• Alexander Sack
  • Arne Gotje
  • Bryce Harrington
  • Chris Cheney
  • Evan Dandrea
  • Lars Wirzenius
  • Luke Yelavich
  • Matthias Klose
  • Oliver Grawert
  • Steve Langasek

Colin Watson was not present due to a family emergency. Our best wishes are with him.


There were no agenda items presented, so no meeting was officially held, however a few things were discussed:

  • Meeting Times / Location
  • Finding More Platform Contributors / Java
  • Travel Bags

Meeting Times

It seems our new time (22:00) conflicts with the Server Team Meeting on #ubuntu-platform. Perhaps it should be arranged for an hour earlier, or on a different channel.

Finding More Platform Contributors

asac pointed out, that there's certainly enough platform work to embrace new contributors, so how to get them?

The subsequent discussion mostly revolved around Java / openjdk, and that corporate Java development practices aren't likely to generate usable patches for us.

Travel Bags

liw asked for recommendations for good sized travel bags (a problem I too have yet to solve satisfactorally). ogra suggested the little bags given out at the SF all hands, but these seem unavailable now.

Action Items

  • Everybody to have specifications finalized by June 5th, according to the Intrepid release schedule.
  • Find a time/channel that does not conflict with other team meetings.

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