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  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Platform sprint
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Milestoned bugs

  • Targeted bugs

  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • Reminder for release meeting, if due this week
  • Select chair for next meeting
  • AOB

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • None

Lightning Round

Chair for next meeting

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

Colin Watson

Short week (holidays).

  • foundations-lucid-kickstart-iscsi-support:
    • Finished and tested iSCSI authentication support.
    • Implemented basic Kickstart support.
    • Done!
  • Merged: hostname
  • Imported grub2 into bzr and started on a merge.
  • Sponsorship:
    • nbd #399707.
  • TB meeting.
  • foundations-lucid-ubiquity-partitioner-optimisation:
    • Experimented with some profiling tools and settled on a good-enough
      • method which isn't going to fall apart halfway through the cycle.
    • Baseline profiling: 74.7 seconds.
    • Optimise debconf_select inner loop.
    • Cache output of partition_tree_choices for each disk.
    • Gather basic information from parted_server a disk at a time rather
      • than a partition at a time.
    • All the above takes us down to 46.8 seconds.
    • Worked on rechecking whether cdebconf provides any performance
      • benefit. Unfortunately (as expected) I ran into several places where ubiquity's cdebconf support has bitrotted, so I had to fix those instead. The next set of builds should get further ...

Evan Dandrea

  • keyboard detection code. Done, just need to sort out proper kernel keycode to X keycode mapping.
    • work on applying and saving (debconf) the result.
    • ubiquity UI integration work.
    • ubiquity build system integration.
  • keyboard spec.
  • d-i kernel update.
  • reviewing new installer design specification.
  • sorted travel for the sprint.

Gary Lasker

Engineering rotation time allocations

  • Platform 50%
  • OEM 30%
  • (Holiday 20%)

Software Center

  • Uploaded a fix for LP: #437868 (File -> Install will install the wrong app). mvo reviewed and merged into trunk.

    • In progress - Code to reselect the correct app in the app list panel after an install/remove has completed.
  • Reviewed mpt's spec for apturl integration.
  • Phone calls with mvo and mpt.


  • Holiday Thursday
  • Attended mterry's awesome dh7 session (OEM).

James Westby

  • Spent lots of time on debugging why the importer puts so much load on codehosting. Tried a few things, but the problem isn't gone yet.
  • Fixed some more import failures caused by importer bugs.
  • More discussion with the bzr team on what to focus on.
  • Call with Martin Pool about that, and further reaching topics.
  • Sent around lots of information on current status and plans for the benefit of those that have not been involved at every stage.
  • Worked to increase the number of "top 100" packages that have vcs-imports as the bzr team will focus on that.
  • Sorted travel for the sprint.
  • Some (little) work on archive-admin and sponsorship.

Loïc Minier

Matthias Klose

  • ARM toolchain work (thumb2 fixes, link by default with --hash-style=both, testing).
  • Prepare packages of GCC 4.5 for a test rebuild
  • OpenJDK 6 update
  • Update OpenJDK 7 packages, prepare fixes for IcedTea

Michael Vogt


  • updating/merging for the ubuntu branch
  • merging from the donkult branch
  • Upload new apt to lucid
  • Apt: implement history log file (lp:~mvo/apt/history)
  • Apt: merge from the debian branch (up to 0.7.25)


  • work on restart-required-dialog spec
  • Work on auto-upgrader-tester setup
  • debug failure rpeorted by aquarius
  • fix bug in mirror usage detection
  • add slideshow integration


  • Review/merge lp:~glatzor/software-center/glatzor (many thanks)
  • Upload new aptdaemon/software-center
  • work on sub-categories parser
  • upload aptdaemon karmic backport (ppa:software-store-developers/ppa)
  • review/merge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/menu-install-remove-fix
  • Upload new app-install-data-ubuntu with a bunch of sub-categories added
  • work on sub-categories for "packages"
  • work on integration for subcategories with the search
  • profile work on the appview
  • add DontDisplay tag

  • couchdb research
  • work on search improvments and better handling of "-" (with upstream, but not much improved)
  • debug/fix race in pending-view
  • debug/fix counting of the available software
  • append pathbar search elements for searches
  • ratings and reviews conf call


  • cmake, cheese


  • Call with djsiegel about upgrade experience
  • travel preparing Portland
  • Maintainance-status: mail julian with some test script data
  • Maintainance-status: apt-ftparchive integration

Scott James Remnant

  • Plymouth:
    • Fixed up packaging to install the headers we need for writing clients using the library, and to add the path to the pkg-config CFLAGS
    • Some debugging on startup crash occasionally seen; this looks like it's probably caused by the DRM backend not cleaning up properly, so fallback to framebuffer or console isn't working properly
  • initramfs boot performance:
    • Only setup keymap, console and font in the initramfs if we're going to load a framebuffer (ie. have a splash screen), or if we panic out to a shell - this takes about half a second off the boot
    • Replaced the shell pre-requisite sorting code with tsort, this sped up update-initramfs noticeably and gave a slight boost to the boot too
    • Generate an ORDER file at initramfs creation time, which runs each script in the right order. Source this file during boot instead of performing pre-requisite calculation each time.
    • Generate modules.dep and modules.alias at initramfs creation time, rather than running depmod on each boot.
    • Replace the wait for filesystem and swap device loops with a C binary that uses libudev to wait for the right device, and then outputs the filesystem type
      • Avoids all calls to udevadm settle in the initramfs, which is a big win for boot speed
      • Avoids repeated calls to blkid and/or fstype, using the answer already in the udevdb
  • mountall:
    • Ported to use usplash for all outpu
    • Fixed to read /proc/cmdline in the binary rather than using shell which fools Upstart's fork following, and doesn't work if /proc isn't mounted yet
    • Fixed to ensure that fork() isn't called before becoming a daemon
  • Misc:
    • fixed network-interface and network-interface-security jobs
    • added mkdir /var/run/network to networking job
    • removed the boot-time dkms component, and added update-initramfs like logic to its postinst

Steve Langasek


  • cryptsetup regressions fixed in lucid, SRU prepared (bug #449380,

#454898, #435814, #475936)

  • esound fix for library transition
  • merge a52dec
  • acpi-support: support undock events (LP: #18864), get rid of

laptop-mode-tools overriding (LP: #244838, #490186)

  • net-snmp: clean up debconf prompting


  • work on machine-readable copyright file spec


  • libdvdnav (bug #466389)


  • archive admin duties

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