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= Kernel boot performance in Lucid Lynx =






Kernel includes the initramfs, since it is overhead that occurs before userspace.

Work Items

  • Kernel start time is a little over 1.5s, while Moblin's kernel is less than 1s, even though Moblin's kernel builds in many drivers
    • Investigate patches that moblin may have (Kernel Team)
    • Make the populate_rootfs() call happen in parallel with the rest of the kernel startup (Kernel Team)
  • i915 drm driver takes 1.5s to init on its own
    • Investigate patches that moblin may have (Kernel Team)
    • and remove need to load i915 from the initramfs (ScottJamesRemnant)

  • Clean up initramfs console setting (ScottJamesRemnant)

  • Clean up initramfs filesystem mounting to avoid reprobing (ScottJamesRemnant)

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