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  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • AOB

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Installer bug-fixing:
    • lvm2 #341928 (consistently reproducible "device or resource busy" error on partitioning).
    • partman-base #357725 (hangs when creating a partition on the install medium itself).
    • ubiquity #356813 (ubiquity-dm in Debian could not launch a NetworkManager).

    • console-setup/ubiquity/oem-config #356816 (kz layout is non-Latin).
    • ubiquity/oem-config #356794 (installation in pt_BR shows Noronha as the default timezone).
    • Partial fix for open-iscsi #236640 (iSCSI install fails).
    • ubiquity #358548 (stray warning images in KDE frontend).
    • ubiquity #358961 (broken window icon).
  • Taught cdimage how to generate HTML indices for armel's .img files.
  • Finally finished and uploaded fix for wpasupplicant #44194 (wpasupplicant doesn't start when the network starts).
  • Lots of miscellaneous bug triage/reproduction, and bits and pieces of archive management.
  • Started 9.04 release notes.

Evan Dandrea

James Westby

Daily Builds

  • Initial implementation of the 'bzr-builder' plugin is complete. This takes a 'recipe' file and spits out a tree that the instructions tell it to, allowing for nesting and merging.
    • The parser that reads the file format and produces a data structure based on it is done. It doesn't always produce the most helpful errors that it could, and its validation of things like branch ids not being repeated needs to be improved, but it should parse the full format as currently specified.
    • The function that constructs the tree based on the data structure is also done. There may be edge cases which cause it to crash, but it works for the testing so far done. It could also be extended somewhat to allow for things like specifying a merge directive as the branch to merge from if that was deemed desirable.
    • These two things are wrapped up in to a "bzr builder" command that takes the location of a recipe file and working directory to place the result it. This should work the same way for the first run and the nth run using the same working directory, with any changes in the branches being pulled in.
    • Turning this in to a source package is the next step, though that should be straightforward as you just need to run "debuild -S" in the tree when you have it to produce a source package. However, if you wish to produce a non-native package then you need to get a tarball from somewhere, and the current specification doesn't account for that. It is much easier to produce a native package every time, and as the aim is to upload new upstream code every day the savings from re-using the tarball in the archive are lessened.
    • Uploading to a PPA also needs to be done, but again, we have tools to do that, so it's just a case of hooking them together.
    • There is currently no manifest generation, so the function that builds the tree needs to record what revisions were used, and then a second function can be added to write the manifest.
    • Documentation (both code and use) is lacking.

Distributed Development

  • Deployed the lplib based importer to package-import.ubuntu.com, after some transition problems this is working quite nicely, and has reduced the latency from ACCEPT to available on that site significantly. (Thanks to LaMont for helping with some teething problems).

  • Developed debconf proposal with vcs-pkg.org.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in bzr-builddeb and uploaded to Jaunty.


  • Fixed an RC bug in system-tools-backends.
  • Helped with dealing with the fallout from the python regression.
  • No sponsoring/archive admin, sorry.


Lars Wirzenius

Done this week

  • Upgraded laptop, desktop to jaunty. No serious problems. metacity has changed its focus handling again, to the worse. gnome-display-properties can't set my external screen's resolution correctly.
  • Helped Colin Watson test new wpasupplicant package.
  • Debconf9 registration, talk and workshop proposals.

Remaining from past weeks

Plans for the coming week

  • React to bugs.

Luke Yelavich


  • Updated gnome-orca, accerciser, and gnome-mag to latest versions for GNOME 2.26.1.
  • More spec drafting


  • Audio bug triaging
  • Thanks to Daniel Chen and mdz, uploaded more bug fixes for PulseAudio, and alsa.

  • Start preparing packaging for 0.9.15 final version to be put into my PPA.
  • Submitted a patch to the kernel team to disable the hda beep config for amd64/i386 in the kernel.
  • Started looking at Debian/upstream packaging/new versions for karmic.


  • A bit of dmraid bug triaging.

Matthias Klose

Apr 08, 09: vacation

  • openjdk-6 fixes, integration of ARM patches, update for the plugin.
  • python compatibility fixes, fix python build failures, aclocal macro fixes.
  • toolchain updates for proposed (ARM, hardening tests).
  • prepared python 2.6.2 final.

Michael Vogt

Scott James Remnant

  • Attended the Linux Collaboration Summit

Steve Langasek


  • freeze for release
  • freeze exception processing
  • MIRs for component-mismatches cleanup
  • RC preparations


  • visualvm (bug #348712)
  • system-tools-backends (bug #316756)
  • opal, ptlib (bug #353768)


  • python-support
  • pygments, moin, jquery, libitext-java, glib2.0, bouncycastle, jinja, libxml-twig-perl, bootchart (component-mismatches cleanups)
  • pyscrabble (NBS cleanup)
  • gnome-games (cd sizing fix)

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