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(Numbers in parentheses indicate to-do/postponed/done.)


  • move CD booting to grub2/gfxterm (ColinWatson)

  • smoother boot splash via grub2/efifb (ColinWatson, ScottJamesRemnant)

  • multiarch redux
  • find and aggressively deal with packages whose merges have been lagging for several releases
  • finish Upstart (ScottJamesRemnant)

  • Implement the installer redesign spec (EvanDandrea)

  • make update-notifier a more modular design (probably with vala), it has out-grown to be a update-notifier since some time (MichaelVogt)

  • make show ubuntu branding and add support for PPAs and (MichaelVogt)

Lucid specs not done

(Numbers in parentheses indicate to-do/postponed/done.)

Lucid specs partly done

Lucid specs mostly done

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