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 * Focus on approval through:
  * Organized events
  * Support (IRC, Forum, etc)
   * Please document all personal support for use in team documentation
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 *Discuss other mini-meetings to learn about        Ubuntu, Linux and OSS  *Discuss other mini-meetings to learn about Ubuntu, Linux and OSS

Feel free to edit this with your own ideas, however please do not change lines, only add new lines or sub-topics, and please sign all changes with your wikiname. ChrisRohde 6/11/07

Ubuntu LoCo Florida Team Plan of Action

  • Weekly meetings to discuss creation of sub teams until the teams are established and hold agendas
    • Possibility of one main meeting, and weekly sub-team meetings until they are organized.
    • Establish meeting times for sub-teams
    • Establish sub-teams (already made entries on wiki)
      • Wiki Maintenance
      • Education / New User
      • Marketing
      • Meetings
  • Establish Sub-team leaders
    • Establish team leader responsibilities
      • Direct sub-team meetings, communicate ideas between teams
    • Establish agendas for sub-team leaders
  • Meetup in centralized locations for interested members
    • Meet face-to-face for socialization, break down geographic barriers
    • Work through ideas in person
    • Revisit goals and agendas for team
  • Further discuss (per sub-team) the structure and functions of teams and how to better associate with the Florida team and Ubuntu
    • Responsibilities
    • Agendas
    • Ideas
    • How teams can help teams
    • Sub-team leader agenda
  • Modifying and/or combining sub-teams to be more creative and productive
    • Can certain teams work together to produce more
    • Should teams be modified to work better
    • Do teams have enough to do
  • Adding new teams
    • Brainstorm the potential for other teams
  • Discuss other mini-meetings to learn about Ubuntu, Linux and OSS
    • Possibility of teams and/or individuals hosting lessons concerning their knowledge
    • Entertain topics at random
    • Software Freedom Day for meet up and to learn
    • Barcamp Orlando

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