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|| [[https://edge.launchpad.net/~christophe.sauthier|Christophe Sauthier]]|| ''some'' part of ''some'' days (will be more precise later) ||
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|| [[https://launchpad.net/~christophe.sauthier|Christophe Sauthier]] || Present until 5pm Sunday. ||

This page is dedicated to Ubuntu participation at Fosdem 2011

Ubuntu Booth

Organised by Jan Claeys (JanC) from ubuntu-be.

What we will have at the booth:

  • stuff to sell?
  • some hardware/software demoing
    • anybody has something cool to show? (remember we don't have a lot of space though)
  • flyers
  • Nice people Wink ;)

Volunteers for the booth



Jan Claeys

(part of the time)


Sunday some of the day

Paul Sladen

some part of some days

Christophe Sauthier

some part of some days (will be more precise later)

Ubuntu Developers/Contributors

It's quite common for upstream developers & developers from other distros to ask us at the Ubuntu booth if $UBUNTU_DEVELOPER_X or $AN_UBUNTU_DEVELOPER_FAMILIAR_WITH_Y is at FOSDEM, and often we don't know the answer. Because of that, it would be cool if Ubuntu developers who come to FOSDEM could somehow list when/where they can be found during FOSDEM...

Of course, if you give a talk, please also mention this in the appropriate section!

Ubuntu contributors giving a talk at FOSDEM




Thierry Carrez

Why Linux distros hate Java

Java devroom

Soren Hansen

Building a free, massively scalable cloud computing platform

(Not sure.. One of the main ones, I think)


Is the UK Government backing Free Software?

Lightning Talk Room

Ubuntu Community/Contributors attending FOSDEM

name (nick)

when, where, interests & other notes...


all weekend, mostly in lightning room,mozilla room


all weekend


all weekend

Paul Sladen

Ubuntu Font Family, Canonical Design Team

Thierry Carrez

Ex-Ubuntu Server tech lead, present until 5pm Sunday.

Rick Clark

Ex-Ubuntu Server Engineering Manager, All Weekend

Christophe Sauthier

Present until 5pm Sunday.

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