• FF / Blueprint Status

Action Items

From last week:

  • Arne to email ubuntu-devel@ or distro-team@ if still stuck with language-selector PyGTK needs, by end of week.
  • cjwatson or evand to review to see if the /etc/fstab change is an adequate solution for long term.
  • cjwatson to identify new meeting secretary
  • [DONE] cjwatson to announce/arrange new meeting times

FF / Blueprint Status

Feature Freeze is 0000 UTC Aug 28th.


  • compcache: IMPLEMENTED and running fine (just getting it into ltsp)
  • edubuntu-menus-completion: DEFERRED
  • local-content-filter: DEFERRED

Hoping for 25M ltsp client support


  • OpenJDK seems pretty happy at this point barring a few glitches the server team would like to be cleared up
  • Python 3 will be uploaded next week, and should go to main, but bugs 261847 and 249178 remain to be cleared up.


  • dmraid: Complete bar no event monitoring due to broken code and incomplete upstream tarballs.
  • desktop a11y review: DEFERRED - dmraid took more time than expected.
  • audio: due to the kernel fuss nothing has been uploaded yet, although things are almost ready on the userspace side, just need to test check and upload alsa pieces.



  • UDD: bzr-builddeb 2.0 is in bzr now, that has the features I think we need for Intrepid.
  • bzr* updates: all lined up as sponsored sync requests, thanks to LaserJock and jelmer. Probably bugs to fix in 1.6, but we definitely want its features. We should evaluate 1.7 in 3 weeks.

  • font-selector: nowhere, sorry.
  • lvm .39: DONE, thanks to TheMuso.

  • mono-tools: still needs MIR for webkit-sharp, though could be sponsored as-is


  • usb-installer-images: Mostly finished. Will be done before FFe
  • dvd-performance-hacks: Mostly done. Just need to merge in ubiquity changes and triggerize packages.
  • ubiquity-visual-refresh: The partition bar work has been committed to ubiquity trunk. Slideshow work will be deferred. Timezone map changes need a FFe.


  • recommends-by-default: germinate updated and all seems to be working, although some people have requested the ability to exempt certain recommendations from CD building. We may be able to do something about that.
  • splitting server and mobile into separate branches and metapackages: not done, will probably wait for archive-reorganisation.
  • archive-reorganisation: call tomorrow morning with Mark to iron out some details. I think we have high-level agreement though and it's on the LP 3.0 plan.
  • policy-and-standards: initial version of Ubuntu policy uploaded; need to reinstate pristine debian-policy and repackage but that's no big deal.


  • OOo 3.0 rc1 is delayed again until sept 1. May have some debs in PPA by end of the week, potentially having OOo 3.0 split packages parallel installable.

If the 3.0 release slips much more we may have 3.0 split debs for test and 2.4.1 debs for the main install. They still have sept 16 listed as release date, but that looks awfully optimistic.


  • xorg-input-hotplug: DONE. Finished up docs + testing. Yay!
  • mouse-extra-buttons: DONE.
  • xorg-options-editor: DEPLOYMENT. Needs promotion to main. http://bryceharrington.org/ubuntu/ScreenRes/screens-3.png

  • xorg-ctrl-alt-backspace: POSTPONED to intrepid+1. (Still disagreements)
  • x-testing-infrastructure: Not FF critical, but some progress. 3 of 7 tasks done.
  • console-setup: REASSIGNED
  • Xorg apport hooks: DONE. Some testing remains.
  • Redo bulletproof-x to not depend on displayconfig-gtk: IN PROGRESS. Fairly easy change, but I'll need a FFe for it.

We're also awaiting releases of late drivers (-fglrx, -ati) and Xorg 1.5 the -fglrx lateness is probably the biggest issue. It probably won't make the release in October, so may need an SRU.

X.org 7.4 will be released "within a week", so there's still time for ati.


  • language-selector: uploaded into archive; one bug to fix: l-p-{gnome|kde) does not get pulled in anymore, needs code rewrite to fix, will do this during the next days.


  • 3g-networking-intrepid - quite good, but doesn't make much sense to stop syncing new snapshots after FF; things to happen until this is finalized: mobile broadband wizard and its provider database to get into main; gsm/cdma probing code for devices that are only recognized as v.250 (upstream decision pending whether this should go to NM or hal); gathering final feedback
  • flash-experience-intrepid (good progress): beta status for: better description (webservice needs deployment) and plugin alternatives (UI needs to be polished/finalized). good progress: anti-flash-detection-kit (some difficulties to get the event to the proper listener in the browser); at risk: adobe offers deb on their website (adobe will support ubuntu in Flash 10, but debs on their site are at risk); not a feature, but a bug
  • firefox-kde-integration-intrepid (DEFERRED): no cycles to implement. real solution should go into upstream for 3.1
  • (no spec) safe-ffox-upgrade (done/needs real live testing): implementation appears to work well and awaits release with the next ubufox upload
  • (no spec/maybe flash experience) nspluginwrapper for i386: finalizing QA on 1.1.0; upload didnt happen because we decided to go for the latest upstream development instead of 1.0. upload should happen any minute
  • (no spec) branding-package-split: working with max attention; unless something really bad pops up this will happen during this week

We'll be releasing firefox with "the last snapshot before things become disruptive" and then cherry picking on top.

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