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 * around 20 uploads to fix build failures
 * look at build failures which looked suspicious to wrong-code generation, filed bug reports for affected packages and the toolchain.
 * twisted bug fixes for plugin registrations
 * openjdk-6 update to accept all certificates provided by ca-certificates
 * OOo upload to work around problems on armel, "some" test builds
 * python2.6.3 update
 * starting to work on GCC PR 40521

For minutes of previous meetings, please see FoundationsTeam.




Actions from this meeting

  • Robbie to prioritize RT ticket (#35783), with the important part being screenshots.u.c
  • Lars to "dust off the API design he did long ago", and write up a prototype and a sample cli app for querying from the new Debian copyright format

Activity reports

Colin Watson

  • Foundations developer interview.
  • Installer bug fixes:
    • Finally fixed apt-setup #172879 (Unable to skip network access
      • during installation).
    • console-setup #416949 (Arabic layout broken in karmic). Some other
      • keyboard layout updates.
    • Restored ntfs-3g syncio patch in the hope that it'll fix Wubi.
    • partman-iscsi #435290 (does not prompt for iSCSI install).
    • grub-installer #427048 (install the bootloader to each disk in a
      • RAID1 array providing /boot).
    • Backported the linux-swap fs name reorganisation I got applied
      • upstream ages ago to fix parted #399428.
    • Fixed grub-installer #444583 (breaks on disks with dmraid metadata
      • but only one disk).
    • Fixed partman-partitioning/ubiquity #421407 (wrong auto-resize
      • default).
    • Fixed partman-partitioning #441242 (Ubiquity generates bad fstab
      • with NTFS partitions).
  • Other bug fixes:
    • klibc #416636 (fstype detects ext4 w/o journal as ext2), including
      • fighting to get klibc to build.
    • Backported fix for debconf #387112 (unused 'use I18N::Langinfo'
      • causes upgrade failure).
    • Wrote a vmbuilder patch to install grub inside the chroot rather
      • than relying on tools in the host, and thus stop breaking when the host is using grub2 (#410886). Along the way, backported the upstream patch I did ages ago for parted #399428 (parted can't create swap partitions in vm images), and adjusted gnu-fdisk, gparted, and partitionmanager to cope with this.
    • Fixed ntfs-3g #395079 (ntfs-3g mount errors in KDE). Along the way,
      • made hal stop crashing all the time (#440797).
    • Fixed bash-completion #419509 (no tab completion on path that
      • contains a space).
  • Sponsorship:
    • casper #385305.
    • grub2 #440879.
  • Fixed build failures: grub, netpbm-free, gettext (merge), kexec-tools, elilo

Evan Dandrea


  • Tested, fixed, and merged Cody's changes to process all syslinux configuration files, not just a whitelist.
  • Lots of bug triage. Merged a patch from John Gruber.
  • Released two new versions.


  • Lots of bug triage.
  • Fixed returning to partitioning not working on a partman crash in the KDE frontend.
  • Sorted out the reiserfsprogs issue once and for all by having ubiquity explicitly depend on it.
  • Added support to ubiquity and installation-report to copy the .disk/info file to the target system.
  • Debugged 438155 for Roman, only to find that it was actually a console-setup bug that cjwatson fixed.


  • Released a new slideshow.
  • Started working with the Ubuntu One team to get a slide for their project in the slideshow.

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Not much activity as hold on new branches still in place.
  • Discussions with LP developers about build-from-branch.

Daily Builds

  • Working on a single command to build a bunch of recipes,
    • to make cron easier.

Distro Tasks

  • Squished a nasty D-Bus bug with activation. Thanks to Chris and Scott for their help.
  • Helped debug the /tmp clearing issue.
  • Archive admin tasks.
  • Sponsoring.

Lars Wirzenius

  • https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/421318 (totem Python crash on exit). Helped get a patch from upstream.

  • Upgraded laptop to karmic. Total failure. Installed karmic from scratch. Too many essential tools (e.g., epiphany, evolution, gnome-terminal). Re-installed jaunty.
  • Computer Janitor i18n bug fixing.
  • Heard that Michael will be taking over CJ in lucid. Expressed my sympathies.
  • Bug triage (CJ, update-manager, general).

Matthias Klose

  • around 20 uploads to fix build failures
  • look at build failures which looked suspicious to wrong-code generation, filed bug reports for affected packages and the toolchain.
  • twisted bug fixes for plugin registrations
  • openjdk-6 update to accept all certificates provided by ca-certificates
  • OOo upload to work around problems on armel, "some" test builds
  • python2.6.3 update
  • starting to work on GCC PR 40521

Michael Vogt


  • add basic analysing functionality of the db to identify duplicates in the desktop data (utils/stats.py)
  • detect duplicated entries and append a (pkgname) in this case (can happen for generic app names like Terminal or System Monitor)
  • add auto-switching back from the progress view (#431907)
  • look into 404 handling of thumbs/images with JS/xmlhttp, not a workable solution as the webkit security gets in our way
  • aptdaemon bug triage
  • aptdaemon: improving the transaction tester script,
  • debugging a race when two transaction connectto the debconf socket
  • add patch for #432607 that hopefully avoids the race with aptdaemon and its debconf frontend
  • aptdaemon: new upload with fix for debconf race (#432607)
  • aptdaemon: debug/fix lock bug when the release upgrader is running
  • Aptdaemon: package new bzr snapshot (lots of fixes, thanks to Sebastian Heinlein)
  • ensure the UI is kept alive while the auth dialog is up
  • work on 404 handling and ubuntu branding for not-found images (lp:~mvo/software-center/ubuntu-404)
  • Software-center: status call
  • fix duplicated data entries from thunar
  • general cleanup of the app-install-data duplicates found by the stats.py script (feels like cleaning the stables of Augean)
  • Aptdaemon: add locking fix, add _syslog_handler crash fix, upload new version
  • lots of triage/bugfixing in software-center
  • debug/fix locale.setdefaultlocale bug (#444316)
  • Debug/fix issues with popcon data for meta-packages that results in poor search results for certain strings like flash


  • work on langauage-suppport-translations transition (#439296)
  • add support for hardy->karmic upgrades (for kubuntu, also useful for early testing of th lts->lts upgrades)

  • add workaround for -x permission problem on kde
  • Auto-upgrade tester: add lts-kubuntu profile (for riddell)
  • commit stepped upgrade functionatlity for the OEM team to
    • lp:~mvo/update-manager/hardy-oem


  • App-install-data-ubuntu update for beta
  • finally uploaded the app-install-data-ubuntu update, extraction took ages this time, sorry for that. the next cycle should switch to a extract tool based on launchpadlib
  • Upgrade testing (ubuntu-desktop, server, manual and automatic), putting results into the isotracker
  • Review/upload new command-not-found data


  • Travel planning/booking to UDS lucid
  • Look into soyuz bug with a openoffice.org upload that caused a double newline in the Sources.gz (#436182)
  • fix locking in the extrace_changelog script on rookery
  • python-apt: work on improved locking
  • fix kpackagekit crash (#438279)
  • Merge gnome-codec-installer (in bzr), not uploaded yet
  • loking into /tmp clean issue #444252 on upgrade


  • Review/sponsor compiz upload with a bunch of fixes

Scott James Remnant

  • Returned from Linux Plumber's Conference, lost Monday due to
    • travelling and jet lag, lost Tuesday due to ADSL downtime (took this as a swap day in the end)
  • Interviewed candidate for Foundations Team role
  • Debugged and fixed issue with partitioned MD devices
  • Created /dev/VG/LV symlink from udev for LVM2 devices
  • Improved method to have Upstart reconnect to D-Bus so that it doesn't
    • cause Upstart to forget all event state, and now happens as part of the dbus job's post-start
  • Improved the initramfs PID transition to recover from common errors
    • such as the PID not existing
  • Set the console of the rc scripts to /dev/null again
  • Further fixes to initramfs framebuffer console loading
  • Fixed gdm to stop when entering single user mode

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • beta release
  • manually seed libgd2-xpm in the desktop to resolve an edubuntu conflict
  • FFe processing
  • publishing fixes for zsync files on releases.ubuntu.com
  • fixes to UEC test plan links


  • fix brightness notification on recent thinkpads in hal. (372874)

  • debhelper: fixes to make dh_installinit snippets for upstart both robust and policy-compliant
  • fix boot-time nfs mounting for upstart (431248), and clean up a few bugs that fell out from this (364861, 441055, 441855).

  • fix mutt regression in handling of text/html mime type
  • software-center build fix (.PHONY vs. debhelper 7)
  • acpi-support: prune some more redundant code
  • hdparm, pm-utils: support for respecting /etc/hdparm.conf when setting apm options on power events (238555)


  • pm-utils (437796)

  • acpi-support
  • laptop-mode-tools (384875), because Tormod is awesome


  • Monday archive duties

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