good meeting, bordy. Kept it flowing...thanks! Smile :)

22:09:34 <bordy> =============End Meeting============

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