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Note: This page is for prioritizing Foundations track UDS-M sessions. For general Maverick planning, please see FoundationsTeam/Maverick/Planning.

Proposed Specs

  1. [ACCEPTED] 10.04 Review - hold this early to aid breakout topics, maybe in the first roundtable

  2. Software Center Dynamic App View

  3. Software Center Dynamic Testing Improvements

  4. Software Center Screenshots for Third-parties

  5. [ACCEPTED] packagekit as backend for software-center

  6. [ACCEPTED] Upstart Q&A UDS session

  7. [ACCEPTED] Finish Upstart (seconded by OEM indirectly for their interest in continued boot performance improvements)

  8. [ACCEPTED] Multiarch Support (may not need further discussion?)

  9. [ACCEPTED] btrfs Support (seconded by OEM)

  10. [ACCEPTED] move CD booting to grub2/gfxterm (ColinWatson)

  11. [ACCEPTED] smoother boot splash via grub2 and a boot framebuffer (ColinWatson, ScottJamesRemnant)

  12. [ACCEPTED] Package Culling - find and aggressively deal with packages whose merges have been lagging for several releases

  13. [ACCEPTED] Discuss testing (seconded by OEM)

  14. Implement the installer redesign spec (EvanDandrea)

  15. [ACCEPTED] Refactor update-notifier - make update-notifier a more modular design (probably with vala), it has out-grown to be a update-notifier since some time (MichaelVogt)

  16. [ACCEPTED] Remove Demoted Packages on Upgrade - We need to explore the removal of demoted packages on upgrade (all, only auto-installed ones, only default installed ones, only unused... how to detect).

  17. Download updates while installing (EvanDandrea)

  18. [ACCEPTED] D-Bus Refactor of release-upgrader - discuss refactoring the release-upgrader backend as a dbus service to improve reliability/responsiveness (MichaelVogt)

  19. [ACCEPTED] Boot Performance/Experience (seconded by OEM)

  20. [ACCEPTED] UEFI Firmware Support

  21. [ACCEPTED] OpenJDK6 updates for older Ubuntu releases (MatthiasKlose)

  22. CD build speed - CD build speed has been creeping back up of late; attack it again

  23. [ACCEPTED] Spring Clean - right after an LTS release is a good time for an aggressive cleanup of things we don't need or that should be extensively refactored

  24. [ACCEPTED] Automated transition testing framework (build, run upstream unit test, 2to3, report on ftbfs and test failures, against any/every python version) (BarryWarsaw)

  25. [ACCEPTED] Python Robustification - this blueprint includes the two below for ease of UDS session scheduling, and it carries over (though likely with different work items) the a similar Lucid era spec.

    1. Eliminate symlinks for python-central and python-support using PEP 3147? Needs support for extensions. (And mostly done for python-central). (BarryWarsaw).

    2. Freezing (e.g. cx_freeze) critical dist upgrade tools? (BarryWarsaw)

  26. [ACCEPTED] Python Versions - this blueprint includes the two below for ease of UDS session scheduling

    1. Python 2.7 (BarryWarsaw) That should be tested before UDS as a basis for a decision.

    2. Migration to Python 3 (BarryWarsaw)

  27. Drop the IA64 and SPARC community ports

  28. Toolchain decisions for Maverick. May be followed up with architecture specific sessions. (MatthiasKlose)

    1. Compile for i686 as the default on i386 - instead of i486

  29. [ACCEPTED] Review and Planning for Distributed Development

  30. Use Energy Star compliance power settings by default (proposed by OEM)

  31. [ACCEPTED] Use Swap Files Instead of Swap Partitions (carried over from Karmic)

  32. Better archive crawler (carried over from Lucid)

  33. Improved Platform-Internationalization Collaboration (seconded by OEM)

  34. Enable Hybrid suspend/hibernate by Default (proposed by OEM)

  35. apt Ordering

  36. update-manager Improvements

  37. Speed up downloads of .debs by using apt-sync

  38. Improved server boot

  39. Improving the installation process of Edubuntu - this probably belongs in a community session; will ping Jono; Foundations can make sure someone is present for the discussion, however

  40. Use xz compression by default for binary packages (proposed by community member)

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