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  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Platform sprint
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Milestoned bugs

  • Targeted bugs

  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • Reminder for release meeting, if due this week
  • Select chair for next meeting
  • AOB

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • Colin to see if -Wa,-mimplicit-it=thumb fixes qt4-x11 problems on armel, and if not punt to mobile team / #ubuntu-arm
    • Colin on leave, but investigation showed that it built on armel

Lightning Round

<slangasek> worked on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-lucid-cryptsetup this week (more than I'd intended)
 triggering upstart rules on udev events is neat
 if only it all worked right, that'd be great

<mvo> work on software-center features (sub-categories and package integration)
 work on apt merges (from debian, from Davids branch)
 and spend some time on the auto-upgrade tester setup (still running from my home server :/

<doko> arm, arm and arm
 currently getting gcc-4.4 fixed for thumb mode, fixing packages with thumb build failures, other toolchain related updates for eglibc, gdb, binutils

<lool> Mostly worked on python policy updates and pbuilder patches last week; will continue in the last days before holidays; would like to look at chromeos a bit as well.  Took #ubuntu-reviews slots and booked travel for Jan.

<james_w> worked on: fixing import failures, getting more info about which problems cause the most failures, telling bzr + LP what we want from them
 will work on: more of the same
 blockers: none

<tremolux> I've been working on software-center, specifically a fix for bug 437868
 I've uploaded a fix and mvo has merged it, but there remains a UI inconsistency that I'm working on fixing (application list view loses its selection after an install/remove)
 Once that's done, I'll move on to more bugs and triage (working with mvo)
 Also, I've been looking at integrating apturl into software-center, which is a work item on https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-lucid-software-center-ui-improvements

<ev> Currently working on keyboard map calculation (foundations-lucid-oem-config-localized-keyboard-layout) and NetworkManager copy (foundations-lucid-oem-config).  Nearly done with both, just doing some polish.  Reading through Michael Forrest's first draft of the new installer design in parallel.

<barry> bug 390423 ext4 in system-config-lvm landed w/cjwatson's mentoring, posted summary of experience to udd mlist, currently working on task list for this cycle and draft of maybe-insane-maybe-cool pep to help python packaging

<Keybuk> Been hacking all over the boot all week; plymouth + mountall integration are being tested.
I got angry at dkms and killed it with a sword.
I've either broken initramfs-tools badly or really speeded it up, by making the dep code use tsort and just stash the answers in the initramfs so it doesn't have to calculate every boot

Chair for next meeting

  • james_w

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

  • system-config-lvm bug 390423 - support ext4 file system. Used this bug to
    • learn the basics of the Ubuntu development process, including packaging and deb build tools. Worked through the bug using several different approaches, settling on udd (i.e. the bzr way). Wrote a summary of my experiences for the udd mailing list and engaged in discussions there. Mentored and landed by cjwatson.
  • Began work on figuring out what I'm going to do for the rest of the cycle.
    • Reviewed list of tasks and will have discussions this week.
  • Began work on sekrit proto-PEP that might be cool or crack.

Colin Watson

  • Merged: grub2 (big merge), elilo (exposed bzr-builddeb bug, fixed by
    • James), albatross (universe), dpkg-cross (universe), gnu-fdisk (universe), liblicense (universe), hostname
  • Platform/IS review call.
  • Fixed udev-udeb dependency problems.
  • Sponsorship:
    • debianutils #493243 (synced instead).
    • sensible-utils #462515.
    • adduser #493957 (commented).
    • ubuntu-meta/xubuntu-meta #455153 (commented).
    • rsyslog #459730 (commented).
  • grub2:
    • Resolved conflict between fixing 'grub-install --grub-probe=' and
      • fixing 'help2man grub-install' (see #480571).
  • foundations-lucid-kickstart-iscsi-support:
    • Worked on iSCSI authentication support. This involved a new upstream
      • release of open-iscsi, and a couple of upstream backports as well to make iscsiadm do what we need for discovery records.
  • foundations-lucid-uec-installer-enhancement:
    • Finished up and landed CLC preseed file handling.
    • Done!
  • A bit of mentoring for Barry.
  • Fixed up mdadm udev rules file naming (#493772).
  • Fixed ttf-sazanami removability (#495194).

Evan Dandrea

  • Worked on copying the network configuration from the live

filesystem to the target system as part of installation. Nearly done.

  • Investigated apparmor on the live CD issue, discussed, fixed.
  • Helped Michael Forrest get set up with kvm.
  • Sat down with Michael at Millbank and talked through the finer

points of his new installer design draft a few times.

  • Trying to combine a set of NFS mounts with aufs to transparently

remotely source installer files for development.

  • "Review the progress indicator" work item
    • Blocked by PyGTK being stuck at GTK+ 2.16, and thus not having

GtkSpinner yet.

  • Colin made a quick patch that I will try to get applied, should a

new release of pygtk not be scheduled for lucid.

  • I sent a mail to the pygtk list asking how far out a new release is.
  • "Text wrapping needs to be fixed" work item
    • Had a discussion with Mirco about this after he came up with a

partial solution. He's going to look into why it's not working within the installer, but is working in his demo.

  • Talked to Ivanka who asked Cody to review the extended layout

branch of GTK+.

Gary Lasker

James Westby

Distributed Development + Daily Builds

Most of my time on this was spent communicating with LP and bzr developers about the things we need to do, and discussing what can be done an when. We are approaching an understanding on these things.

In addition I fixed more of the imports, so that we are now down to a reasonable number of failures.

I worked on a script that reports the failures each day, both the count, and the number of each type. Thanks to Martin Pitt for the inspriation on how to go about matching failures. This shows that there is a very long tail, but a few fixes could lower the count by an order of magnitude. I'm going to be processing those failures and reporting bzr bugs where necessary.

Loïc Minier


  • Worked quite a bit on first revision of Python Policy to bring it
    • up-to-date with current practices
  • Helped on the AETC booth on Thursday
  • Reworked and merged upstream parts of the Ubuntu pbuilder diff
  • Fix a bad merge of maximus

Matthias Klose

Michael Vogt


  • Apt-netrc: implement/test host with multiple users/passwds
  • test netrc branch against private ppa:mvo/private-test
  • merge mvo branch into ubuntu
  • merge netrc branch into ubuntu
  • test careful for abi issues
  • merging with debian, reivew donkult branch
  • merging from the "donkult" branch (long, lots of changes)


  • fix FTBFS, upload new version
  • work with free on landscape integration
  • add experimental performance patch (for seb128 and his dell mini)
  • work on auto-upgrader-tester setup on my "server"
  • default to lts->lts releases for lucid

  • experiment with virtio block driver for the auto-upgrade tester
    • (not working reliable for me for hardy guests)
  • review/update DistUpgrade.cfg/DistUpgrade.cfg.hardy

  • publish auto-upgrade-test results to


  • review/merge software-center search-greylist branch
  • review/merge lp:~glatzor/software-center/glatzor
  • fixes in the greylist code
  • add support for comma seperation (helps apturl integration)
  • phonecall with Gary about software-center
  • foundations-lucid-software-center-repository-based-index
    • status call
  • review/mege lp:~rugby471/software-center/software-store-andrew
  • add "reload" button if the package information looks incomplete (#466321)
  • fix misleading msg in not-enabled channels (#488060)
  • string review with mpt for the fixes #488060, #466321
  • fix regexp for list formating (#493679)
  • Review/merge lp:~robert-ancell/software-center/trunk
  • Run menu-data-ubuntu extraction (for alpha-1)
  • debug problem with non-fixed height mode
  • add "X-AppInstall-Ignore" honoring

  • add code that shows top application (by popcon) and "installed
    • applications" (for kwwii and card sorting)
  • create dapper->hardy->lucid upgrade test profiles for server and

    • ubuntu profile


  • Look into deployment of lp-get-changelogs on rookery (no success,
    • no urllib2)
  • Conflictchecker: investigate issue, deploy new version
  • Aptdaemon: create ubuntu-lucid branch and test new version (with
    • glatzor)
  • Compiz: test/commit kde4 build fix from upstream


  • Review/sponsor/upload app-install-data-partner for karmic

Scott James Remnant

  • udev:
    • Added a rule to mark which of the /dev/dri/card0 or /dev/fb0
      • devices is the primary one for a given physical device.
  • Plymouth:
    • Included and tweaked Alberto's script theme.
    • Fixed issue where plymouth was actually restarting before gdm came
      • up, rather than being stopped. In the end, went with patches that actually make gdm stop plymouth, rather than Upstart - this solves lots of problems, including having no ttys if gdm cannot start X.
    • always set FRAMEBUFFER=y for now until we can come up with a more
      • interesting way to start the splash screen
    • casper needed updating to set FRAMEBUFFER=y as well
    • Added new root command to initramfs.
    • Removed usplash from the seeds and updated meta package.
    • MIR.
  • gdm:
    • straced the gdm-binary and X packages to figure out which devices
      • it needed, adjusted the start condition accordingly
    • Applied plymouth integration patches to make the seamless
      • transition from the boot splash into X, and also deal with restoring the console if X fails to start.
    • Removed the starting-dm event since this isn't necessary anymore.
  • libdrm:
    • Removed printf()s that caused fbcon to reassert itself when
      • deactiving a DRM master
  • mountall:
    • Worked on plymouth integration (still a few tidying up bits to go)
    • Changed to always wait on all filesystems again; if you don't want
      • to wait on boot, use "noauto" and don't mount it
    • Renamed the existing "mount" event to "mounting"
    • Added a "mounted" event that takes place after a mountpoint is
      • mounted.
      • This meant all the hooks, including the restorecon call, could be
        • moved to Upstart events
    • Support for mounting /dev as devtmpfs if available, falling back to
      • tmpfs when not.
    • Lots of bug fixes and clean ups.
  • Other:
    • Found kernel patch for modules.builtin, gave URLs to apw.

Steve Langasek

==== Release management ===

  • Lucid alpha 1
  • grub SRU for 8.04.4


  • continued triaging of grub upgrade problems
  • fix bug #461725 in upstart
  • work on bug #462169 in samba; still no reproducible test case
  • merge brltty and fix bug #491775
  • merges/syncs: quilt
  • fix pam FTBFS now that quilt is merged
  • work on cryptsetup fixes for upstart


  • nfs-utils (bug #493145)
  • xtide (bug #486157)


  • archive admin duties

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