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This spec is a placeholder for discussion of the current status and future goals of the Forum Ambassadors team at UDS-Sevilla. We would like feedback of the attendants on possible tasks, scope and policies.

The aim of the Forum Ambassadors team is to improve the communication and integration between the forums and the rest of the community (most importantly, developers).

More About Forum Ambassadors

We have started with a small team of ambassadors focused on a tight scope. Slowly, we will broaden the scope to include everything we've defined in ForumAmbassadors, our blueprint for the team, and make the team bigger.

In this early phase, we will mostly focus on :

More about (future?) "tasks"

You can find more information on the structure and goals of our team at our wiki page. We also have a forum subsection.

For UDS-Sevilla we submitted these specs :

In the phase leading to UDS-Sevilla after the Feisty release, we've also posted a general guide on contributing to Gutsy, a document outlining basic feasibility guidelines for user proposals and ideas, and a short notice meant to introduce users to the newly changed procedure of requesting new Universe packages.

A detailed "good bug reporting" guide and a Launchpad primer, intended for the great number of forum users who aren't familiar with Launchpad and the bug reporting/management procedures, are in the works.

The most feasible ideas submitted by the community for Gutsy are tracked by the team in ForumAmbassadors/GutsyCommunityIdeas.


Use Cases




Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion

(07:51:25 PM) ubuntu_demon: hey
(07:51:30 PM) ubuntugeek: hello                                                                                                                  
(07:51:37 PM) ubuntu_demon: The FA have a request
(07:51:42 PM) ubuntu_demon: for a new subsection
(07:51:45 PM) ubuntugeek: ok
(07:52:00 PM) ubuntu_demon: Do I have to post at the staff forum or can I just explain it right now ?
(07:52:17 PM) ubuntugeek: you can just tell me now i'll get it setup before i get to busy and forget :)
(07:52:24 PM) ubuntu_demon: okay sure
(07:52:41 PM) ubuntu_demon: some messy meeting notes which are relevant to the request are here : .. I'll clean them up later
(07:53:17 PM) ubuntu_demon: we did some brainstorming about possible ideas. One thing we would like to have as soon as possible is a new "dev link" sub section.
(07:53:47 PM) ubuntu_demon: the purpose of this "dev link" subsection is to make it easy for developers to ask for specific user feedback
(07:54:13 PM) ubuntu_demon: normal users shouldn't be able to post new threads. only FA,staff and developers should be able to post new threads.
(07:54:35 PM) ubuntu_demon: we might (initially?) want to put all other posts through a moderation queue if that's possible
(07:54:50 PM) ubuntugeek: would you want regular users to be able to reply to the developers posts?
(07:55:44 PM) ubuntu_demon: We would like to do a lightning talk = short presentation at UDS to make developers now about these new forum. We probably have a couple of developers on board already (Micheal Vogt update-manager, the new ubiquity developer)
(07:56:26 PM) ubuntu_demon: Yeah we would like regular users to be able to reply to developers posts. But we might want to put user replies through a moderation queue initially if it becomes messy (we don't want to scare of devs)
(07:56:41 PM) ubuntugeek: heh
(07:56:46 PM) ubuntugeek: sure thats not a problem
(07:57:05 PM) ubuntugeek: so the FA would approve the posts etc that were in the queue?
(07:57:35 PM) ubuntu_demon: Yeah the FA would need to approve / disaprove these posts. 
(07:57:40 PM) ubuntugeek: ok
(07:58:11 PM) ubuntu_demon: We also have a new QA guy willing to help us write some nice docs if they are non-existant
(07:58:25 PM) ubuntu_demon: (particularly about bugs that is)
(07:58:29 PM) ubuntugeek: cool
(07:58:34 PM) ubuntu_demon: Do you like these ideas ?
(07:58:40 PM) ubuntugeek: Yep sounds pretty cool
(07:58:59 PM) ubuntu_demon: The notes are pretty messy so I will clean them up later. Is the concept of the "dev link" forum clear ?
(07:59:01 PM) ubuntugeek: have the developers send me a PM so i can give them developer access
(07:59:16 PM) ubuntugeek: yeah totally clear, give me a few to get it setup
(07:59:41 PM) ubuntu_demon: I'll have them send you PM or email if that's fine with you. What email should I give to them ?
(07:59:57 PM) ubuntugeek: xxxxxxxxxx is good
(08:00:15 PM) ubuntu_demon: Can I post the log of this chat to the wiki ?
(08:00:33 PM) ubuntugeek: sure, just take out my email so it doesnt get spammed :)
(08:00:39 PM) ubuntu_demon: Okay will do
(08:00:47 PM) ubuntu_demon: Any questions ?
(08:01:21 PM) ubuntugeek: nope, going to setup a dev-link subforum. Devs, FA and forum staff can post new threads, users can reply to those threads but cannont post their own threads. All posts will be in a moderation queue.
(08:01:36 PM) ubuntugeek: cannot*
(08:03:30 PM) ubuntu_demon: wait let me discuss the topic of the subsection with the FA
(08:03:57 PM) ubuntugeek: did you want the dev-link to be a normal main category on the frontpage?
(08:04:19 PM) ubuntugeek: if so no big deal
(08:04:45 PM) ubuntu_demon: We can either do it under the normal main category or under the development section. What are your thoughts?
(08:05:07 PM) ubuntugeek: lets do it under the normal main category for more exposure etc.
(08:05:13 PM) ubuntu_demon: Okay that's fine :)
(08:05:31 PM) ubuntugeek: I have a meeting here at work, when thats done i'll get this setup
(08:05:58 PM) ubuntu_demon: The initial topic of the dev link can be something like this right now (feel free to improve the language) : "The aim of the dev-link forum is to get more developer-user communication. Developers can use this forum to request specific feedback or testing of a particular feature or package. Only devs,forum ambassadors and forum staff can post new threads. Posts will initially go through a moderation queue. The aim of the Forum Ambassadors team is to improve the communication and integration between the forums and the rest of the community (most importantly, developers). "
(08:06:22 PM) ubuntu_demon: I don't have other FA input on the topic right now so we'll probably refine the topic title later
(08:06:29 PM) ubuntugeek: ok
(08:06:44 PM) ubuntu_demon: We are making some nice progress at UDS :)
(08:06:59 PM) ubuntugeek: outstanding
(08:07:03 PM) ubuntu_demon: I will work on meeting notes later because right now they are a bit messy
(08:07:15 PM) ubuntugeek: sounds good
(08:07:22 PM) ubuntu_demon: Thank you very much for supporting us by creating this new section so fast :)
(08:07:30 PM) ubuntugeek: of course :)


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