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Actions from previous meeting

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Actions from this meeting

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Activity reports


  • Feature work:
    • Added a weak password check to user-setup. Adjusted ubiquity and oem-config to handle this.
    • Added a task selector to oem-config and fixed a load of oem-config bugs noticed in the process. (Still some important bugs remaining that the server will notice; I'll fix these after FF.)
    • Uploaded first cut at LVM support in Kickstart.
    • Sponsored gparted #305280 (0.4.3, including ext4 support) at long last; popular wishlist item from the forums.
  • Renamed my Launchpad account and ran around renaming a bunch of stuff that hardcoded its name.
  • Helped the OEM Services team with a keyboard layout / password entry question.
  • Made britney (uninstallability-testing script) treat Recommends from packages in Section: metapackages as if they were Depends; this catches a problem we had with Mono where two recommendations of ubuntu-desktop conflicted.
    • This exposed previously-undetected breakage with python2.5, due to mixing PyObject_* allocation functions with PyMem_* deallocation functions; fixed after some head-scratching.

  • Very brief look at rsyslog.
  • Initial All Hands planning call with Elliot.
  • Dived into installer bug-fixing:
    • partman-target #38224 (spaces in labels not escaped in fstab).
    • Uploaded rescue to Debian (due to translation requirements) and synced to Ubuntu, fixing #22311.
    • partman-base #9244 (backup problems at confirmation prompt).
    • grub #328633 (missing grub-common dependency).
    • ubiquity #91792 (inscrutable progress messages).
    • busybox #333349 (printf error message and exit code fix).
    • evolution-documentation-* #333401 (dependency reduction for Kubuntu users).
    • partman-auto-lvm #333349 (whitespace handling fix that produced garbage in size dialog).
    • partman-base #317435 (exception handling regression introduced by fix for #7928).
    • partman-target #320871 (use labels rather than UUIDs if they exist).
  • Added apt-setup/partner preseed option, requested by Brian Thomason.

=== EvanDandrea ===

  • Released a few new versions of ubiquity.
  • Fixed a small bug in the translation mapping code that was pointed out by cjwatson and shtylman.
  • Feedback form for the Jaunty sprint.
  • Uploaded a new usb-creator.
  • Tried to guide lfaraone in the right direction on the usb-creator SD card support. Hacked on the code a bit, but what I came up with didn't pick up my own SD card. Gave him a diff to continue working with.
  • Lots of work on ubiquity to bring the automatic partitioning page in line with what mpt cooked up.
  • Fixed a bug in find_in_os_prober wherein it would get called multiple times if no operating systems were detected. This was slowing down the partitioning page considerably.
  • Fixed a crash in ubiquity's user-setup component caused by the new password strength checking landing.
  • Fought with DNS on Friday, only to discover after talking with Robbie and Colin that it was bug 313218. Tested a fix from Colin.
  • Call with Robbie.
  • Started hacking on a dd'able image option for usb-creator per request from the mobile team. Not as straightforward as originally thought, but doable within the Jaunty cycle (for updates).
  • Small fixes and polish to the usb-creator code.
  • Started looking into 331642 for Mario.
  • Fixed ubiquity dependency on python-numpy by reworking the time zone code a bit.
  • Email discussion with Ken regarding the timezone map artwork changes.
  • Proposed a fix for bug 331883 wherein multiple battery icons were appearing in Kubuntu during install.
  • Tested the OEM ID work to make sure it can be looked over by the interested parties. Unfortunately, a bug in clock-setup prevented installation, so the email had to wait until Wednesday.
  • Fixed a bug in clock-setup wherein it was assuming /etc/adjtime existed.
  • Followed up on a few ubiquity bugs, trying to get a handle on how many major issues are outstanding and what can be accomplished in the time remaining.
  • Email discussion with Agostino regarding the status of Wubi and getting it into Jaunty.
  • Followed up to a question on the ubuntu-installer list regarding the architecture of Wubi.

=== JamesWestby ===

  • Distributed Development
    • Lots of work on improving bzr-builddeb.
      • Polished pristine-tar integration.
      • Fixed lots of bugs. Currently only 4 bugs outstanding, hoping to fix them all this week.
  • Ubuntu
    • Sponsoring
    • Tracked down fix for policykit-gnome breaking itself and network-manager.
    • Archive Admin on some NEW packages for FF.
  • Other
    • Sorting out travel for bzr sprint 9-14 March
    • Taking a week off the week after that sprint.

=== LarsWirzenius ===

Done this week

  • Re-installed laptop, which went bonkers (running under intrepid). For example, metacity wouldn't let me move windows to the right third of the screen. All attempts at fixing or debugging it made things worse. Might be hardware trouble, but re-installed laptop works perfectly, after removing evolution-alarm-notify to stop it from requesting access to my Google Calendar account every few minutes.
  • Completed merging Computer Janitor core into the Update Manager code base, with Michael Vogt.
  • Computer Janitor got added to the desktop seed, by Martin Pitt. Tested upgrades, which led to finding out computer-janitor-gtk was not in the desktop seed.
  • Reviewed travel assistance papers and card provided by Canonical.

Remaining from past weeks

  • Handle all computer-janitor related bugs.
  • Verify that #281546 (synergy doesn't repeat down and left arrow keys) still exists in jaunty, and attempt to fix it.
  • Start API design of Python library for handling machine-readable debian/copyright files.

Plans for the coming week

  • Make sure intrepid-jaunty upgrades actually work: system-cleaner gets replaced by computer-janitor, and system-cleaner-gtk by computer-janitor-gtk.
  • Handle all computer-janitor related bugs.
  • Verify that #281546 (synergy doesn't repeat down and left arrow keys) still exists in jaunty, and attempt to fix it.
  • Start API design of Python library for handling machine-readable debian/copyright files.

=== LukeYelavich ===


  • Audio bug triaging
  • Thanks to the help of Daniel T Chen, got more fixes from pulseaudi oupstrea included in the Ubuntu package, and some settings were changed, such as auto spawn, and glitch free. See ubuntu-devel-discuss list archives.
  • Sent a fix upstrea for a MacBook Pro rev 3 SSID for a user who had to manually change module options in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base. Hope to get it into the Jaunty kernel if it doesn't make it in via the stable kernel updates process.

  • Did some testing of my own with the test pulseaudio from my PPA. Need to try moving streams etc with it yet to see how things go.


  • Removed the espeak pulseaudio wrapper for gnome-speech, now that espeak is built against PortAudio v19.

  • Discovered that the removal of logout/shutdown options from the GNOME system menu was a UI decision. After fuming about that for 5 minutes, set about working out the gconf changes needed to re-enable these for accessibility profiles/installs.
  • Started drafting an email to devel-discuss about the above mentioned UI issue. I don't think even average users will like this much.


  • Started testing my casper changes for dmraid on the live CD. These won't be in jaunty now that FF has passed, but I should have things very much ready to throw into jaunty+1 at the earliest convenience.
  • Started drafting a testing plan for dmraid. This can now be tested in a VM, which is good. Just got to finish writing out the setup procedure for testing.

=== Misc ====

  • Performed a fresh install of jaunty on my desktop, and got bitten by the udev/LVM bug, which is now all fixed, thanks to Scott.
  • Some sponsoring, for universe, but sponsoring nonetheless. (I should pay more attention to universe at times.)

=== MatthiasKlose ===

  • built main with python2.6, main is unstallable with python set to 2.6 as the default (packages in the pythoneers PPA).
  • Some sponsoring of (python related) packages.
  • OpenJDK updates; considering to use the IcedTea 1.4 release branch for the packages in jaunty.

  • Bug triage (mostly python and GCC related).

=== MichaelVogt ===


  • Work on the computer-janitor/update-manager merge (*long*)
  • Work on the auto-upgrade tester, fix but in cache base image code
  • Add hardy->jaunty auto-upgrader test profile

  • uploaded merged c-j/u-m
  • Enable apport during upgrades, add test code that checks for crash files after the uprade in the automatic tester
  • Create upgrade test image that auto-tests network manager during upgrades and give asac the output (drop net during upgrade)
  • debug/fix nvidia-common crash during upgrade (with tseliot)
  • add pycentral pkgremove flag file creation to help pycentral
  • Support local config overrides during the release-upgrade, this is useful for sysadmins and for the auto-upgrade tester
  • Add overrides for freespace-check and disable of third party repo


  • work on the merge of arens changes (long)
  • sponsor the new version

==== compiz ====

  • integrate patch from MacSlow into compiz (alsdorf notifications)

  • Debug/fix compiz workspace switching problem (thanks to manaic103)
  • upload new version
  • Work on compiz and stacking for focus_on_map = False
  • Add compiz configuration dir (/etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager.d)


  • Hunting dpkg trigger problem (#324469) - dup of #323894
  • Merging ddtp updates back to debian
  • Phonecall with doko about upgrade and python
  • various discussion about auto-launching and the new update-notifier behaviour
  • Irc meeting about allhands presentation
  • confcall about update-notifier/update-manager auto-launching behaviour


  • Review/sponsor nvidia-common upload
  • Review/merge/sponsor totem upload
  • Merge/sponor i18n fixes in gdebi, update-manager
  • Review/sponsor libgtop2 upload

=== ScottJamesRemnant ===


  • Worked through the powernowd init script to figure out what it actually did
  • Changed kernel config to use the correct scaling governor by default
  • Patched kernel to build in the scaling drivers
  • Patch from Matthew Garrett applied (and updated) to try the scaling drivers in the right order
  • Debugging problem caused by p4-clockmod, removed from built-in set
  • Dropped powernowd from the seeds, ubuntu-meta uploaded

Hardware Clock

  • Patch to step system clock submitted upstream
  • New hwclock package uploaded to Ubuntu
  • acpi-support package updated to not call hwclock
    • NOTE: This has not yet been uploaded, slangasek wanted to do it

  • apmd package updated to not call hwclock
    • NOTE: base-files still creates /etc/adjtime, and known PPC bug as a result

Boot Performance

  • Installed Moblin Alpha 1 for competitive analysis, bootchart here:
  • Upgraded to development repo, which doesn't boot, so no new bootchart yet
  • Some investigation into how X calls xkbcomp; on a normal machine, it's called every time you change the keymap. On Moblin, it's only ever called once on boot which means the keymap appears to be locked to "us"
  • Clearly some improvement can be done here, since the keymap is always "us" on startup and changed to the user's (thus two xkbcomp calls every boot) - and the resulting keymaps never cached
  • Build on Moblin's patches but fix along the way?
  • Nautilus fades in the background image, costing several seconds of boot; have patched to not do that, patch to be cleaned up and sent upstream and uploaded.
  • GNOME Panel slides in the panels, costing several seconds of boot; have patched to not do that, patch to be cleaned up and send upstream and uploaded.
  • Some rcS init scripts moved until after X
  • bootmisc script split into two, with second part run after X
  • dns-clean and pppd-dns init scripts moved to after X
  • Removed alsa-utils init script


  • Packaged and uploaded
  • On SSD disks, this makes a huge positive difference
  • On Rotary disks, this makes a huge negative difference
  • Some work to be done to see if the gap can be bridged


  • udev 138 uploaded with inotify support
  • updated devmapper to add inotify watch
  • updated lvm to add inotify watch
  • fixed bug where udev wouldn't process all inotify events
  • fixed bug where udev could chase its own tail, processes inotify events for commands it ran for that device
  • fixed LVM bug where all devices were opened for writing, so udev would spin calling lvm vgscan as a result
  • fixed bugs where udev wouldn't remove watches in time
  • lvm2, mdadm and devmapper rules compared with udev upstream


  • Cleaned up my notify adoption signal patch, with improved semantics for multi-threaded init and no prctl() race
  • Playing with the proc connector netlink interface

=== SteveLangasek ===

Release management

  • hardy kernel SRU processing
  • extra-special FF NEW processing
  • preparations for alpha-5


  • grub2 spec drafted and submitted for review


  • Update debian-installer for latest kernels
  • Fix a crash on startup in samba (#330626)
  • Help track down debian-installer build failures


  • gtk-doc (#331201)
  • kile


  • Monday archive duties