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Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Sponsorship:
    • libwibble #385317 (bounced).
    • mutt #384499.
    • ntfs-3g #349569 (semi-bounced).
    • libunique #383718.
    • mdbtools #383917.
    • partman-ext2r0 #384796 (sync, universe).
    • parrot #219276 (universe, I'm the Debian sponsor too).
    • qcomicbook #384808 (sync, universe).
    • viking #384380 (sync, universe).
    • mpi-defaults #383665 (universe).
    • netcfg (merge from Muharem).
    • silo-installer (merge from Muharem).
    • rootskel (merge from Muharem).
    • rootskel-gtk (merge from Muharem).
    • dpkg #332068 (rejected for sponsorship, Debian bug already filed and
      • it's better there anyway since it involves translatable strings).
    • console-tools #49031 (universe).
  • Fixed oem-config #163518 (.desktop files say OnlyShowIn=GNOME, should be NotShowIn=KDE;) - on the sponsorship list although only due to a different task on the same bug.

  • Finished introducing variable-width menu columns to gfxboot-theme-ubuntu, allowing me to fix #311699.
  • Fixed gfxboot-theme-ubuntu #40144 (Norwegian languages sorted weirdly).
  • Drafted specs: foundations-karmic-rsyslogd, foundations-karmic-grub2
  • Reviewed/approved specs: foundations-karmic-usb-creator-for-windows, rsync-based-deb-downloads, foundations-karmic-better-debian-import, foundations-karmic-swapfile
  • IS/platform review meeting.
  • Fixed casper #386010 (unionfs-fuse killed too early on live CD shutdown).
  • Hoovered up most of a casper patch series to fix snapshot resyncing, and commented on the rest (#384059, #384061, #384066, #384068, #384076).
  • Fixed grub-installer #385995 (sometimes tries to edit menu.lst even with GRUB 2).
  • Merged: anna, base-installer, cdrom-checker, clock-setup, debian-installer-utils, finish-install, grub-installer, installation-report, lilo-installer, lowmem, main-menu, net-retriever, network-console, partman-auto, partman-auto-crypto, partman-auto-lvm, partman-basicfilesystems, partman-crypto, partman-ext3, partman-lvm, partman-partitioning, partman-target, preseed, tzsetup, yaboot-installer
  • Synced: cdebconf, mountmedia, partconf, partman-jfs, partman-md, partman-reiserfs, partman-xfs
  • Honour casper's live_media_path configuration in ubiquity.
  • Added cdimage/livecd-rootfs support for variable casper initramfs compression methods, in preparation for a kernel version that will support LZMA initramfs decompression across the board.
  • Proposed patch for util-linux #383697 (mount.preinst uses lsb-release while unconfigured).
  • TB meeting (chaired).

Evan Dandrea

  • Ubiquity bug triage.
  • Helped rgreening get the KDE frontend merged into usb-creator.
  • Helped cr3 with ubiquity automation questions.
  • Specification writing. All specs approved, awaiting for responses from others, or awaiting approval, with the exception of encrypted swap.
  • Started work on a UDS writeup for Larry Poon.
  • More work on migration-assistant base code.

James Westby

Lars Wirzenius

Matthias Klose

* Travel to Lexington (Mon) * Work on an OEM project

  • Installations
  • start working on bug reports
  • look at apport backport for jaunty based projects.

* Various talks with OEM people about procedures/processes, while learning * Some simple toolchain updates

Michael Vogt


  • add copy-n-paste for pub-key adding
  • drag-n-drop for pub-key adding
  • bugfixes

packaging tools

  • Add transition code to update-manager for broadcom users
  • Unattended-upgrade maintainace/merges
  • Add search progress and UI updates to synaptic (#24188) and upload new version
  • Add ionice support to apt


  • design call with mpt
  • add prototype support for keyword search for gnome-app-install
  • make g-a-i start faster
  • make desktop data reading and cache opening threaded


  • spec work
  • Smoke testing the desktop CD for alpha-2
  • merge/test/upload apt
  • Add code to python-apt to create required dirs on the fly if run with "apt.Cache(rootdir=foo")"
  • Review gconf patch for seb128
  • Write debian-version compare script (lp:~mvo/+junk/compare-to-debian)
  • Review language-selector diff (from lool)
  • Write some simple profiling code for the apt install run (for the pre-unpack spec)


  • Review/sposnor imagemagick, popcon
  • Merge/upload newlib, bzip2
  • Review/merge/sponsor app-install-data-partner for jaunty
  • Review/merge/sponsor app-install-data-commercial intrepid upload
  • Review/merge patch from robert for compiz

Mike Terry


  • Merge freevo (385645)
  • Merge galan (385662)
  • Merge hdparm (311451)
  • Merge libxml2 (386390)
  • Merge xkeyboard-config (386445)
  • Merge hunspell (387366)
  • Sync gnome-backgrounds (385666)

GConf Error

  • Fixed a gconf error when logging in (383461) that arose because we referenced a gconf source location, but didn't make sure that it existed

Power Management

  • Continued working on removing ac.d and battery.d (385949)
  • Still need to get some feedback from upstream devicekit folks. Looks like pm-powersave isn't being called by devicekit-power and they aren't planning to.
  • May need to call pm-powersave another way (maybe call it if anything but kde4 is running)
  • Started looking at keypress events we can drop


  • Started working on replacing sysklogd with rsyslog
  • An initial version of the upgrade path is working (copy syslog.conf over). Need to make this use ucf
  • Worked on derooting it. Started work on a -U flag to drop privileges, but apparently upstream v4 has similar support built-in as a config flag. mbiebl says v4 likely to hit in Karmic timeframe
  • The above privilege-dropping doesn't help with klog, which needs root access. Implemented a simple config value to look at a different path and running a privileged dd instance that copies it over (as we do for sysklogd) to that path

Muharem Hrnjadovic


  • AllHands feed-back

  • performance review preparation/call with Julian E.
  • UDS survey

Package merges

  • fbreader_0.10.7dfsg-2ubuntu1
  • ibus_1.1.0.20090531
  • solr_1.2.0+ds2-5ubuntu1
  • xom_1.2.1-1
  • netcfg_1.49
  • findutils_4.4.2-1ubuntu1
  • rootskel_1.78
  • rootskel-gtk-1.16
  • lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/pkgsel/ubuntu
  • silo-installer (1.16)
  • perl - 5.10.0-23ubuntu1
  • popularity-contest
  • zsh_4.3.10-2ubuntu1
  • python-crypto_2.0.1+dfsg1-4
  • smartmontools_5.38-3ubuntu1
  • ==== Sync requests ====
    • requestsync libsepol karmic
    • requestsync newt karmic
    • requestsync newt pyopenssl
    • requestsync ifplugd karmic


  • finished testing LP API for package sets

Scott James Remnant

  • Holiday on Friday
  • Finally finished the Upstart D-Bus work, took even longer than I thought it might in the end.
  • Updated Upstart's Contributing Code guide
  • Fixed some D-Bus bugs in the process.
  • Finished up my patch to notify setsid() over the proc connector, sent to lkml along with the 2.6.31 firehose
  • Chatted with other folks about what to talk about at Plumbers this year, submitted Upstart 1.0 talk and possibly doing a shared talk with Kyle@Fedora about living in Arjan's shadow
  • Put our C bootchart code into bzr for Michael Meeks@Novell
  • More nagging Ted Tso about libuuid
  • More VFS union-mount testing

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • alpha-2 released
  • release meeting
  • continuing the 8.04.3 round-up


  • aptitude (bug #139661)
  • perl merge
  • audacious merge


  • foundations-karmic-power-management drafted


  • Monday archive duties
  • NBS cleanups

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