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  • NetworkManager 0.7

  • Team Name
  • Distributed Development - Client Tools Discussion
  • CD Sizes and Alpha-4

Outstanding actions from last meeting


NetworkManager 0.7

Doing final cleanup now.

There's a problem where it requires tearing down the interface on upgrade. At least it is no longer crashing. A restart will be required anyway for the kernel upgrade. 0.8 will have something to deal with keeping the interfaces up, according to upstream.

Team Name

The distro team is going to be renamed to the Ubuntu Platform Team. Thus our team has to rename itself, probably to the Ubuntu Foundations Team, in analogy to the Launchpad Foundations Team, which fits into a similar role for Launchpad.

Colin plans to do some wiki page renaming, etc. as appropriate.

Distributed Development - Client Tools Discussion


James lead a discussion about the work he's doing, in particular as it relates to individual people's workflows, and what sorts of high level tools will be needed. James is encouraging comments and feedback.

The first question there is whether to create a new suite of tools for working with the branches, or adapt existing packaging tools, or perhaps some mix of both. Example tools to consider include debcheckout, debcommit, debrelease. Would we adapt those? Or maybe craft ubuntu-checkout, ubuntu-commit, ubuntu-release in ubuntu-dev-tools?

One thought is something extending bzr's command set, along the lines of:

 bzr ubuntu-root ~/src/ubuntu
 bzr ubuntu-checkout man-db
 # checks out to ~/src/ubuntu/man-db/intrepid

James is interested in understanding individual developer's workflows more specifically. Bryce inquired about workflows that involve git (such as pulling in Xorg changes from Debain and Freedesktop). Sounds like some work is underway for git/bzr compatibility, however Lifeless pointed out that bzr can import from git but can't do merge-to-update which would be needed for this.

For more, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/

CD Sizes and Alpha-4

Slangasek reports that the alternate CD is oversized, and needs to shrink in time for the alpha-4 release.

TheMuso will investigate downsizing sounds. lzma compression for Samba may help.

cjwatson and slangasek (and evand) will be away next week when alpha-4 comes out, so pitti will be the release manager for it.

Activity reports

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