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  • Beta
  • Good News
    • The facility for "source package branches" are almost available on launchpad - JamesWestby

    • Getting a bit more hotkey "love" in, making some backlight controls work for some sony laptops where it's never worked before - SteveLangasek

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Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Dependency fixes to stop Kubuntu amd64 CD overflow problem (due to oem-config-gtk being pulled in) happening again.
  • Sponsorship:
    • rrdtool #344307.
  • Merged lintian 2.2.5 to fix #333332.
  • Lots of lpia rebuilds due to a corrupted file magic database (discovered by Matthias).
  • Fixed vim #342174 (vim-tiny config problems).
  • Archive work to move all packages out of the obsolete 'base' section (see Soyuz #345454).
  • Fixed grub-installer #346001 (grub fails to install when dmraid was misdetected).
  • Lots of release management copiloting over the weekend.
  • Fixed system-config-kickstart #346797 (system-config-kickstart doesn't start up with current jaunty installation).
  • Fixed console-setup #328078 (surprising keyboard choice if not preseeded) for post-beta.
  • Made some progress on partman-target #29712 (partitions reformatted when going back to partitioner) for post-beta. I've fixed part of it, but other parts of the installer still have problems in this situation.
  • Fixed debconf #347648 (Jaunty oem installer doesn't get run after reboot); late night as it was beta-critical.
  • Fixed a bug in the scripts that collate the master installer translation files that broke Punjabi and Serbian translations.
  • Technical Board meeting.
  • SRU preparation for tasksel #150252 (and #236257 while I'm here).

Evan Dandrea

  • Fixed bug 344402, select the password text when returning from the weak password dialog.
  • Call with Kevin Huang about usb-creator. Short conversation with Taiten Peng about it.
  • Minor usb-creator fixes.
  • Fixes to partman-base and ubiquity for the unmount active partitions code.
  • Ported changes for ubiquity's timezone_map to oem-config.
  • Fixed 344334, sort the list of regions in the timezone map.
  • Moved the partman/unmount_active bit to yes/no question buttons (with translations sourced from GTK) after a discussion with Colin.
  • Looked into 325958, why ubiquity is now too tall to fit on 800x600 screens. As this is due to the "Who are you?" page, and it seemingly doesn't have any free space to move things around with (short of Mario's suggestion to move text to the right of the GtkEntry widgets), we'll probably have to solve this by putting the main VBox in a ScrolledWindow, which is a bit ugly.

  • Sent an email explaining my understanding of the build and installation tools we have in place to Cody Somerville after he requested Colin and I look over his Build Tool Requirements document.
  • Spent a lot of time reworking the SegmentedBarSlider code (resize widget in Ubiquity). This should fix the all of the bugs that people were having with the resize handle moving difficultly, moving past the end of partitions, etc. I still have to draw a proper resize handle, but I need to better familiarize myself with offscreen rendering.

  • Removed the alpha warning from ubiquity and released a new version from the new jaunty-beta branch.
  • More bug fixing and triage. The big issues remaining on my plate are:
    • Fix some minor bugs around the resize widget in ubiquity (proper handle, scrolled window parent, colors don't match up).
    • Fix some remaining usb-creator bugs.
    • Implement Colin's solution to the partman/unmount_active debacle.
    • Make sure migration-assistant isn't getting in the way (LP: #234835).
    • Make sure the timezone_map is receiving positive user feedback and adjust accordingly.

James Westby

  • Bazaar sprint
    • Participated in the Bazaar sprint in Brisbane. The main focus of me being there was to discuss Launchpad source package branches with jml who was also invited.
    • We looked at each of the major aspects of the changes, and agreed on a plan for most things. He has been moving quickly to make the changes to Launchpad, which is great.
    • The major outstanding area is now merge proposals, and in particular the default reviewer for changes. As we don't use teams for upload rights exclusively it is hard to know who to pick. While it's not such a big problem currently, it is likely to get much worse with archive re-organisation.
  • Distributed Development
    • Made the last changes that are needed to set of a test run of the Debian import. I hope to kick that off this week.
  • Ubuntu
    • No sponsoring or archive admin, sorry.
    • Investigating some reported problems with bzr in Jaunty.

Lars Wirzenius

Luke Yelavich


  • Further work on accessibility related specifications for UDS karmic, and on specifications for the upstream work that I may have to do as a result of the karmic spec I am working on.
  • Re-upload a patch for at-spi I accidentally clobbered.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where orca settingswere not being saved during a live CD session.


  • Audio bug triaging.
  • Participated in discussions about audio for karmic.
  • Took one last look at upstream kernel commits to see if there wree any more hda quirks that could be included into Ubuntu.


  • Updated dmraid to the latest Debian revision. THis will land post beta, and is in the upload queue.
  • Prepared the newer debian revision that was updated only today. This will also land post beta.


  • Sponsored a few uploads in main and universe.
  • Went through various lists attempting to find packages that FTBFS, and were easily fixable, since there was some breakage in the archive at one point, and packages failed to build due to uninstallable dependencies.
  • Started preparing travel for UDS Karmic.

Matthias Klose

  • Find out about lpia archive breakage (no generation of shared deps), "some" no change rebuilds.
  • Toolchain preparations for karmic: binutils and gcc-4.4 updates in the ubuntu-toolchain repository
  • openjdk security uploads
  • build VFP optimized GCC runtime libs for ARM.
  • fixing build failures detected by last archive rebuild. TODO: better notification needed when archive rebuilds are done, better bug reporting on build failures.
  • Fix xom and jaxme build failures, seen with openjdk, updated packages to build with Java6.
  • Adjust python installation defaults to decouple third party installs from the defaults used in the distribution.
  • build additional JVMs out of the openjdk package.
  • Fix ssp defaults patch in GCC; not enabled in the preprocessor.
  • Address glibc issue with fwrite and fortify source.
  • bug triage (glibc, GCC, python*), patch forwarding
  • too few MIR processings

Michael Vogt


  • Upload new update-notifier that fixes #334935 (do not open if the apt lock is taken)


  • Add powernowd to the forced obsoleted package to ensure its removal on upgrade
  • Fix free space calculation work (fix bug in /boot calculation, do not abort early but show all free space needing dirs)
  • Add timeout to update-manager release announcement fetching
  • Merge update-manager launchpad translations, upload new version
  • make upgrades from hardy->jaunty work (for the kubuntu upgrade)

  • Test r500 fglrx->ati transition code, fix issues in bzr

beta release preparing

  • Apt-ddtp update
  • command-not-found data review/update
  • app-install-data ubuntu update
  • Integrate edubuntu meta packages into main app-install-data-ubuntu
  • upgrade testing (in kvm and on real HW with various setups)
  • install testing


  • Fix crash in python-apt when incorrect fetchprogress objects are passed
  • Work on python-apt merge from the "jak" branch
  • fix in aptsources.py (#328486)


  • work on add-indicator panel applet code, debug and find crash deep inside the liborbit, add workaround, test, upload (took longer than initially planed because of the segfault)
  • Upload new gdebi
  • fix software-properties 3rd party channel adding bug (#328486)
  • Add package overrides for command-not-found and add python2.4-minimal -> python2.4 override

  • Look into notification-daemon crash (#131227), but no really good solution
  • Debug install-package bug (#341334)
  • Debug/fix error in apt mirror method (#278635)
  • Fix sorting problem(s) in always-on-top g-a-i apps
  • work on rapt
  • work on SummerOfCode ideas

  • work on clutter-0.9, make it parallel installable with clutter, get FFe and upload to universe
  • Fix missing desktop-effects-kde dependency
  • Add basic priority system to command-not-found (#318442)
  • Trying to reproduce ubiquity crash (LP: #347184)
  • Debug/fix crash in language-selector
  • Look at apt-ftparchive issue for cprov and send fix for testing
  • Phonecall with asac to update third party policy, send updated version to ubuntu-devel for review
  • Help OEM team with upgrade issue (flash releated)
  • Debug python-central problem (#347939)


  • Review/sponsor gnome-session
  • Review/sponsor gnome-media
  • Review/merge/sponsor lp:~echidnaman/software-properties/pykde4 branch

Scott James Remnant

Steve Langasek

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