Conversation with #ubuntu-meeting

(10:00:04 AM) robbiew: o/
(10:00:22 AM) ev: hiya
(10:01:09 AM) doko: hi
(10:01:26 AM) cjwatson: hi
(10:02:54 AM) robbiew: surbhi and barry are on vacation
(10:03:00 AM) robbiew: anyone seen Keybuk today?
(10:03:17 AM) robbiew: mvo: joining?
(10:03:21 AM) ev: nope
(10:03:23 AM) mvo: hello
(10:05:36 AM) robbiew: okey dokey then
(10:06:21 AM) robbiew: let's start with the lightning round
(10:06:33 AM) robbiew: ev?
(10:07:11 AM) ev: I've been working on sorting out the KDE frontend to ubiquity, per Riddell's request. Also fixing remaining bugs and UI issues before we hit freeze tomorrow.
(10:07:12 AM) ev: (done)
(10:07:23 AM) robbiew: doko>
(10:07:37 AM) doko: * OOo update for maverick, some bug fixes, backport for lucid
(10:07:38 AM) doko: * last round of python updates, 2.6.6 release, some 2.7 support
(10:07:38 AM) doko: * updating openjdk, integrate patches in icedtea
(10:07:38 AM) doko: * updates for lucid-proposed
(10:07:48 AM) doko: will be at OOoCon next week
(10:07:53 AM) doko: (done)
(10:08:00 AM) robbiew: thnx...cjwatson?
(10:08:07 AM) cjwatson: done: CD boot menu updates for Kubuntu; lots and lots of fiddly GRUB-on-EFI debugging; ported EFI boot support from Fedora to cdrkit; trying to clear up beta bugs (e.g. #600782, #602273, #604087, #604765)
(10:08:11 AM) cjwatson: todo: finishing off last pieces of GRUB integration onto CDs for EFI; getting linearfb kernel driver merged upstream; more beta bugs (esp. #544139)
(10:09:17 AM) robbiew: thnx
(10:09:24 AM) robbiew: and last, but not least...mvo
(10:09:38 AM) mvo: one vacation last week, working on software-center and the new apt this week
(10:09:41 AM) mvo: (done)
(10:09:50 AM) robbiew: thnx
(10:09:55 AM) mvo: apt-0.8 hit maverick btw with (disabled by default) multiarch
(10:10:03 AM) cjwatson: ... shame about dpkg, eh?
(10:10:32 AM) mvo: :)
(10:11:09 AM) ***robbiew checks
(10:11:40 AM) robbiew: things seem fine there
(10:12:33 AM) robbiew: mvo question about buy something spec
(10:12:43 AM) robbiew: who owns the work items at the top
(10:13:14 AM) mvo: if not otherwise labeled its probably me :/
(10:13:25 AM) robbiew: add code to aptdaemon to add auth tokens to /etc/apt/auth.conf: TODO
(10:13:25 AM) robbiew: add code that apt-get updates only the newly added source code line to aptdaemon Installing the app: TODO
(10:13:25 AM) robbiew: release upgrade handling: ensure ppa is updated to the new release (if possible): TODO
(10:13:25 AM) robbiew: release upgrade handling: ensure that purchased apps do not get removed if no longer downloadable: TODO
(10:13:44 AM) robbiew: and "detect if OAuth ubuntu-sso tokens are revoked: TODO"
(10:14:00 AM) mvo: I update the status, sorry that its so messy
(10:14:07 AM) robbiew: worries
(10:14:09 AM) mvo: the upgrade releated ones are only needed in N
(10:14:09 AM) robbiew: but thanks
(10:14:20 AM) mvo: the oauth stuff got moved to ubuntuone ;)
(10:14:27 AM) robbiew: okay, so feel free to POSTPONE items if need be
(10:14:32 AM) mvo: thanks, will do
(10:14:33 AM) robbiew: for me
(10:14:35 AM) robbiew: thanks
(10:14:51 AM) robbiew:
(10:14:54 AM) robbiew: is VERY misleading
(10:15:04 AM) robbiew: as there is a bunch of arm stuff in there that's not ours
(10:15:50 AM) robbiew: cjwatson: have we pretty much done all we can for foundations-m-btrfs-support?
(10:17:45 AM) cjwatson: at this point, I think so; cmason replied on grub-devel today apologising for having taken so long and reiterating an intent to review
(10:17:51 AM) cjwatson: I think we still need to hear from hpa
(10:17:55 AM) cjwatson: (formally, that is)
(10:18:08 AM) cjwatson: so by the time all that lands, I think it's unfortunately going to be too late for maverick
(10:18:23 AM) robbiew: ugh...well, it's not our fault is what it is
(10:18:24 AM) cjwatson: surbhi's patches are the de facto ones that will be in the review queue as soon as the legalities are sorted out
(10:18:30 AM) robbiew: ack
(10:19:04 AM) robbiew: ev: did you catch the email thread about us taking over the wubi site?
(10:19:10 AM) ***robbiew changes topics
(10:19:18 AM) ev: yes, was IS contacted about that?
(10:19:26 AM) robbiew: nah, I haven't done that yet
(10:19:29 AM) ev: okay
(10:19:43 AM) ev: it was always the plan, but as ago says, we never got to it
(10:19:44 AM) robbiew: wanted to wait until you got back, to make sure we can
(10:19:47 AM) ev: so I'm happy to see it happen
(10:19:50 AM) robbiew: ah..cook
(10:19:53 AM) robbiew: cool
(10:20:30 AM) robbiew: ev: so what do we need to get this done
(10:20:43 AM) robbiew: hosting space and a web address?
(10:20:56 AM) ev: indeed
(10:21:04 AM) ev: or actually
(10:21:12 AM) ev: perhaps this should go to MT and the design team?
(10:21:30 AM) ev: and thus whatever they need from IS to get it done
(10:21:52 AM) robbiew: hmm...yeah, I suppose they can setup the webpage
(10:21:57 AM) robbiew: all we need is a place to upload to
(10:21:58 AM) ev: I'd suggest talking to Iain about it
(10:22:02 AM) robbiew: ack
(10:23:17 AM) ***robbiew will send out email on yearly objectives today...hopefully
(10:23:43 AM) robbiew: they are *supposed* to be in by this friday...but oh well
(10:23:45 AM) robbiew: :)
(10:24:10 AM) robbiew: ev: mvo: doko: cjwatson: have you all booked UDS Natty travel?
(10:24:30 AM) mvo: yep, ready for nutty
(10:24:35 AM) cjwatson: ... no. I'll get that done
(10:24:42 AM) doko: mvo: for what?
(10:25:01 AM) doko: have to do this too
(10:25:01 AM) robbiew: mvo: heh
(10:25:06 AM) SergioMeneses: hie
(10:25:15 AM) robbiew: deadline is quickly approaching
(10:25:17 AM) ev: robbiew: I'm in talks with Amity for it. Trying to get there a little early (cheaper than flying direct on Saturday) so I can drive down and see nearby family.
(10:25:32 AM) robbiew: ev: ok, thnx for the info
(10:26:02 AM) robbiew: ev: I assume you'll be stopping by for the release sprint, right?
(10:26:37 AM) ev: robbiew: given that I mostly work out of millbank, I'm sure I can make the trip to the other side of the office ;), but yeah, wouldn't miss it.
(10:27:16 AM) robbiew: heh
(10:27:19 AM) robbiew: smartass
(10:27:20 AM) robbiew: thnx
(10:27:30 AM) ev: haha
(10:27:51 AM) robbiew: and last but not least, cjwatson can you drive the beta release next week?
(10:28:23 AM) robbiew: or do I need to pull in pitti and/or slangasek to assist
(10:28:27 AM) SergioMeneses left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(10:28:36 AM) cjwatson: I'll be around, so yes I should be able to
(10:28:41 AM) cjwatson: will skat be around as well?
(10:30:15 AM) robbiew: I think it's skaet now
(10:30:23 AM) robbiew: and yes...most definitely
(10:31:28 AM) robbiew: I think "skat" was just to close to "dung"
(10:31:29 AM) robbiew: lol
(10:32:32 AM) ev: heh
(10:32:40 AM) robbiew: oh yeah...and I'm narrowing done the list of candidates
(10:33:19 AM) robbiew: got 2 so far, waiting on feedback from ev and cjwatson on the last 2 in the pipeline...depending on the feedback, I may speak to them...otherwise, I'll choose from the 2 I have
(10:33:33 AM) ***robbiew wants this decided asap
(10:33:52 AM) robbiew: that's it for me?
(10:33:58 AM) robbiew: anything else from anyone else?
(10:34:57 AM) robbiew: guess not
(10:35:07 AM) robbiew: thnx mvo, cjwatson, ev, and doko
(10:35:11 AM) mvo: thanks!
(10:35:15 AM) ev: thanks!
(10:35:26 AM) doko: thx
(10:35:33 AM) mvo: back to rushing in the remaining stuff before beta-freeze
(10:35:53 AM) robbiew: heh
(10:44:21 AM) ev left the room.