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For minutes of previous meetings, please see FoundationsTeam.




  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Milestoned bugs

  • Targeted bugs

  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • Reminder for release meeting, if due this week
  • AOB

Lightning Round

Scott James Remnant

Loïc Minier

Gary Lasker

Evan Dandrea

Michael Vogt

James Westby

Steve Langasek

Colin Watson

Matthias Klose

Barry Warsaw

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Feature freeze exceptions

Notes from previous weeks:

  • foundations-lucid-software-raid-in-ubiquity-for-desktop-install - medium priority, running out of time, may need to defer

  • foundations-lucid-btrfs-support - low priority, expecting to defer

  • foundations-lucid-jockey-support-in-ubiquity - medium priority, expecting to defer

  • foundations-lucid-software-center-repository-based-index - may not make it, in which case we'll need a client-side workaround, or external PPAs won't get to benefit from icons

  • foundations-lucid-distributed-development - various useful bzr features won't land in the next week, but perhaps not for lucid anyway

  • <mvo> I will probably need one for ratings&reviews, just as a early warning

  • <james_w> I'll probably realise that were are in dire need of a new bzr-builddeb feature in about 24 hours Smile :-)

  • <ev> I might need some for things design want, but nothing specific yet

  • <Keybuk> I may end up with a couple of small ones for extra tenths of second

  • <cjwatson> done: most of the work required to migrate to parted 2.1, awaiting FFe

  • <mvo> I may require a python-apt FFe

  • <tremolux> one small feature, back/forward navigation: foundations-lucid-software-center-ui-improvements

  • <ev> I may have one, for adding functionality to the installer to download and install ubuntu-restricted-extras (including running the decss script), as mentioned in the lightning round

  • <cjwatson> as noted in the lightning round, I'm still concerned about the gfxboot-update work

    • but am doing more or less everything in my power about that
  • <james_w> I probably have minor one for bzr-builddeb for something that is probably a feature, even though it fixes a bug Smile :-)

Chair for next meeting

Activity reports