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About Me

Hi Ubuntu Community, I was amonst the first lovers and users of Ubuntu-Linux in Pakistan. I was also amongst the pioneers in introducing Ubuntu-Linux in my country. I was influential in initiating and promoting the Ubuntu-Pakistan LoCo Team that now has over 800 members since last April 2005.

My interest in Ubuntu

My dream is to make available all the regional languages of Pakistan available in Ubuntu-Linux so that we can spread the Ubuntu spirit throughout our developing nation promoting ICT and connecting every village and city in the country. Not only that, Ubuntu-Linux helps us as an alternative Operating System that can remove Software Piracy from our region promoting respect for all!

Todate, I have voluntarily been part of team based initiatives that have trained and certified over 5000 Ubuntu-Linux users in Pakistan. We continue to promote Ubuntu now through Ubuntu-Linux User Groups that are being created in various Universities. Our next target is to release a localized version of Ubuntu-Linux in Urdu, Sindhi, Pujabi, Pushto and Balochi including over another 70 regional languages in the future.


I am also the Co-Founder of FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan. FOSSFP is a non-profit volunteer organization that promotes ICT Software Freedom and fuels the Free and Open Source Softawre Movement in Asia. My career IT related career spans over 10 years. I also teach Open Source and write Software Advocacy related articles in local and international publications.


  • I am fouadbajwa at

  • Email me if you like: bajwa {at} fossfp {dot} org
  • My [ GPG] key is: 9DC61D29.

Its great to be part of the growing team!


FOSSFP is a non-profit, charitable ICT foundation based in Pakistan. FOSSFP is assisting the enhancement of the abilities and capacity of individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, societies, and government in Pakistan by using Free/Open Source Software Solutions (FOSS) for their sustained economic and social development. FOSSFP is promoting the wide-spread use of UBUNTU in Pakistan. FOSSFP is the main contact for UBUNTU in Pakistan. For UBUNTU CD's and technical support please contact: &