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  • 8.04.3 LTS 07/09

  • Karmic
  • Doko's topics
    • handling of component mismatches: Currently no action is taken for build failures due to component mismatches (selfish examples: jinja2, llvm).
    • handling of the new queue (selfish example: python3.1)
    • handling of MIR's (selfish example: llvm).
  • Sponsorship queue
  • Good news
  • AOB

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Finished removing the old timezone map from ubiquity, and replaced gdm-signal with a D-Bus call, thereby making ubiquity's GTK frontend architecture-independent.
  • Merged: choose-mirror, user-setup, refit, kbd, cdrom-detect, apt-setup, parted, partman-base, partman-partitioning, partman-ext3, scim-bridge, libdebian-installer
  • Sponsorship:
    • fakeroot #389591.
    • bash-completion #370611 (nothing to do in Karmic, declined Jaunty SRU).
    • ecj #347393.
  • Feature work:
    • foundations-karmic-server-installer-improvements:
      • Wrote online help text code for cdebconf. Debian seems to like it, so I should get that committed towards the end of this week.
    • archive-reorganisation:
      • Worked on constructing initial package sets.
    • foundations-karmic-grub2:
      • Fixed grub-installer #393432 (LILO rather than GRUB 2 still used for /boot on LVM).
  • Dropped ant's JDK recommendation to a suggests, at the server team's behest (#389470).
  • Fixed gnu-efi build failure.
  • Fixed memtest86+ to install properly in chroots (e.g. live CDs). Dealt with #384627 (20_memtest86+ uses deprecated update-grub_lib in Karmic) while I was there.
  • Synced: twisted-lore, twisted-names, twisted-runner
  • Updated tasksel to karmic, including recent UNR task changes.
  • Figured out why d-i was completely broken (busybox printf's exit code was wrong), and fixed it.
  • IS/platform review meeting.
  • Fixed w3m #283975, #353900 (formatting problems with w3mman, affecting manpages.ubuntu.com).
  • Fixed horrendous grub bug #185878 (GRUB installation fails if installing to certain non-ext* filesystems).
  • Technical Board meeting.

Evan Dandrea

  • Short week. On vacation Thursday through Monday.
  • Merged partman-efi.
  • Reviewed usb-creator 0.2.0 for upload. The KDE frontend is ready, but I'm keen to get the DeviceKit-disks backend done before we upload.

  • Started a conversation with Andrew Sayers on him helping with Migration Assistant and incorporating his idea to install applications that serve as replacements for applications installed on other operating systems (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallProgramsFromMigrationAssistant).

  • Started working on a unit test framework using twisted's trial and worked towards creating a fake DeviceKit-disks to test the respective usb-creator backend.

  • Discussed a proposal from a community member to create a GRUB recovery option on the live CD.
  • Finished another draft of the Migration Assistant DBus API (http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MigrationAssistant/Karmic/DBusService). Comments/suggestions welcome.

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Reached 10,000 source package branches on LP.
  • Fixed the issue that was causing the most failures. Need to retry all of those failures and finish the import of main.
  • Call with Martin Pool about the best way to start a discussion on parallel imports. Need to write up a wiki page with our requirements.

Daily Builds

  • Belatedly finished drafting the spec.


  • Mailed the kernel team asking whether they would like OOPS reports as bugs. Mail is waiting in their moderation queue.

Distro tasks

  • Only managed to sponsor one item this week.

Lars Wirzenius

  • Back from vacation.
  • Processing of e-mails, and stuff.
  • Tested flegita, compared with gscan2pdf. Neither is good. Told Ken van Dine I'm OK with flegita replacing xsane as default.
  • Planning of implementation of specs.
  • Started prototyping Compter Janitor new UI.

Matthias Klose

Michael Vogt


  • Debugging aptdaemon hang in gio code
  • Fix gio hang n aptdaemon client
  • Work on apt-daemon packaging (lp:~aptdaemon-hackers/aptdaemon/ubuntu-karmic)
  • Add aptdaemon backend to g-a-i(lp:~mvo/gnome-app-install/aptdaemon)
  • Port add/remove to Gtkbuilder


  • Work on the auto-upgrade-tester
  • Work on main-all profile
  • Analyze held-back on release-upgrade from gnome-bluetooth<>bluez-gnome and discuss with asac

  • Work on the EC2 upgrade tester (with andreash) and fix issues in trunk, a bit of code cleanup too
  • Port update-manager to gtkbuilder
  • Merge official-ec2 support branch from andreash into update-manager (many thanks!)
  • Add warning when running on battery to update-manager (#377697)


  • review/merge patches from lp:~donkult (quite a few!)


  • Look into grub2 and crashdumps
  • Add crashdump= support to grub2
  • Upload new grub2 with crashkernel feature
  • Forward patch to grub-devel
  • Update linux-meta diff for grub2 support (kernel crashdump)
  • Kernel-crashdump spec work
  • Work on prototype apport-retrace for kernel crashdumps


  • Re-generate command-not-found database
  • Work on command-not-found, fix bash crash (#127399)
  • Implement spelling suggestions to command-not-found
  • Analyze why alpha-2 command-not-found data was wrong, add scripts to ensure operations are more smooth


  • Debug apt ddtp problem with dpm
  • move data from rookery to new people.u.c
  • Synaptic i18n updates
  • App-install-data-ubuntu fixes (lxde description, nvidia-glx-180)
  • Add information around spec foundations-karmic-upgrade-support-in-landscape
  • Target features to milestones
  • release meeting
  • Review/merge/upload lp:~seb128/update-notifier/gtkbuilder
  • Update-notifier: add gconf key to hide reboot required messages
  • Merged libgksu from debian (for the gtkbuilder fixes)


  • Sponsor gawk via a sync request
  • Sponsoring python-geoip
  • Sponsoring tuxtype (via review/sync request)
  • Merge rsync and forward changes upstream
  • Look at acpica-unix merge and request sync
  • Merge djvulibre, elinks, planner, rpm

Mike Terry


  • The oem-config merge continues apace. I'm now testing code, rather than porting.


  • Sent mail to devel list about change
  • Rebased on 4.2.0 which made the import freeze

Power cleanup

  • Finalized details of who calls pm-powersave with upstream
  • Tweaked bzr branch as a result
  • Steve pushed this in, so we no longer have ac.d and battery.d directories! Yay

Muharem Hrnjadovic

Scott James Remnant

  • Booked Dublin tickets
  • Installed SSD into Dell D620 received from Pete for SSD testing
  • Meetings with Desktop Experience Team about Boot Experience
  • Updated udev to 143, and then GIT head, more changes were required and Martin finished them off for me
  • Working on Upstart 0.6.0, fixing initctl and telinit
  • TB Mono Position statement draft
  • Developer Application Board announcement draft

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • release meeting
  • Ubuntu 8.04.3 work


  • follow up on multiarch spec with Debian
  • follow up on Debian LTS coordination


  • Monday archive duties
    • fix syncbugbot to work with current launchpad (python-launchpadbugs)
  • epic battle with Spanish rail

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