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Actions from this meeting

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Feature work:
    • foundations-karmic-grub2:
      • Added support for reading keyboard modifiers, used so that we can
        • reduce the hidden timeout to zero.
      • Make the hidden timeout verbose by default in code, as requested by
        • upstream, but configured to quiet in Ubuntu.
  • Participated as an on-call reviewer in a packaging training session
    • in #ubuntu-classroom.
  • Sponsorship:
    • ldtp #412871, #412882.
  • Implemented first cut at Eucalyptus installer support.
  • Merged Dove SoC patches (#409238).
  • Fixed base-installer #413135 (installer needs way to install PAE
    • kernel on i386 9.10 DVD).
  • Fixed debian-installer #415675 (hd-media install lacks yenta_socket
    • module).
  • Lots of bug catch-up.
  • Got commit access to GRUB2 upstream. Much debate with upstream about
    • the proper implementation of modifier key status checking.
  • Fixed a couple of glitches in eucalyptus 1.6 packaging.
  • Sponsorship:
    • automake1.10 #413928.
    • lilo #409321.
    • nbd #399707 (bounced).
    • xserver-xorg-video-geode #417518 (sync).
    • libselinux #416501 (sync).
    • scim-bridge #400049.
  • Merged: debhelper
  • Started on LVM-on-RAID implementation. There's a Debian patch
    • outstanding that seems to mostly work; before I remembered it existed, I came up with the exact same interface independently, so that interface is probably reasonably natural.

Evan Dandrea

  • Had a call with mt about Wubi potentially being more prominently displayed on the downloads page, or being made the default download option for Windows users visiting the site. Followed up with Matt Nuzum via email.
  • Ran headfirst into Debian bug #542635. Submitted a patch.
  • Looked into the ubiquity ARM build failure, but didn't get far without the right hardware. Merged a patch from lool to fix it.
  • Tracked down and fixed a Wubi crash for StevenK that occurred on distributions that only have an i386 variant.
  • Spent some more time getting usb-creator in order. I may have run into a bug or two in DeviceKit-disks' partitioning code, but further investigation is needed.

  • Fixed the issues that lool pointed out in 414837, and released a new ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu. Continued working to push ubiquity-slideshow onto the CDs. Just waiting for an archive admin to process component-mismatches.
  • Tracked down and fixed the cause of a live filesystem build failure.
  • Looked into bug 403021, but I ultimately could not reproduce it. Waiting to hear back from Colin King.
  • Asked the security team to review the encrypted swap option in the installer.
  • Spoke with Dustin about to-be-encrypted swap devices needing to be zeroed out at the end of install. Wrote a patch and uploaded a new user-setup and ubiquity.
  • Reviewed and thoroughly tested mterry's ubiquity plugins branch. I'm just waiting to see if anyone else has time to look it over, then I'll upload it today.

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • LP went down at the weekend and so disrupted things. FF has meant that I haven't had time to get it back up and running, though I believe we are close to the 90% of packages mark now.
  • Merged Muharem's merge-package work, thanks. Discussed with him further enhancements, and worked on a bug fix with him.
  • Made a couple of fixes of my own.
  • All in Karmic now.

Daily Builds

  • Debugged a couple of issues for Jorge and got bugs filed.
  • bzr-builder is in NEW now, so should be in karmic.


  • Uploaded kerneloops and apport changes, the former is currently in NEW.
  • Sent kerneloops changes upstream.


  • Worked on getting latest launchpadlib in to karmic, on the verge of getting that now, though the python-oauth MIR is a blocker. (Not the MIR team, but fixing the package to be suitable)
  • Reviewed some eucalyptus dependencies at the request of the MIR team.
  • Prepared the bzr 1.18 stack for karmic, but blocked on bzr-svn. Will resolve this somehow tomorrow as I learnt that Jelmer is on vacation.
  • Reviewed/sponsored several new packages.
  • Busy archive-admin day on Monday.

Lars Wirzenius

  • Mucked about with the LP projects for python-fstab and computer-janitor. Bzr magic for lp: urls should now really work. Thanks to Michael for helping out.
  • python-fstab and computer-janitor .deb packaging now using dh from debhelper 7 rather than cdbs.
  • Asked for maintainers for python-fstab and computer-janitor in Debian. They are now uploaded to Debian, by Julian Andres Klode. He found some problems in my .deb packaging, which I fixed in the Ubuntu packages.
  • Worked on getting apt support zsync for downloading Packages files. This is going to become an epic story of war in the Greek tradition, complete with tragedy, comedy, sirens, magic, despair, and going away from home for decades.

Matthias Klose

  • Canonical OEM Rotation

Michael Vogt


  • Apt merge for http proxy changes
  • Merge new python-apt from debian and upload new version
  • Add missing pulse interval to pyhton-apt
  • Debug "already installed and configured" failure with man-db (#414631) and fix in apt
  • Merge apt mvo tree into ubuntu
  • Python-apt merge from the debian-sid branch
  • Backport actiongroup method from python-apt 0.7.92 to stable
  • Merge python-apt from debian-sid and upload new version (needed for aptdaemon)


  • Aptdaemon design discussion with glatzor
  • Adding a transaction cache singleton to aptdaemon
  • Add icon/appname to the pending view in app-center
  • make the categories activated by single click
  • Aptdaemon work (merge latest changes from glatzor)
  • experimenting with the label based categories view
  • xapian search
  • Add support for partial matches in the xapian search
  • Add setup.{cfg,py} to app-center and add po file
  • Fix aptdaemon problem with latest python-apt
  • make transactions cancelable
  • add view menu and support filtering for "all", "canonical"
  • fix bugs in filtering code and make it more generic
  • add "LabeledCategoriesView"

  • cleanup (new ApPCenter/enums.py), add architectures to the database
  • Add url support in the app description
  • add popcon to the xapiandb and sort by it in the search
  • improve popcon integration (use sortable_serialize() instead of manual padding) and submit patch upstream
  • Review g-a-i changes by juliank
  • Add debian/ dir to app-center, make pep8 conform
  • Upload app-center/aptdaemon to my PPA
  • App-center got a name! its "ubuntu software store" now - create LP project
  • Rename "app-center" to "software-store"
  • Add trigger to software store for /usr/share/app-install/desktop
  • Uploaded software-store (initial version)
  • Do not error when the user cancels a update-manager download
  • make the NavigationBar a proper widget

  • fix bug in the search view when navigation
  • adding a label in the search to show what category is searched


  • Bug triage/fixing for update-manager (#417301, #416067)
  • Ensure that update-manager does not remove itself accidently in upgrades/partial upgrades

python robustness

  • Redo lsb with python-central and include-links


  • I18n merges for synaptic
  • Debug synaptic crash (gdk-critical) - only reproducable on debian
  • SoC update-manager
  • Work on updates-on-shutdown
  • Work on unattended-upgrades gnome-session integration
  • Empathy testing - lots of crashes and bad audio
  • woth with tseliot on envy/python-apt integration
  • help with computer-janitor housekeeping
  • Release meeting (covering for colin and robbie)
  • Work on zlib bug (#402178)
  • Investigate a possible GPL violation for gdebi from http://www.eletroworld.cn

  • Uploaded workaround for libpciaccess (#402178)
  • Work on new compiz git snapshot for the upcomming 0.8.4 release to the compiz PPA
  • Kernel-crashdump spec: investigate upload timeout and test apport private flag on crashdumps


  • Review/upload python-fstab, computer-janitor
  • Review/prepare/upload devicekit-disks uploda to fix (#384579)
  • Review/merge/upload compiz patch from amaranth
  • Review/sponsor packagekit upload

Mike Terry


  • Last touches on plugin support, trying to get it in a state to push before FeatureFreeze

  • Plugin branch reviewed, waiting for final go-ahead

Muharem Hrnjadovic

Distributed development

  • Prepared the "merge-package" bzr-builddeb command for review, see lp:~al-maisan/bzr-builddeb/merge-package
  • Currently revising the branch in accordance to the review comments

Scott James Remnant

  • On Holiday last week

Steve Langasek


  • foundations-karmic-multiarch-support: submit patch to Debian Policy to permit installation of libraries to the multiarch paths.
  • work on dpkg --foreign-architecture patch


  • finish pam fix for LP: 287715, convert cron and libpam-ck-connector to use the new hotness
  • syncify libpam-mount
  • Fix ucf to not throw errors on three-way-merge failures. LP: #269539
  • Fix 64-bit-unclean casts in package builds: libtrace3, rasmol, mbrowse
  • merge new upstream version of pam


  • Monday archive duties

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