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 * [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-brtfs-support|brtfs Support]]  * [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-btrfs-support|btrfs Support]]
 * [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-uefi-support|UEFI Firmware Support]]
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   * Python 2.7?    * [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-python-2.7|Python 2.7]] (BarryWarsaw)


Foundations Support

As usual, Foundations will be providing Ubuntu support for the other teams. A high-level listing of projects where we likely will be involved is given in this section.


  • As part of their UNE work, Desktop may end up promoting Chomium to main
  • HUGE push for Software Center
    1. goal: sell stuff in software center,
    2. goal: figure out how to deliver opportunistic apps via the software center
    3. finish ratings
  • Big push for touch, not sure what the impact is going to be for Foundations yet, but we need to be aware of it
  • It would really help Desktop if Upstart+Plymouth work stabilized so they could work with it


  • Wayland (no idea what state this is in upstream, and the X side of things should be desktop, but at the very least we'll need to look at how this overlaps/interacts with Plymouth);
  • We probably ought to have a look-in on the multi-screen work, if it's dealing with remembering configurations for individual devices;
  • Installer, first boot, upgrades, Update Manager, and Software Centre;
  • System settings (maybe, depending on what this comes down to);
  • Possibly keyboard indicator but it depends what they're doing (if it's just visual then probably not).


The server team has listed their planning by priority; their bullet items below reflect this.

  • Priority 1: Cloud cluster file system (not sure if we'll be needed for this or not)
  • Priority 2: Java/JDK improvements (doko does a lot of that; Server team is getting a Java person, so this may impact us less)
  • Priority 2: Support of alternate install modes
  • Priority 3: Upstart conversion


  • Improved battery power support work; Foundations may need to (or be able to) assist
  • synaptec multi-touch (multi-finger... not multi-touch)
  • new multi-touch driver enhancements that may need work from Foundations


  • TBD

Placeholders for Big Topics

  • 10.04 Review - hold this early to aid breakout topics, maybe in the first roundtable

  • Distributed Development
  • Boot Performance/Experience
  • Spring Clean (right after an LTS release is a good time for an aggressive cleanup of things we don't need or that should be extensively refactored)
  • Python
    • Automated transition testing framework (build, run upstream unit test, 2to3, report on ftbfs and test failures, against any/every python version)
    • Migration to Python 3?
    • Eliminate symlinks for python-[central|support] using PEP 3147?
    • Python 2.7 (BarryWarsaw)

    • Freezing (e.g. cx_freeze) critical dist upgrade tools?

Lucid specs not done

(Numbers in parentheses indicate to-do/postponed/done.)

Lucid specs partly done

Lucid specs mostly done

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