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Actions from previous meeting


Actions from this meeting

  • Robbie to organize EC2 demo

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Installer:
    • Fixed apt-setup #316618, which broke for some Alpha 3 users (though not all, mysteriously).
    • Fixed a parted bug that broke Wubi. Then fixed the way that fix broke all other partitioning, which was my own stupid fault (#317709).
    • Fixed udev-udeb (needed to have something in /lib/udev/devices/).
    • debootstrap fix to make sure /dev/console exists for two-stage bootstraps.
    • Simplified oem-config page/step configuration.
    • Fixed oem-config #48144.
    • Started work on adding manual package selection to the server installer (server-pre-installation).
  • Ubuntu 8.04.2:
    • Assistance with acpi-support regression fix (#59695).
    • Analysis of xine-lib regression (#290768).
    • 8.04.2 change summary.
  • Planning:
    • Further watching of archive-reorganisation UDS videos, related specification improvement, community governance call, and discussion with Soyuz team.
    • Fed Ubuntu priorities to Soyuz team for Launchpad 3.0.
  • Minor adjustments to ubuntu-restricted-extras, inspired by a thread on sounder.
  • Spec reviews:
    • jaunty-cruftremover-improvements (small review comments)
    • jaunty-codec-install (approved)
    • jaunty-apturl-add-repo (approved)
  • Installed Max Bowsher's outdate-report script on cocoplum, outputting to:
  • Set up daily CD builds for armel (mostly, anyway).

Evan Dandrea

  • Background research on other distributions slideshows for Ken in preparation for our own.
  • Started working on adding the ability to run gnome-app-install inside a chroot of the extracted squashfs after an email with mvo clarified the necessity to use a chroot here.
  • Did some more work on the WrapLabel python class for jaunty-ubiquity-usability. Not quite working yet.

  • Discovered a few bugs in the ecryptfs integration in ubiquity. Fixed the more obvious ones and traced a more complex issue to the ecryptfs kernel module.
  • Looked into umenu not working in 8.04.2 after being poked by davmor2. This has since been fixed.
  • Spoke with lfaraone about him adding SD card support to usb-creator. Also helped him debug SD card support in casper.
  • Modified ubiquity to start fullscreened when in the "Install Ubuntu" mode as per jaunty-ubiquity-usability.

  • Quickly added support for ext4 to casper.

James Westby

  • Distributed Development
    • Call with Jono and Daniel about the community aspects of the work.
    • Planning for the next lot of work, and trying to come up with solutions for some sticky UI problems.
  • Ubuntu
    • Debugging a potential -updates/-proposed regression with a user. Turned out to be a long-standing known issue with gconf-schemas. The problem was caused by the action of upgrading, rather than the content of the upgrades.
    • Did some of the ImageMagick transition.

    • Sponsoring. cccd, sugar-datastore, iptux, easystroke, wiipdf, drupal5, fbreader, subdownloader, svk, docutils-writer-manpage, kannel, gtkam, drupal6, firebug, teeworlds, grandr.

Lars Wirzenius

Done this week

  • Attempted to convert personal mirrors from debmirror to reprepro, but found out that reprepro wants to re-build Release.gpg files, which would require adding a new key to every apt instance I have. Too much work. Decided to nuke the mirrors and stick to the official ones, since I'm not doing archive-wide lintian or piuparts runs these days.
  • Prepared a system-cleaner upload (1.10.5-0ubuntu1), which Michael Vogt kindly sponsored. This upload includes all changes made in the intrepid SRU upload, plus enables the autoremovable plugin.
  • Verified that piuparts on various releases can test packages on all relevant releases. This works after one installs debootstrap from backports. After that, hardy, intrepid, and jaunty versions of Ubuntu can test packages in dapper, hardy, intrepid, and jaunty.
  • Reported a potential license problem in the digikam package (LP: ##319230).
  • Wrote an outline for the UDW session on piuparts I'll be giving on Friday.
  • Started work on the .dpkg-old/new plugin.
  • Fixed my virtual machines to actually run unattended-upgrades.

Remaining from past weeks

  • Renaming of program and packages.
  • .dpkg-old/new and unpurged packages plugins not done.
  • Integration with update-manager sources not done.

Plans for the coming week

  • Finish the .dpkg-old/new plugin.
  • Rename Cruft Remover to Computer Janitor. Packages, too.
  • Finish the JauntyCruftRemover spec.

  • Prepare a branch of update-manager that adds the plugin management and shared plugins from system-cleaner, for review by Michael Vogt.

Luke Yelavich

  • Audio
    • bug triaging.
    • Uploaded a new revision of alsa-utils to include some fixes from upstream git (Thanks to Daniel T Chen), and to ensure alsamixer, amixer, and iecset do not show anything related to pulseaudio.
    • Submitted another audio hardware quirk upstream, thanks to Bryce Harrington. This patch was accepted, and I will pass it onto the kernel guys shortly.
    • Started tracking down bugs for audio hardware not working in jaunty, to either collect fixes from upstream , or attempt to write quirks where possible.
    • Investigate why alsa-source fails to build using module-assistant, and start to fix it properly, still ongoing.
    • After some investigation, discovered that bi-arch pulseaudio libraries is not possible, due to there being way too many dependencies, and a large chunk of autoconf/automake/m4 code needing to be rewritten for the pulseaudio package in order to do it properly.
    • Uploaded a new revision of alsa-lib to include a few extra plugins relating to the smixer interface that were not previously included.
  • Accessibility
    • Uploaded new upstream versions of gok, gnome-orca, mousetweaks, at-spi, and accerciser.
  • dmraid
    • Discovered some more upstream breakage relating to querying dmraid about raid set information. One has to pass the complete raid set name to dmraid, at least for isw (intel software raid) raid sets. Haven't tried with other raid formats yet. Not sure where to fix the issue yet.
    • Started playing with dmraid + ubiquity, and discovering that the UI part of the install largely works, however ubiquity crashes during install. Investigation is ongoing.
    • Start putting together notes for a dmraid test plan on real hardware and in a vm.
  • Misc
    • UbuntuStudio image testing for alpha 3.

    • No sponsoring this week, bad me. Testing took its place.

Matthias Klose

  • Setting up the Babbage board; took longer than expected due to some hardware problems. Installed jaunty.
  • Testing and uploading gcc-4.3.3 release candidates, prepared gcc-4.3 for intrepid.
  • glibc update for intrepid, merged with Debian. prepared glibc update for intrepid
  • openjdk and cacao updates. upstream fixes to build without precompiled headers and to build the shark based vm.
  • fix llvm build failure on armel (to be used for the shark based vm).
  • started to work on optimization defaults for armel.
  • some toolchain bug triage.

Michael Vogt

  • update-manager
    • review upgrade fail log from ara (openoffice-voiko to blame, #316754)
    • Upgrade test (intrepid->jaunty alpha-3) and debug failure (with asac) caused by nspr dropping the versionized libs and replacing them with symlinks

    • add new RELEASE_UPGRADER_NO_APPORT (for the auto-upgrade tester)
    • make update-manager deal with upgrades where nvidia-glx is removed and auto-transition them to the "nv" driver
    • work on the auto-upgrade tester to make it easier deployable on multiple machines
    • fix bug in sources.list rewriting when the partner repository is enabled (#312092), add regression test
    • fix error in apport handling, avoid reporting bugs against u-m on package failures (#311220)
    • remove powermanagement-interface on upgrade
    • cleanups in the auto-upgrade-tester code, better separation for the various backends (chroot, kvm, ec2), fixes/performance improvements in the chroot backend
  • jaunty-codec-install
    • debug/fix codec match error in the gst.Caps code
    • MIR report for gnome-codec-install
  • ec2
    • experiment with vm-builder-ec2
    • debug/fix some hangs in vmbuilder (push fixes to lp:~mvo/vmbuilder/mvo)
    • create lp:~mvo/update-manager/ec2 branch that can perform auto-upgrades tests on a ec2 instance (still proof-of-concept)
    • successful test upgrade ubuntu-server and ubuntu-desktop install in ec2
    • learn about EBS and snapshoting/how to get around the 10Gb AMI limitation
    • experiment with ec2 & piuparts, write simple control wrapper

  • compiz
    • new libcompizconfig with fix for #316363 (compizconfig issues when unseting certain options like window-menu)
    • new compiz upload with small fix in the desktop file
  • apt
    • Apt maintainace and some discussion with debian developers
    • merge python-apt debian-experimental tree and upload it to jaunty
    • Debug/fix apt debian bug #512110 (translated description search bug)
  • misc
    • Review system cleaner update
    • Review/commit gnome-app-install i18n fixes (LP #300272)
    • ddtp translated package descriptions update
    • Merge breton synaptic transltion
    • Debug apt-ftparchive failure report (turns out to be a config issue)
    • Merge i18n update in unattended-upgrades
    • JauntyLangauageSelector spec review/comments

  • sponsoring
    • Review/test/merge/sponsor gnome-terminal (two updates)
    • review/merge synaptic branch from chris poulse
    • Review/sponsor update-notifier upload

Scott James Remnant

  • udev
    • Discussion about MAKEDEV and what to do with it now.
    • Continuing upstream discussion about blkid/volid, and what's going to happen there. We're expecting a merge of the two libraries anytime now.
    • Long debug with Kay about the /dev/pktcdvd symlink problem turned up a fun bug in udevd, which we fixed (renaming a device would leave a symlink at the old name due to the devmapper support code)
    • Fixes for pyrocket, mga-vid
    • Patched to support not resolving owners or groups while in installer or initramfs
  • udev-extras
    • Fixed build-dependencies
  • module-init-tools
    • Conversation about merging distribution changes and config into the upstream package, as we've done with udev, has begun
    • Began putting together a new package based off GIT import.
    • Downloaded/installed Fedora 10 and OpenSuSE for comparison
  • Boot Performance
    • Reinstalled my mini9 after a screw-up
    • Installed updated kernel, udev, lsb-release and related packages
    • Performance comparisons very favourable (17s faster!)
  • D-Bus
    • Finally worked out what was wrong on fd.o and sorted out my upstream commit access (missing home directory)
    • Uploaded an update of D-Bus with the non-permissive branch
    • Sent out a mail to ubuntu-devel detailing the necessary changes
    • And mass-filed bugs on packages shipping D-Bus system policy files
    • Audited, fixed and uploaded hal, consolekit, policykit, system-tools-backends, bluez, gnome-lirc-properties, knetworkmanager, eggcups, kerneloops, gpe-bluetooth
    • Trawled Debian BTS and linked to bugs I'd filed
  • Updated readahead list for 8.04.2

Steve Langasek

  • Short week due to MLK Day (US) on Monday
  • Release management
    • Jaunty alpha-3 released
      • use a hatchet, and then a scalpel, to reduce the size of the federal budgeWW alpha-3 desktop ISOs

    • 8.04.2 preparations
      • finalize the 8.04.2 package set (copying everything to -updates for CD building)
      • post, and track testing of, candidate ISOs
  • Sponsorship
    • triage bug #188218
    • claim bug #292779

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