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Colin Watson

  • Jaunty Alpha 1:
    • Fixed some dmraid issues in hw-detect. Later, realised that the same bug affected four other installer components (base-installer, grub-installer, os-prober, and partman-base), and fixed them all. Filed dmraid #300825 about the general issue.
    • Tracked down and fixed udev #300426.
    • Basic smoke-testing and release.
  • ARM porting assistance:
    • No-change rebuilds: contact-lookup-applet, foomatic-filters
    • lynx-cur build-dependency adjustment so that it can build now that it needs to be in main.
    • Fixed misbuilt libtool on armel (noticed while investigating dictd build failure; filed as #299931).
    • Sent patch series to kernel-team@ to add d-i modules for armel.
    • Some fiddling with the d-i build system, but it won't quite work yet.
  • Merges:
    • Finished debian-installer merge.
    • installation-guide, klibc, network-console, refit, openssh
  • Sponsorship:
    • Most of the core mono 2.0 stack.
    • lintian #292872 (not really sponsorship but it was on the list due to other bug tasks and this cleared it off).
  • Miscellaneous installer work:
    • Fixed oem-config build failure.
    • Tried to get the d-i GTK frontend working. Seems to be running into a bug in the GDK directfb backend that I haven't quite managed to fix yet.
    • Made console-setup default to not autodetecting the keyboard.
    • Investigated applying a "human" theme to cdebconf; tricky due to 16-colour VGA palette (hello, 1987).
    • Investigated choose-mirror #209691 (WPAD proxy autodetection). The DHCP option side of things is straightforward, but dealing with the returned file is a bit harder than I thought.
  • CD images:
    • Fixed cdimage lpia mirroring problem for Steve Kowalik.
    • Arranged to remove installer components from the CDs that are in both the cdrom and netboot initrds already. Saved several megabytes.
    • Minor script polishing for things that irritated me while publishing Jaunty Alpha 1.
  • UDS preparation:
    • Boot performance call with OEM Services.
    • Some analysis of historical bug-fixing performance. Call on the subject.
    • Server installer polish call.
  • Went through some of the old bugs assigned to me, including:
    • SRU write-up and upload for partman-base #149832.
    • Fixed grub-installer #10661.
    • Checked information provided on parted #229388; still need more information here.
    • Fixed console-common/kbd #18448.
    • Diagnosed tzsetup #140934 and reassigned to system-tools-backends.
    • Dealt with some bits of console-setup #94177, but more bits keep on popping up ...
  • 8.10 post-mortem.
  • Conversation with Celso on Soyuz #159585.
  • Fortnightly IS review call.

James Westby

* Distributed Development

  • Worked with IS to get the pieces in place so we can announce. Hoping to have the last bits done today.
  • Worked on documentation for the initial availability of branches.

* Ubuntu

  • Lots of sponsoring. Again I won't itemise.
  • Fixed a bunch of build failures. A lot of the issues are related to libtool.
  • Started a discussion on how to do "developer news".

Luke Yelavich

* Accessibility

  • Updated more GNOME accessibility stack packages, libgail-gnome, gnome-speech.
  • Started preparing an SRU for gnome-orca 2.24.2.

* Audio

  • With the help of the community, was able to track down, and sponsor an upload to fix a long standing bug where for some users, the system would appear to freeze for a variable amount of time when it came to saving alsa audio settings on shutdown or restart.
  • Other audio bug triaging. Sheesh we are receiving jaunty audio bugs already, and I'm not even running it on anything yet.
  • Merged pulseaudio again, to include some extra fixes and patches that debian has grabbed from Trunk. Fedora is also supposed to have some patches worth looking into, will look at grabbing them in the next week.
  • Proposed a spec for managing alsa modules outside the kernel.
  • Merged libcanberra, and set it to be built against pulseaudio in the process.

* dmraid

  • Uploaded an update for dmraid to intrepid-proposed to fix the permissions for a script that gets run in the initramfs. Still need to verify it, and get a second verification.
  • Started digging into how dmraid can be made to report more information using exit codes, rather than having text that has to be grepped for all the time.

* Misc

  • Some alpha 1 testing.
  • Registered attendance for UDS as well as marked areas of interest.

Matthias Klose

  • armel bootstrap:
    • babysitting armel buildd; this should be finished now. the alternative would have been to give back all failed packages and waste a lot of build time.
    • armel specific fixes for OOo, and some other packages.
    • KDE is still problematic.
  • more syncs and merges
  • openjdk-6 updates
  • python3.0 updates and upstream fixes
  • weekend fun: fix hppa packages (rebuilds for uninstallable packages)

Michael Vogt

* compiz

  • debug compiz/expo plugin screensaver bypass (LP #247088)
  • report bypass problem upstream (both g-s-s and compiz)
  • add inhibit plugin as (possible) solution, not accepted upstream
  • fix bypass problem with expo patch from upstream (yeah)
  • uploaded for gutsy, hardy, intrepid (compiz-fusion-plugins-main)
  • fix/update/create matching bzr repos

* translated package description

  • improve workflow for translated package description uploads further
  • add cmp-translations.py file that can compare two Translations-$lang files and give useful stats
  • add gen-sync.sh script that can generate "patch" files for the Translation files (useful for sharing our translations with debian)

* apt

  • debugging with cprov on soyuz/apt-ftparchive issue
  • coded on apt-ftparchive pool expire tool (for cprov/soyuz)
  • merged apt from debian-sid and upload new version into jaunty
  • merged python-apt consolidation branch that moves code from gdebi/update-manager into python-apt (thanks glatzor)
  • Work on replay-attack-prevention code (debian #463030) by add "Valid-Until" header and "Acquire::Max-Default-Age::Label" options (in lp:~mvo/apt/prevent-replay-attacks)

* update-manager

  • fix update-manager xorg.conf rewriting for multiseat setups
  • add update-manager modaliases check for fglrx in jaunty too (#284408)
  • fix ssh detection in update-manager (#301787) (now that sudo eats the environment)

* misc

  • spec work
  • sponsoring/merges (kdelibs4, pylibenchant, pnm2ppa, libglade2, intltool, inkscape, apt)
  • new notification-daemon/libnotify
  • rename app-install-data-commercial -> app-install-data-partner

* partner repository

  • work on app-install-data-partner with brian
  • UDS planning for future of partner (brian has interessting ideas, togehter with apturl)

Steve Langasek

* Packages

  • merges: liferea, boost, kipi-plugins

* Sponsorship

  • liferea (bug #295490)

* Misc

  • Lexington November Nexus
  • Monday archive duties

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