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Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

  • Robbie to update the Jaunty UDS planning wiki with blueprints for sessions

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Fixed gfxboot-theme-ubuntu #294840.
  • Helped Kyle Nitzsche (OEM) out with taking over Classmate PC work.
  • Merged: memtest86+, partman-auto, partman-auto-lvm,partman-auto-crypto, network-console, installation-report,localechooser, and most of debian-installer
  • Made powermanagement-interface build on armel, and cleared out some old bugs in it (#45680, #149678, #182651).
  • Typo fix in language-selector.
  • Bits of man-db and dpkg bug triage.
  • Fix gamin build failure (noticed by Matthias on armel).
  • Fix palo build failure.
  • Various armel-related buildability and installability fixes; also some related archive administration work.
  • Worked to get the GTK debian-installer frontend buildable in Ubuntu (including vte packaging merge).
  • Wrote archive script to check for override mismatches between architectures; output at

Evan Dandrea

  • Short week, off on Friday, November 14th.
  • oem-config work
  • partman-target merge.
  • Specification work: JauntyUbiquityUsability, usb-creator (still in progress)

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Machine moved to the DMZ so that it can be exposed to the public to serve branches. No loggerhead/playground set up
    • yet.
  • Move meant that the firewall is currently preventing the importers from working, so a backlog is building up. RT ticket filed requesting the needed holes to be punched in the firewall or alternative solution proposed.
  • Discovered that my user account on the machine had a wacky locale set. Changed to a sane one and reduced the failure count by ~1000 (exact number not available at present due to previous point, somewhere around 500 failures remain, ~4%)
  • Basic documentation written for how to use the branches, need to incorporate Colin's feedback, and detail what is different for working with the temporary branches.
  • Spoke to Celso last week about getting the needed APIs, apparently shouldn't be too hard, but isn't top of his priority list. Current situation works, but isn't ideal. I can work on a solution that will improve most cases.
  • Spoke to Kubuntu team about bzr for packaging.
  • Also spoke to Celso about building packages directly from bzr. This is hard to do if we want to retain signed source packages, but not impossible.


  • Sponsoring feast. >50 items sponsored in the last few days.

  • UDS specs

Lars Wirzenius

  • Thinking about wonderful things Cruft Remover could do in jaunty. No coding or wiki activity yet.
  • Started preparing my Ubuntu Contributing Developer application.
  • Looked at the lockfile-progs merge, and prodded the previous uploader about it (looked like an easy one).
  • Verified that the buildd-built system-cleaner SRU binaries fix the bugs the SRU is supposed to fix.

Luke Yelavich


  • Audio bug triaging.
  • Ongoing consideration and examination on how the alsa kernel modules could be maintained outside the kernel in their own package, for the several kernels Ubuntu has.
  • Merged alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, alsa-utils, and pulseaudio. Jaunty will have 0.9,13 at a minimum, and hopefully one or two releases newer than that will be available before feature freeze.


  • Spent some time checking that the dmraid package in Debian has all the bits I put into the ubuntu package, and fakesynced it into intrepid, due to the newer upstream version in alioth svn not being in debian experimental yet.
  • Resume packaging work for the pieces needed for dmraid event monitoring.


  • Cleared the debian-installer component merges that my name was next to, as well as the universe merges that I care about.
  • Updated some newly released gnome 2.25 accessibility packages.

Matthias Klose

  • armel bootstrap
  • toolchain updates
  • bug triage

Michael Vogt


  • update compoiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported
  • SRU for the package description translations to jaunty-proposed


  • Review/sponsor system-cleaner


  • fix apt pty problem with background processes (debian #463030)
  • Work on updating ddtp debian import script (debian does no longer publish the Translations tarball on ddtp.debian.net)


  • add (basic) support for screenshots.debian.net by adding a button fetch thumbs/full screenshots
  • hack a bit on screenshotMaker.py - a script that can create screenshots automatically and unattended in xvfb


  • create backup of the data (we have a lot of it)
  • write code so that it can give the most popular packages that are not part of a meta-package (in g-a-i utils/analyzePopconData.py)


  • Merge cron, unzip, vorbisgain, upx-ucl, tracker, smartmontools, moin, libxslt, lockfile-progs, libgsf, lapack, aptitude, gpm,
    • popularity-contest, apmd, alacarte, python-gdata, xsane (and submit changes to debian when appropriate)


  • look into libvirt and if the auto-upgrade-tester can be ported to it easily
  • setup auto-upgrade-tester for intrepid-jauny
  • Fix --ssh-key to install a ssh server in ubuntu-vm-builder and push to lp
  • fix sources.list inconsistencies on upgrade as discussed on ubuntu-devel
  • enable interpid->jaunty upgrades in the meta-release-development file (and test-upgrade to it)


  • research the various backup tools and look at the various solutions

Steve Langasek

Release management
  • finish getting the archive ready for jaunty
    • jaunty opening merges: emacs-goodies-el
  • preparations for alpha-1


  • further cleanup of PAM bugs
  • pick up assigned (== t-i-l) merges for jaunty: choose-mirror,cracklib2, djvulibre, mime-tools, wireless-tools, libpam-ldap


  • aid with indoctrination of new kernel team members @ Portland sprint
  • Lexington November Nexus
  • Monday archive duties

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