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  • UDS Karmic
  • Reminder for performance reviews
  • AOB/Good News

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Synced: mlocate, klibc, partman-newworld, ocaml
  • Merged: rootskel, partman-auto, base-installer, netcfg, localechooser, console-setup
  • Fixed partman-auto-lvm to make partman-auto-lvm/guided_size preseedable.
  • Fixed gfxboot-theme-ubuntu #360087 (bootloader.pot not present in the binary package).
  • Initial, very basic, Ubuntu branding work for GTK d-i.

Evan Dandrea

  • Short week, bank holiday on Monday, May 4th
  • Lots and lots of work on usb-creator in ~evand/usb-creator/future.
    • Further refactoring, drag and drop support, disk image support, unit tests, proper mounted partition management, properly handling errors from external commands, etc.
    • Merging changes from Bruno Dilly's OEM team branch.
  • Merged liw's progress time estimator into usb-creator trunk. Perhaps this is something we can use in ubiquity as well.
  • Had discussions in #ubuntu-devel over how we call dd in usb-creator to create the casper persistence file. It was agreed that we move back to the Intrepid behavior and I made the necessary changes in trunk.
  • Work on migration-assistant Windows registry Python bindings. By the end of next week I hope to have those and the Mac OSX binary plist code finished.
  • Drafting UDS Karmic specifications.

James Westby

Lars Wirzenius

Luke Yelavich


  • Further writing of documentation relating to the speech work that I will likely be doing in the karmic cycle
  • Discussions with upstrea about the future plans of accessibility for GNOME 3.0, particularly relating to speech
  • Updated gnome-orca to 2.27.1, accerciser to 1.7.1, mousetweaks to 2.27.1, gok to 2.27.1, and merged at-spi with Debian changes 2.26.1 for karmic.
  • Merged espeak with latest changes from Debian in karmic.


  • Audio bug triaging
  • Updated and merged the alsa stack, alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, alsa-utils, and alsa-tools to 1.0.19 for karmic.
  • Updated and merged pulseaudio to 0.9.15 for karmic. Still need to update paprefs and pavucontrol.


  • Updated dmraid to latest Debian revision for karmic.


  • UbuntuStudio disk image testing for jaunty

  • Further planning for UDS karmic

Matthias Klose

  • glibc merge with Debian unstable
  • openjdk-6 update for karmic
  • integrating build of different VM's from the openjdk packaging into IcedTea.

  • openjdk/llvm/shark integration in the ubuntu packages, llvm update
  • update symbols files for the various GCC runtime libraries, file bug reports, fix regressions, rinse, repeat.
  • on lpia, build GCC-4.4 with code opt defaulting to atom. Note, it did default to i386 until Apr 30.
  • bank holiday May 01

Michael Vogt


  • travel to Cologne for a one-to-one meeting with Muharem
  • worked on a bunch of merges together and I sponsored them


  • Add autolaunch minimal interval for u-n (#369198)
  • Fix some update-notifier debug logging issues
  • Upload new update-notifier to karmic


  • Debug/reproduce kubuntu-kde4-desktop upgrade problem (#368459) and fix in u-m
  • Make update-manager always display version strings in the changelog details even if no changelog can be downloaded
  • Fix comment bug in u-m (#300504)
  • Work on auto-install-tester
  • Debug strange upgrade problem (#370062) and add workaround code, its still unclear what has caused the error but the error condition should be detected and handled now (long)
  • enable "update-manager -d" for jaunty->karmic upgrades (and test with kvm)


  • Debug/fix apturl refresh problem (thanks to dobey) and SRU (#356781)
  • SRU for compizconfig-backend-gconf (#352656)


  • Work on compiz karmic packages
    • - cleanup - add coreabiversion patches from debian - merge interessting bits from the the debian packages
  • Integrate the compiz-core-abiversion-$ver into the plugin packages


  • dash, curl, newt (forward patch to debian), file, findutils, slang2, strace, popcon(sync)


  • Debug/fix g-a-i search bug (#354563)
  • Update python-apt distros for karmic
  • Change apt_check.py to only count security from $(lsb_release -c -s)-security updates (thanks to seb128)
  • update popcon.ubuntu.com to deal with karmic and armel

Scott James Remnant

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • SRU processing for jaunty
  • a couple of d-i merges in preparation for alpha1


  • merge libxcb, python-support, gnome-sharp2, libgsf, pm-utils, ptlib,pygments, rss-glx, texlive-bin, ttf-sazanami, libpam-ldap, libitext-java,libxml-twig-perl, vim
  • syncify glib2.0, gmime2.2, ndesk-dbus, ndesk-dbus-glib, coreutils again
  • push more patches up to Debian so I don't have to merge these again next time!
  • coreutils upload to fix sort segfaulting in kernel-wedge
  • try to fix a user's backlight handling via hal (bug #360795)


  • acpi-support (bug #366119), happily trimming the package down even
  • farther
  • follow up on bug #139661 (aptitude)
  • mono (bug #344750)


  • Performance review season
  • Monday archive duties

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