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   * Easier said than done   * Handled in UbuntuSpec:desktop-lucid-xorg-halsectomy






X includes the overhead of starting and managing the X server (ie. display manager)

Work Items

  • X start time itself seems to take 2s to init, Moblin's only takes 1s
    • Investigate patches that moblin may have (BryceHarrington): DONE

      • Really there is only the xkbcomp cache patch (below) and a root bg none patch which probably doesn't affect boot *time*
  • xkbcomp output needs to be cached rather than regenerated each boot (BryceHarrington): DONE

    • Patch pulled into lucid xserver
  • delay before gdm starts the X server needs to be fixed (Desktop Team)
  • gdm doesn't seem to pick up that the X server is ready fast enough (Desktop Team)
  • X must drop its HAL dependency, replacing with udev patch (Desktop Team)
  • initctl is waiting for usplash to stop, replace with plymouth (ScottJamesRemnant)

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