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Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Activity reports

Colin Watson

Evan Dandrea

James Westby

Lars Wirzenius

  • Wrote a prototype implementation for reading DEP5 copyright files. Sent to Steve Langasek and various people in the OEM team.
  • Computer Janitor, Update Manager, and general bug triage.
  • Computer Janitor upload to fix i18n bug. Kindly sponsored by Michael Vogt again.

Matthias Klose

  • Fix around 10-15 build failures seen with the test rebuild.
  • Some buildd admin work re-queuing packages uploaded without proper dependencies (kde & gnome).

  • re-queue packages in sparc failing on broken xvfb, which seems to be fixed now after one release.
  • work a bit on maven syncs/FFe's; thought it would be much easier to get it built now, than after opening the archive for lucid. But it's already stuck, because needed Debian syncs would touch packages in main and pull maven to main. Very unclear if we can avoid maven in main for lucid.
  • llvm/openjdk-6 update, some arm fixes, and finally building shark for arm; currently cannot used together with the arm interpreter, but should give 3-7x speedups for long running processes. Details:
  • analysis of OOo build failure on powerpc.
  • toolchain updates for ARM to address PR 40521, all tested in a PPA before upload to karmic.
  • eclipse-3.5.1 upload to karmic, fixing lpia build failure, all other work done by the eclipse team, some eclipse bug reports and irc chat.
  • fix python issues seen in upgrade tests, introducing new issues, now worked around for karmic
  • gdb-7.0 final
  • python and toolchain bug triage
  • working on binutils test failures on armel, now GCC PR 41684
  • testing of upstream binutils 2.20 release candidates

Michael Vogt


  • lots of bug triage
  • work on nzmm_ branch merge (fixes rtl rendering and better
    • themability)
  • review/merged the pathbar-integration branch
  • add support for RTL languages to webkit widgets
  • add support for http proxies (#446069) to aptdaemon (and
    • software-center)
  • fix crash in cdrom media handling
  • fix default screenshot size
  • debug/fix indexing bug in apt pkgname indexing
  • make screenshots scrollbable (#439420)
  • work on xapian database reopen problem
  • make database a gobject and send "reopen" signal if the db changes
  • workaround "daemon died" error (that is very obscure)
  • test network behavior (trickle, iptable --dport 80 -j DROP)
  • bugfixes to improve behavior with bad/not working network
  • RT ticket update and mailing to get screenshots.ubuntu.com
  • contacting admin of screenshots.d.n
  • avoid possile race by explicit require of a database.open()
  • fixing screenshot download exception
  • merge manpage fixes


  • bug triage (*long*)
  • i18n update
  • add code to fixup ntfs entries in /etc/fstab\
    • (#439296)
  • work on kernel selection (#353534) - nasty because the 386 flavour
    • is supported (part of linux-meta) but still a bad choice for most people with modern machines
  • Upgrade testing with the new kernel selection code
  • inhibit gnome-screensaver on upgrade (LP: #437709)
  • add gnome-app-install to the ForcedObsoletes

  • upload new version
  • trying to reproduce openoffice.org upgrade failure (#442651)
  • fix missing log for dpkg::pre-invoke like failures
  • analyzing of the upgrade failure, turns out to be #442651
  • fix bug in sandbox upgrader (free space calculation)
  • debug/fix upgrade of mysql-server (#413789)
  • switch default backend order to (synaptic, aptdaemon)
  • Debug FTBFS, report python2.6 #449734 failure
  • add workaround for ftbfs and upload new version
  • fix stale "last updated" information (#450286)
  • debug upgrade issues (indicator-applet-session missing,
    • kvm missing - that one needs a transitional package)
  • Update-manager: fix kvm dependency
  • Report openoffice upgrade bug (#450566) found during upgrade
    • testing


  • before asking for a reboot check the pending queue in
    • aptdaemon (#445634) and wait for that to become empty


  • App-install-data updated
  • fixing a bunch of bugs, typos, icons
  • upload a some typo fixes and submit patches to debian
  • duplicate removal
  • updated to include science section
  • bug triage


  • Review/sponsor compiz-fusion-plugins-main upload


  • Discuss changelogs.u.c with pitti
  • Discuss removal of gnome-app-install and dropping of mime search
    • with mpt/seb (removed)
  • work on expire-changelogs.py script on rookery
  • Policykit-1-gnome: remove only showIn so that it works with kde too
    • (#444661)
  • command-not-found: bug triage/updated to current karmic, fix tex
    • suggestion
  • Create fault-injecting proxy to test some failures with
    • update-manager where it appears that a broken file is downloaded (current theory is that its downloaded correctly and gets corrupted on the way to the disk) lp:~mvo/+junk/fault-injecting-proxy


  • Review/upload computer-janitor

Mike Terry


  • Looked at remaining bugs. Closed one out, tried to diagnose others.
  • Still trying to get a main sponsor to apply a patch for buffering

kernel messages. (LP: #430220)


  • Approved partman-uboot (used in Live CD for ARM)


  • First sponsored diff! For a FTBFS in pump, an obsolete dhcp program.

Scott James Remnant

  • Interview with Foundations Team candidate
  • Included all USB storage drivers in initramfs.
  • Worked alongside Colin fixing usplash issues, improving signal
    • handling, making the Upstart job better, etc.
  • Massive amount of mountall debugging and fixes. Big upload that
    • quashed _most_ of the issues.
  • Ongoing debugging of sreadahead performance issues.

Steve Langasek

  • short week, US holiday on Monday

Release management

  • discussion of mesa freeze exception
  • help with ISO respins for eucalyptus testing
  • getting a few of the lucid balls rolling
  • work with smoser on uec publishing


  • upload valgrind to get rid of the gcc-4.3 build-dep, so we can finally demote gcc-4.3
  • work on finalizing upstart NFS mount issues (447654, 431248, 445181, 447649, 448267)

  • fix usplash to stop when mountall-shell needs to talk to the user (448214)

  • wrap up of pending acpi-support hotkey fixes (397698, 447211, 218598, 387750)


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