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Actions from this meeting

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Merged: partman-auto, partman-partitioning, grub2
  • GRUB 2:
    • Tidied up some more boot-time output.
    • Worked on blockers for using the loopback command in Wubi. I think I've fixed enough of this that we should be able to get rid of the grotty /boot bind-mount soon.
    • Fixed partman-auto-loop #428407 (no need for fstab.d/hostboot any more).
  • Eucalyptus:
    • Merged discover-nodes branch.
    • Some work on automatic component registration.
    • Fixed eucalyptus #424541 (when installing a node controller, a bridge device should be created).
    • First pass at eucalyptus #425922 (Eucalyptus component registration process is manual).
    • Fixed various other installation/init glitches.
  • Miscellaneous lsb update, fixing #403316 and #418461.
  • Sponsorship:
    • bash-completion #415271.
    • binfmt-support #320822 (sort of; merged upstream).
  • Fixed initramfs-tools #428282 (no longer saves the keyboard map to initrd).
  • Spent nearly all of Tuesday afternoon/evening driving buildds and publisher by hand to help repair boot breakage in Karmic.
  • Backport of dpkg change to dapper to permit upstream versions ending in ~, to unstick powerpc.

Evan Dandrea

  • Lots of bug triage and fixing. Got a good handle on the usb-creator bugs, and I am working through the usual mountain of ubiquity bugs.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in usb-creator, and fixed a number of regressions from the 9.04 version that occurred with the devicekit backend / cleanup branch merge.
  • Nearly finished PolicyKit support for usb-creator.

  • Released a new version of the ubiquity slideshow.
  • Followed up with Roman on his proposed merge of the kubuntu slideshow branch and the separation of some kubuntu ubiquity artwork into a new package.
  • Spent a fair amount of time tracking down and fixing two bugs in DeviceKit-disks that are preventing formatting from working in usb-creator (and gnome-disk-utility). LP 419796 and LP 432549. Fixed one and made good progress on the other.

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Merged a couple of fixes from Muharem.
  • Fixed some more importer failures.
  • Worked on the documentation.

Daily Builds

  • Reviewed a change from Javier to stop putting my email in the changelogs of every upload.


  • Nothing.


  • Archive admin rotation.
  • Sponsoring/review from proposed Bazaar branches.
  • A bit of bug triage/debugging.

Lars Wirzenius

  • Computer Janitor thread/gtk fixups. Hopefully fixed all problems by making sure no background threads ever touch GTK. Packages in my PPA for testing, going to ask for them to be uploaded to the real archive soon.

Matthias Klose

  • OEM Rotation
  • Track down crashes with new glibc and closed nvidia drivers, revert a Debian patch.
  • gdb update to the 7.0 branch.
  • OpenJDK update to the IcedTea 1.6.1 release.

  • Work on getting libstdc++5 out of karmic
  • Rebuild packages to get libreadline5 off the CDs.
  • Bug triage
  • OOo test builds on armel.
  • Last remaining modular zope packages in karmic now.
  • Prepare gcc-4.3 update for karmic/armel
  • Finalize & test patch for PR target/40134 for upstream.

  • Look at python2.5 build failure and fix dpkg.
  • Prepare gcc-4.4 and eglibc packages with neon optimizations for armel.

Michael Vogt


  • ensure status bar updates, center text
  • make software-sources menu work
  • queue reload if needed
  • updated po-files from rosetta
  • make sure the menu items for install/remove are in sync and working with the selected app
  • make copy/copy web link work
  • implement the "copy weblink" as written in the spec
  • fix search in category view
  • Look at pathbar code from nzmm
  • bug triage/fixing
  • Phonecall with mpt about app-center status
  • App-center fix margins (#426741)
  • Debug incorrect margins with webkit and attach test-case
  • App-center: work on the UI so that it matches exactly the spec
  • remove "search in" button and instead implement conditional behaviour based on where the search got started (as mpt wants it)
  • make the progress view less cramped
  • App-center work (icon sizes, css improvements)
  • code cleanup
  • add base-class for the AvailablePane, InstalledPane

  • add decorator for wait_for_apt_cache
  • refresh app list on cache change (keep position in app list when this happens)
  • fix icon size
  • desktop file location adjustments
  • sort in locale friendly way, add missing setlocale
  • talk to nzmm aobut the PathBar code and put it into a branch, get contributor agreement, etc (lp:~mvo/software-store/pathbar, lp:~nzmm/software-store/pathbar)

  • Merge software-store fixes from rugby471
  • fix hang if cancel is clicked on aptdaemon dialog
  • merging from rugby471
  • add big screenshot show capability
  • action-button enable/disable on cancel added
  • move the code for the screenshot display into its own widget
  • merge xml fixes from mdke
  • implement undo/redo in the search widget
  • fix another crash
  • add basic architecture display handling
  • Add maintaince end time calculation


  • review/updated app-install-data
  • review/updated command-not-found data
  • work on apt DDTP update, waiting for rosetta on this currently


  • Work on update-manager and u-m base-installer integration
  • Integrate base-installer addition into the auto-upgrade tester
  • Upload new update-manager
  • Bug triage/fixing update-manager
  • fixed runtime warnings
  • fixed not-working cancel button
  • fixed string
  • fixed crash
  • add mock-code for testing thedownload progress
  • fix crash in --dist-upgrade
  • Work on update-manager patching capbability (#414170), talk to cjwatson for his opinion (many thanks) and implement it
  • fix hardy->karmic upgrades via exception for sysvutils


  • fix misisng translations problem after gtkbuilder switch (with the help of seb128)
  • Merge gdebi i18n fix
  • Gdebi bug triage/upload new version


  • Update-notifier work (debugging/fixing)
  • Synaptic i18n merge (sl.po)
  • Apt code review
  • Final compiz upload to PPA, if all is fine there, upload to karmic
  • Apply the fix in gdebi (for the gtkbuilder i18n problems) to update-manager as well
  • Upload kexec-tools to my PPA, try to debug build failure in the configure script (fail!)
  • upload new compiz to karmic (yeah!)


  • Review/upload computer-janitor
  • Review/sponsor rhythmbox, python-gnome-desktop, gtkmm

Michael Terry

Bug Work

  • I fixed some Alpha 6 bugs that no one owned:
    • - Various bugs with implicit pointer-to-int conversions causing problems on 64-bit systems - mk-sbuild-lv didn't respect http_proxy
  • Fixed 4 ubiquity crashers, mostly in the KDE frontend
  • Fixed some issues with the upstart conversion for rsyslog


* Reviewed my first MIRs: 425615, 427576, 428793.


  • Filed my MOTU papers

Muharem Hrnjadovic

Distributed development

  • Bugs fixed: #429890, #337209, #375897, #417153, #381303
  • Ongoing work: bug #424451 and #385667

Archive administration

Mostly sync'ed packages.

Scott James Remnant

Clock issues

  • Debugged ext3/4 filesystem issues where a forced power down with a hardware clock in localtime resulted in a fsck error on boot. This turned out to be a bug in the ext3/4 filesystem code itself, it would recover the journal while the filesystem was read-only, and update the superblock last write time to that of the system clock. Since the system clock had not been stepped yet, this would be in the future if you were east of UTC. Ted Tso (upstream) has written patches to not update the superblock write time when the filesystem is read only.
  • As a result, ending up thinking about the system/hardware clock again for a bit, and realised that this didn't need to be a udev event at all since it never accesses the hardware. Switching to an Upstart job greatly simplified the problem.

Boot performance

  • At SteveLangasek's suggestion, inverted the logic in dh_installinit so that replacing init scripts is the default behaviour when installing Upstart jobs. Those that are new native upstart jobs that never previously existed as init scripts should use the --upstart-only option. This reduced the deltas, and in hindsight was the right default.

  • As a result, those packages which have an Upstart job replacing an init script depend on "upstart-job", while those packages which have a new native Upstart job depend on "upstart (>= 0.6.0)" This is correct, since the native jobs don't use the upstart-job symlink (which could conceivably be in a different package one day)

  • Uploaded ifupdown & netbase to emit events when network devices are up, and to bring network devices up/down using Upstart jobs rather than udev rules or init scripts

  • Added events to the gdm Init and PreSession scripts which may be useful for later synchronisation purposes

  • Fixed force-reload to use the HUP signal rather than restart, since this resulted in D-Bus restarting during upgrade and gdm/X crashing
  • Fixed network-manager to not start/stop with HAL, since it no longer users it (and results in NM restarting during upgrade)
  • Fixed mountall to not be too picky about hook failures when copying into /dev and /var/run, or cleaning /tmp
  • Fixed mountall to not fail if NFS devices don't mount, but to wait and try again when the next network device comes up
  • Broke the world a bit. Ooops.


  • Updated udev to GIT HEAD to bring in various bug fixes and changes that we're better off having in karmic than not - this introduces a few visible warnings, will fix these with upstream next week.

Steve Langasek

  • Alpha 6 Smile :)

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