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  • Blueprints & milestoned bugs

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Blueprints and Milestoned Bugs

Aug 28 is feature freeze!


language-selector - on track to hit next week


NM 0.7 entered the archive but we will probably see plenty of new snapshots before release. Not sure when i will stop bumping versions, but upstream is still quite active with bugs getting fixed on a daily base

Another thing that will happen after alpa-4 is nspluginwrapper everywhere

  • e.g. not only on 64bit. The idea is to not crash firefox when flash goes down.

Flash experience spec has other elements:

  1. better description in plugin finder wizard: on track (code exists in bzr)
  2. allow users to easily switch to other plugins that serve the same content-type:
    • we are working hard on that in mozillateam, but its not trivial i still hope that we will get something for final intrepid

safe-upgrade code will land in next ubufox upgrade; users will be notified in firefox when they need to restart and are offered a button to actually do the restart. Hopefully this will fix the whole class of weird upgrade issues users experience.


xorg-input-hotplug - changes have all landed. Down to testing / documentation / bug fixing now.

GEM - just hit upstream's git trees and been submitted to the 2.6.28 kernel. GEM is a graphics memory manager, and is a replacement for TTM (which wasn't accepted into the kernel). It is a prereq for a bunch of cool Xorg functionalities like graphical boot, [0]. BenC is looking at the kernel side. Bryce has produced git snapshots of mesa, libdrm, and -intel for him to play with. Kind of buggy presently.

apport support has been added for X packages. It's all implemented and uploaded, but needs a bit more testing.

Other specs are either lower priority or not FF critical.

No alpha-4 bugs.

[0]: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NjY0Nw


3.0rc1 is delayed to Aug 25, which pushes back the OOo A4 bugs to A5. 3.0 beta2 is in the openoffice-pkgs ppa in the meantime. intrepid currently has 2.4.1, if OOo seems to be doing ok wrt 3.0rc1 not getting pushed back any more we will go with 3.0 in intrepid and upload on ~ Aug 25

If it gets pushed back again, calc will need to consult with colin, et al to see if we should postpone 3.0 for Intrepid. Thus keeping 3.0 beta2 out of the archive for now.

calc hasn't gotten any feedback about the beta in the PPA. Will try asking on the forums for testers.

ooo-langpacks is coming along okay; isn't really a FF issue.


Was away the past week, so no change in status. But should be okay for FF, and no milestoned bugs.


CleanupCruft: progressing, cli is done, gui needs to be made, plugins need to be written, needs to be uploaded. Packages are in PPA, which has garnered a little testing feedback. At the moment, it removes packages, and the likelyhood of removing the wrong package is way bigger than 0, but you have to tell it which packages to remove. So it's on the order of "apt-get remove" or "apt-get autoremove". See the 'system-cleaner' man page for more.

GetRidOfPythonCentralAndSupport: lagging, needs discussing with doko, and probably Debian Python people, but I first need to finish the document explaining the issues

GobbyServerPersistentState: the patch works, upstream made their own (independently), need to review that and take it from there

the rest: low priority or postponed until after feature freeze


dmraid spec - highest priority, so getting full attention. Toying with telling libparted about dmraid devices. After that will be making the D-I UI sane to use, and getting dmraid arrays brought up by udev. Not all of this spec will be done for intrepid however, as dmraid dosn't expose enough useful information to be linked against vol_id for example to probe a single device to see if it is a RAID disk for a dmraid array.

A few big changes for dmraid will land in both libparted and devmapper once the alpha is out, and other bits will be in the archive early next week, to enable dmraid event monitoring.,

So overall for functionality, dmraid is on track for intrepid.

accessibility review spec - won't be done for intrepid, except for getting ubiquity more accessible/more reliably bringing up accessibility tools. This is more of a bug than a feature, so it will be addressed hopefully before feature freeze.

alsa - waiting on the kernel guys for alsa 1.0.17 in the kernel, then userspace can be done. Not sure if we will go pulse 0.9.11; depends on the time available for people to test PPA's. Doing that stuff is only a day's work max to get all needed patches from git trees, etc.


No milestoned specs

On the release management side, there seems to be a big problem with the desktop CDs again, /etc/fstab ends up not being populated; an unfortunate bit of timing since cjwatson, evand, and slangasek are all on vacation and/or traveling.


Just one spec, and the last changes to initramfs-tools and casper have been uploaded. So the next liveCDs should use 25% copncache virtual ram, please test if the liveCD runs with 256M setups.

No milestoned bugs.

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