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  • Specs for Intrepid Revisited
  • Activity Reports

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Specs for Intrepid Revisited

  • Bryce: xorg-input-hotplug - Will be flipped on within the next week. On schedule to be implemented by FF. Bryce has tablets to test with (ogra does as well). Calibration may be an issue - requires input device properties which may not land for intrepid.
  • Bryce: hardy-console - Discussed implementation details of keyboard config fdi stuff with cjwatson. Should be doable by FF.
  • Bryce: x-testing-infrastructure - Partly done. Nothing to upload to Ubuntu so probably not FF critical, but hope to have a first cut uploaded either by FF or within a couple weeks after.
  • Bryce: xorg-ctrl-alt-backspace - Implementation plan identified with Debian. Low priority, and not on the official schedule; will either be ready for FF or postponed for Intrepid+1.
  • Bryce: xorg apport - Not an official spec, but discussed with mdz + pitti to identify implementation plan. Should be doable by FF.
  • Calc: OOo 3.0's schedule is slipping; might be questionable if it should be pushed to intrepid.
  • James_W: font-selector - Discussed with Arne, looked at adapting fontconfig but probably not achievable for this release.
  • James_W: archive in bzr - 76 failures total. Waiting on some LP 3.0 timeframe stuff, and on James mastering some pyrex stuff. Medium priority.
  • Ogra: compcache - One last bit to get to. Aiming for getting it done by alpha 4.

Activity reports

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