This page is specifically for the gathering of proposed features for the Oneiric (11.10) development cycle. Prior to UDS, we will organize the proposed Foundations track sessions, based on a subset of the proposed features below, and will post on a separate UDS planning wiki page: /UDSBudapest. The format of that page is simply a long list of sessions that can be ordered, adjusted, etc.

UDS Discussion/Feature CANDIDATES

Natty specs deferred

Support FROM Foundations

As usual, Foundations will be providing Ubuntu support for the other teams. A high-level listing of projects where we likely will be involved is given in this section.


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This page is specifically for the gathering of proposed features for the Oneiric (11.10) development cycle. Prior to UDS, we organized the proposed Ubuntu Server track sessions, based on a subset of the proposed features. The list below represents each Ubuntu Server track session and the notes taken during the associated discussion.

UDS Discussion/Feature CANDIDATES

Notable Decisions and Planned Changes

Best OS for the Cloud

  • Adding ARM as a supported architecture
  • OpenStack will be the default cloud infrastructure stack for Ubuntu Server, replacing Eucalyptus

  • Both OpenStack "Diablo" and Eucalyptus 3.0 will be in main

  • Moving to a 2-stage install experience
    1. Minimal set of steps/packages required to boot a Server on CD
    2. Optional configuration/deployment via Orchestra components
  • Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is now Ubuntu Cloud

  • Detailed boot messaging enabled by default, i.e. remove "quiet" from default grub options
  • We will replace ntpdate with ntpd in Ubuntu Server

Best OS in the Cloud

  • Ensemble will be in universe
  • byobu on by default in cloud images

Session Blueprints

Blueprint: server-o-arm-server

Action Items

  • Look at adding shipping seed to the headless image - if the server is not on a network, won't install because there is no shipping seed
  • Investigate hot plug support
  • Use OpenStack for ARM + LXC

  • OEM-config runs on the serial console, needs a switch to appear on serial AND/OR console
  • Select platform for ARM server release:
    • OMAP3 beagleboard XM
    • OMAP4 pandaboard
    • Look at ARM Versatile Express
  • Preseed, vs unpack and boot (which format)
  • Have a proper debian installer
  • Need to have both netboot + preinstall (headless) + bootfloppy
    • 'bootfloppy' has different definition based on platform
  • JAVA - dependencies on openJDK, getting java working better on ARM
    • ARM java VM's are optimized for client, need to be optimised for enterprise/server
    • IST project has ARM support
  • Investigate Landscape/Smart issues
  • Network filesystems for diskless boot must be tested and supported - NFS (with and without RAMdisK), iSCSI, NDB, AFS(?), CEPH, GFS2, PVFS, RAID, LVM
  • Orchestra tie-ins will need to be tested
  • Investigate the ability to support bonding and bridging networking (TUN/TAP/802.1q/VLAN/VPN/IPv6/IPsec)
  • Investigate interpreted/compiled languages that have Server dependencies:
    • Erlang
    • python
    • Ruby (Rails?)
  • Automated testing on ARM platforms needs to be done.
  • Server team test cases need to be looked at.
  • LAMP stack testing
  • Crypto acceleration in kernel
    • urandom, random, random number
    • entropy keys
  • 32 vs 64 bit
  • gnuTLS, SSL, etc need to be validated
  • AppArmor on ARM, it's not validated yet on ARM

    • toolchain, check that hardening is being called (Case)
    • memory randomization
  • toolchain, 64 bit atomics are missing in GCC 4.5
  • System Management Tools!!
  • Net install needs works on OMAP4
    • Calxeda will provide a PXE boot patch for u-boot

Blueprint: server-o-boot-experience

Action Items

  • [cjwatson] turn off quiet for server
  • [jamesodhunt] allow upstart visualization tool to filter out jobs/events that aren't in existence
  • [tbd]define/document a simple job/alias/event for "local filesystems are up", for local services
  • [tbd]define/document a simple job/alias/event for "networking up", for generic network services
  • [tbd]define/document a simple job/alias/event for "network filesystems are up", for network filesystem services
  • [tbd]define/document a simple job/alias/event for "system has booted", for /etc/rc.local type behavior
  • [tbd]need to improve start on for cron (start when all user info available)
  • [tbd]update Upstart Cookbook with "abstract jobs" and full exposition of how to define optimal "start on" and "stop on" for a new job
  • [clint-fewbar] file bugs on services that don't respect single user mode appropriately
  • [clint-fewbar] automated testing for single to multiuser
  • [clint-fewbar] add init-checkconf rule to lintian for upstart jobs need to measure boot speed difference between sourcing /etc/default files, and not

Blueprint: server-o-byobu-cloud

Action Items

  • Enable disabling all status monitoring eye candy easily
  • Easily enable/disable byobu in metadata
  • Easily disable byobu
  • MOTD messaging
  • respect an ssh environment variable locally on the ssh client that says "no byobu" to the remote server
    • roll Alpha1-3 images with Byobu enabled, revisit decision before feature freeze with plan of including in 11.10 barring any critical regressions or issues

Blueprint: server-o-ceph

Action Items

  • put it in our automated testing suite first to make sure it works as a fs before going further
    • also test the tools
  • investigate qemu-rbd
  • investigate libvirt

Blueprint: server-o-cloud-images

Action Items

  • add chef support (like puppet code)
  • fix cloud-init upstart jobs for lxc
  • rename uec-images ->

    • what about "ucloud-images" ?
    • and, of course, add a redirect, right?
  • udev: start on virtual-filesystems
  • networking.conf: start on (local-filesystems and stopped udevtrigger)
  • cloud-init-local: start on mounted MOUNTPOINT=/
  • [smoser] push on vmware help a bit for uec-images.
  • [smoser] read about ovf 2.0 ...
  • improve documentation
  • make sure images are usable by any OVF consuming tool
  • modify the disk format to be something non-VMDK, or improve the linux support for VMDK images (kvm).
  • cloud-init
    • support configuration of networking via cloud-config this would be useful in OVF or other places, where the metadata comes from a non-network source.
    • do better if there is no datasource available, and do not require one to always be there
  • uec-persistency (bridge gap to lack of EBS root)
    • Both OpenStack and Eucalyptus 3.0 will support EBS root, so no need to publsh UEC-peristency kernel images

Blueprint: server-o-cloud-migration

Action Items

  • Address the following migration issues:
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Vols
    • Instances - with virsh / config?
    • Images
    • Buckets
    • Snapshots
    • Permissions/credentials
    • Keypairs
    • Security Groups
    • Elastic/internal? IPs
    • Quotas?
    • User Groups
    • Usage
  • Support script migration directly from euca to openstack.

Blueprint: server-o-cluster-stack

Action Items

  • Move forward with OCFS2 as the supported clustered FS
  • Keep RHCS 3.0 for DLM's only.
    • dlm_controld.pcmk/gfs_controld.pcmk
    • keep shipping gfs2-tools (and make sure it's ok)
    • upgrade to latest 3.0.x that contains .pcmk (3.0.17)
  • Package fence-agents/resource-agents
  • Upgrade pacemaker to 1.1
  • Investigate and resolve ARM related issues within OCFS2, test
  • Move from cluster-agents to resouce-agents
  • Link up with openstack and upstream to compile a list of HA requirements
  • DRBD 8.4 if is shipped in mainline kernel Oneiric ships.
  • ***Documentation***
  • Sort out PPAs (ubuntu-ha-maintainers becomes main PPA, all other go away)

Blueprint: server-o-cobbler-next-steps

Action Items

  • Integration with puppet - ensure works in Debian/Ubuntu
  • Meta-data service
    • cloud-init support requirement
    • look at inventory service from puppet
  • User Interface
    • rebrand through CSS for Ubuntu
    • implementing new features in webui need to happen upstream
  • gpxe support in cobbler
  • snapshot of running systems to generate profiles?
    • orchestra features rather than cobbler
    • blueprint (DevStructure) might fit this

    • package manifest grab NOT preserve data and state.
  • koan
    • support for kvm instances today.
    • features need testing and improving as required.
  • feedback to upstream ubuntu specific changes to cobbler for better support on multiple distros:
    • DNS integration
    • DHCP integration
  • Better support for detection of distributions.
  • Validate desktop deployment testing through cobbler.
  • Power/infrastructure management; discuss in power infrastructure session.
  • [martinbogo] requirements for supporting uboot through cobbler.

Blueprint: server-o-complex-deployment-testing

Action Items

  • Find a base framework to support boot and deployment testing:
    • Boot:
      • Minimal install - startup and shutdown OK
      • Full install - startup and shutdown OK
      • Complete upgrade and then re-test.
      • collect metrics on boot time
    • Image Proving
      • RAID testing.
      • Multipath and encryption
      • ISO installs of AMI
      • Package Removal Testing:
        • install services
        • start services
        • check services
        • stop services
        • uninstall services
        • re-install same services
        • start & re-check services

  • Configure for complex deployment scenarios:
    • Wiki + Database + Memcache + Load Balancer
    • Bridging and bonding of network interfaces
    • Networking File Systems
    • Openstack Deployment test
    • Launchpad
    • Samba + LDAP or Kerberos Backend
    • Backup solutions

Blueprint: server-o-conf-management

Action Items

  • noop dpkg hook for configuration file so we can ignore conf files on a per-file basis, ie: dpkg --ignore-conflicts-to /etc/path/to/some.conf
  • suggest as a best practice policy for upstream server projects to support a conf.d style directory structure

Blueprint: server-o-documentation

Action Items

  • Jim to look at build toolchain transition needs to produce something similar to
  • Look at what we currently have, what needs to change, and plan how we do it
  • Robbie to look at getting funding for dedicated document resource
  • Jim or Adam to look at an Ubuntu Open Week-type session regarding additional contributions to server docs
  • Server team to identify server resources that could be used to test out server documentation configurations for the purpose of documenting them.

Blueprint: server-o-drop-vmbuilder

Action Items

  • [davewalker] Investigate CCA requirement for vmbuilder
  • [smoser] change uec image build -> use live-build

  • discuss with cody what is appropriate release to target for 11.10
  • existing web/wiki documentation would need to be updated to at least mention
  • [nijiba] if decision is to drop support for vmbuilder, do it quickly, mark it dead. let it be forked. talk to canonical legal
  • assuming above, add deprecated warning on vm-builder
  • blog post and post ot mailing list with result of this stating we are in need of maintainer

Blueprint: server-o-ecryptfs-testsuite

Action Items

  • john going to take another crack at long filenames this cycle
    • rtg not opposed to carrying this if we have to
    • has a fallback mode, maybe first 8 chars are real filename, dash, md5sum
    • backward compatibility
    • rtg says gotta have xattrs to do this elegantly
    • jj will refresh the xattrs patches soon (next few weeks)
    • kirkland will look up the re-encrypt-all-files script he wrote for a previous ecryptfs cve
  • kirkland will write some basic mount/write/unmount/read generic files (random binary, text, small, big) (take from ecryptfs-setup-private), test failure cases too (long file names, bad data in underlying filesystem)
  • check phoronix (or LTP) for ecryptfs stress tests

Blueprint: server-o-ensemble

Action Items

  • package for universe and determine how to deal with updates post 11.10 release
  • [niemeyer] Ensemble Daily PPA.
  • package txzookeeper
  • upgrade txaws
  • update zookeeper with patches already pushed upstream
  • determine if we need to package principia, and do so, if need be

Blueprint: server-o-ensemble-orchestra-openstack-support

Action Items

  • gustavo to send soren email regarding needed api functions for twisted client lib
  • cloud init to support Rackspace meta-data (nice, not required)
  • orchestra to give a twisted API to create physical machine that ensemble can call (aws or openstack)
  • have a simple way for orchestra to deploy a pool of machines that are made availabe for ensemble

Blueprint: server-o-eucalyptus

Action Items

  • work with Eucalyptus to update packages from first code drop expected mid June.
  • continue re-syncing and testing through GA release by August 15
  • continue to test and file bugs after GA

Blueprint: server-o-hadoop

Action Items

  • [james-page] Review packaging to date and work with iamfuzz
  • [kirkland] Discuss with Cloudera the build/runtime dependencies with [oracle|sun]jdk
  • work on how we can add visibility to modules in orchestra in order to determine if we need to work on putting CDH in Universe or main
    • who controls the list?
    • what rules to accept new items?
    • how is it published?

Blueprint: server-o-infra-power

Action Items

  • write psu driver
  • do work for puppet integration (vs orchestra / cobbler...)
  • package fence-agents (new package will land in Oneiric - separated from cman)
  • create PowerNAP interface (broker vs basic use)
  • create a tool to find USB and network devices (nut-scanner)
  • add avahi support to NUT, and allow easy discovery of power infrastructure
  • create a library and CLI/GUI (nut-config)
  • add augeas support (create augeas lenses)
  • create a udev helper (a la hal-cups)?
  • decide on what to do with the web UI (CGI improvements or full web 2.0 revamp?)
  • make NUT-Monitor improvements, including device discovery and configuration
  • create native upstart / systemd scripts
  • create provisioning recipes
  • distribute the new documentation (nut-doc-html and nut-doc-pdf)
  • monitor remaining time before shutdown in upsmon
  • provide scriptlets, for common actions (send mail, interact with VM, ...)
  • add support for UPS and PDU outlets on/off/cycle through NUT to PowerNap

  • add NUT support (avahi discovery + libupsclient) to UPower
  • add shutoff support (UPS poweroff after a power failure shutdown) to UPower
  • create a NUT bridge (NUT drivers that report in UPower namespace)

Blueprint: server-o-install-experience

Action Items

  • [cjwatson] Add support to partition a system across multiple disks at install, in a non interactive, automated manner
  • Support the ability to run Ubuntu only from SAN, ignoring altogether local storage
  • [Boris] provide cjwatson with a preseed/kickstart file of 'what he wants to work'
  • [kirkland] Support kernel command option to run d-i inside of byobu/screen to allow for remote attach/detach, real time monitoring of IO (disk throughput, network bandwidth), system load, stats/notes about installation
  • martin to send cjwatson details on OpenIPMI : Serial over LAN for console during install (device name may not be tty[S]0. ttyam0)
  • support network bonding ->

  • Support MTD partitioning for ARM server: Debian GSoC project from a year or two ago - should be possible to retrieve that and polish it up
  • write a u-boot-installer udeb to support install of a bootloader other than GRUB (u-boot for ARM server)
  • verify consistent network device naming support works as required when the server is booted with biosdevname=1

Blueprint: server-o-jasmine

Action Items

  • package JASMINe

Blueprint: server-o-jenkins

Action Items

By Alpha 1:

  • [james-page] upgrade to latest stable branch from Jenkins + upgrade dependencies
  • [james-page] Resolve outstanding build-from-source issues in dependency chain
  • [james-page] Prepare library packaging for upload to Ubuntu
  • [james-page] Sponsored upload of jenkins plus dependencies to Ubuntu Universe

By Alpha 2:

  • [james-page] look at JVM compatibility with xstream (for example)

Additional Work Items:

  • [james-page] feedback libraries to Debian through debian-java team
  • [james-page] re-sync libraries from Debian as a when required

Blueprint: server-o-jonas

Action Items

By Alpha 2:

  • [james-page] Review current OSGi packaging
  • [james-page] Work with florent on understanding JOnAS clustering and how this might feed into Ensemble and Orchestra
  • [james-page] Maven3 key for delivery - work upstream in Debian to help with Maven 3
  • [fbenoit] Identify priority list of ow2 components for packaging during Oneiric
  • [fbenoit] Idnetify list of ow2 and other maven plugins required to support JOnAS

Blueprint: server-o-kvm-document-suggested-changes

Action Items

  • Define workloads that we care about
  • Improve documentation on good settings for these workloads
  • add a small section to the server documentation
  • Kernel and Network tunables best practices / recommendations to be documented (Classic performance tunning for background workloads) => link to existing server doc on tunables

  • Make decision about not having swap in guest
  • Make decision about bridging over bonding to be tested and documented
  • Cgroup to be tested and documented (should work => user space)

Blueprint: server-o-load-testing

Action Items

  • Get a list of real world stress tests.
  • Another request is that the test be packaged so external parties can run these load tests.
  • Look at having a reporting/management tool to segregate/differentiate between hardware configurations.
  • Have small rescue env booted automatically (from grub, think memtest for server hw]
  • [hggdh] asking someone to package basic "ubuntu-test". which would include these basic tests.

Blueprint: server-o-lxc-improvements

Action Items

  • quick container cloning with snapshotting for lvm, btrfs, and aufs/unionfs (based on ppa:serge-hallyn/lxc-natty work)
  • sandbox template using current user namespace
  • per container syslog
  • proc virtualization
  • audit (LAF) virtualization (hallyn move this where you see priority)
  • container reboot and shutdown
  • custom per-container firewall rules
  • lsm integration
  • apparmor integration
  • templates for other distros (fedora, opensles, gentoo)
  • sandboxing with seccomp2
  • zul: List of missing bits pieces of libvirt for lxc (libvirt 0.9.1-1 merge is pending)

Blueprint: server-o-lxc-sandboxing

Action Items

  • [jjohansen] kernel PPA
  • [hallyn] custom lxc in ppa with extended configuration to drop syscalls. (add to lxc sprint agenda)
  • [ubuntu-security] [hallyn] new 'sandbox' program which generically wraps any program in sandbox.
  • compare this to what stgraber has developed for application sandboxing (other session)

Blueprint: server-o-monitoring

Action Items

  • Write an mcollective plugin for nagios
  • Change nagios to do the triggering
  • Check to see the services to monitor

Blueprint: server-o-mysql

Action Items

  • [clint-fewbar] package MySQL 5.5 for Debian and Ubuntu
  • [clint-fewbar] package Percona Server for Debian and Ubuntu
  • [clint-fewbar] package MariaDB for Debian and Ubuntu

Blueprint: server-o-opengrok

Action Items

  • [jamepage] identify any outstanding licensing issues around OpenGrok and dependencies

  • [jamespage]: Package remaining OpenGrok dependencies and into a PPA

  • Speak to IS about storage, cpu and deployment
  • Speak to Design Team about how to handle the branding aspect of the web interface
  • [jamesodhunt] Investigate structure of repository and alignment to Ubuntu
  • Determine if it interfaces with BZR
  • Determinie if any additional languages would need to be supported (by writing ctags parsers)

Blueprint: server-o-openstack

Action Items

  • [ttx] share slides "Nova modularity" (and updated)
    • rackspace considered "best practices" also.
  • [openstack] provide a list of questions
    • database backed
    • vlan / flat networking
  • [ubuntu/canonical] need to define the components that are used (mysql/postgres/sqlite, vlan segregation v. flat networking)
  • kvm/xen/hyperv...
  • [ubuntu/canonical] define 2 "topologies" to target
    • small developer install (1 machine -> 2 machines)

    • recommended larger install (may take 3,4,5+ machines)
  • nova, glance & swift integration

  • puppet recpies
  • orchestra integration
  • create ec2 testcases (to verify ec2 compatibility)
  • figure out what installation look like (ie, "uec install")

Blueprint: server-o-orchestra

Action Items

  • investigate adding gpxe support in cobbler
  • review cloud-init, as it might need some changes that make it more consumable here
    • It might be useful to allow at the cobbler (or provisioning level) user-data that then would get to cloud-init.
    • somewhat obvious thought... would potentially be nice if there was an ec2-like api cobbler/orchestra
  • cloud-init should be treated as the "configuration management bootloader", i.e., the gateway to being managed by puppet/chef/ensemble/rightscale/etc
  • initial pxe boot image on the network should be a "collect data and report it" image. Then, when a new system is plugged into the network it will boot that image, and report back its mac and cpu/meminfo/disk...
  • support Ensemble on bare metal
    • they will need a machine installed with Ubuntu (somehow) and the agent running
    • also needs an orchestra api to trigger installations (run machine)
  • pre-execution environment ( boot, collect data about system, report to cobbler )
  • [davewalker] discovery mode (facter) collect system information
  • hardware configuration
  • test squid deb proxy pre-existance (scenario with 2 servers)
  • add wrapper for cobbler that works/looks/feels/acts like the ec2 api
  • [teyo] will help with OpenStack/Puppet modules
  • setup automated testing
  • [clint] get a feel for deploying ensemble on orchestra
    • if this is doable, ensemble and puppet should be interchangeable modules, with ensemble as the default to encourage more formula composition [robbie.w]

Blueprint: server-o-paas-stacks

Action Items

  • Package VMWare's cloudfoundry
  • Package Google's appscale

Blueprint: server-o-personal-cloud

Action Items

  • size and scope what's involved in a U1 client working on server (can lpad ( be used for this?)

  • investigate Diaspora
  • anything that can be done to facilitate small office site-local ubuntu one servers

Blueprint: server-o-postfix-enhancements

Action Items

  • [lamont] multinstance support
  • [spamaps] upstart documentation
  • [spamaps] apport pattern for invalid hostname
  • [lamont] not preseedable - investigate if this is fixable and document it either way
  • [lamont] sqlite support
  • [spamaps] No backscatter by default on new install - investigate
  • [dannf] - unchroot script
  • [ivoks] - mail stack deployments via puppet, etc.
  • [ivoks] - try really hard maintain mail-stack-* packages
  • [kitterman] clean up deprecated packaging changes

Blueprint: server-o-powernap-improvements

Action Items

  • Define sample profiles i.e. For Web Servers, File Servers, Laptops etc
  • Perhaps involve someone on the Desktop Team to improve powernap for Laptops

Blueprint: server-o-puppet-integration

Action Items

  • Add Tasksel options ( server ) to puppet
  • Create Orchestra recipes for:
    • rsyslog
    • nagios
    • cobbler?
    • bzr/git
    • fs creation/management
    • jenkins (master and slave)
    • ha cluster (drdb, pacemaker, corosync, cman)
    • kvm (host and guest?)
    • LXC
    • Xen
    • OpenStack

  • investigate puppet faces
  • Report puppet configuration ( no .d )
  • Investigate methods for helper script for puppet modules install
  • Puppet dashboard packaging from upstream for inclusion in Ubuntu.
  • Puppet 2.7 for inclusion in Natty.

Blueprint: server-o-remote-desktop

Action Items

  • [soren] to package noVNC
  • Investigate how important is sound
  • launching
  • use cases
    1. desktop demo
    2. cloud server admin who just wants a damn desktop
  • MIR server/client packages (if not already in Main)
  • do some real testing of VNC to AWS (from various clients) in comparison to NX
  • would like for cloud/vm/remote-desktop style hardware to be tested by the Ubuntu Desktop team as a valid "hardware platform"
  • support some mechanism for downloading arch or os specific info
  • support configuration via applet parameters
  • download via http or https
  • download a list of files, from different sources

Blueprint: server-o-seed-review

Action Items

******** F I X M E ********

Blueprint: server-o-split-cloud

Action Items

* minimal install disk * dropping tasksel and UEC(under condition) * put what is needed to have a bootstrapping server and mirror

Blueprint: server-o-sru-process-review

Action Items

  • Do a rotation of SRU reviewers like the security team
  • Also have a following rotation of QA/verification of fixes?
  • The business case for additional (full time?) headcount can be generated by measuring the improvement from the 1 week cycle
  • Create a list of backport candidates in a server PPA which users can test and nominate for backporting

Blueprint: server-o-syslog-information

Action Items

******** F I X M E ********

Blueprint: server-o-tomcat7-packaging

Action Items

By Alpha 2:

  • [james-page] work with debian upstream on packaging
  • [james-page] address upstart/init co-existence in debian package
  • [james-page] Investigate OSGi wrapping in Jars

Blueprint: server-o-trusted-cloud

Action Items

Blueprint: server-o-virt-tools

Action Items

  • cloud-utils -> non-native package (so it can be packaged in debian)

  • euca2ools update
  • libguestfs
  • koan/virutal machine builder
  • convirt update would support kvmt
    • Convirt is currently in universe, Canonical OEM Services requesting an MIR
  • improvements on bridging setup for guests
  • [eric williams] file bug that would do bridge setup and use it for system bus.
    • documentation or utility to easily set that up.
    • subscribe soren and smoser
  • soren wants to have p2v and v2p
  • potentially a virt-manager update would get ui for snapshotting
  • document or possibly change some defaults at some places for qed format (qemu-img create -f qed)

Blueprint: server-o-windows-paravirtual-drivers

Action Items

  • Build the latest drivers from the latest source (ahs3)
  • Find out if we want to sign, WHQL, support (possibly code updates), Logo, assign build/test responsibilities for driver updates/LTS releases (MarkBaker)

  • Get input on release(s) to certify from hallyn (mahmoh): target latest LTS + latest Natty
  • Test the drivers as possible - 1) 2008 R2/SCSI on LTS, 2) Natty? (mahmoh)
  • Compare driver performance to existing WHQLed performance (wishlist)

Blueprint: server-o-xen-host

Action Items

  • canonical-kernel-team: enable Xen dom0 support in kernel.
  • canonical-kernel-team: determine if Xen dom0 support requires a new flavour
  • Sync Xen 4.1, with Debian packaging
  • In oneiric, hypervisor and tools probably in Universe.
  • pygrub to support oneiric grub2 config
    • stretch goal: pvgrub2: configuration would be a static pvgrub2 image which is configured to chain load a guest pvgrub2 from a fixed location in guest filesystem; guest pvgrub2 would find and boot guest kernel
    • requires grub2 xenstore client (device enumeration), vbd/blkif module, appropriate mkimage/boot support, may possibly become a new grub2 platform - cjwatson intends to work on this

"Just Do It" Blueprints

These are either previously approved, but deferred blueprints, or work that requires little to no discussion (i.e. mailing list/irc exchange is enough)

Other Team Blueprints

These are blueprints for Server, but delivered by other teams.


  • TBD

OEMs/Canonical Corporate Partners

  • LVM + LUKS encryption for Ubiquity

    • Enterprise customers are requesting the capability, or an option to have hooks/hidden options to enable this feature without resorting to the alternate installer or adding custom scripts to hack the functionality. Given the current work in Ubiquity to make the installation as simple as possible for the end user, the full disk encryption method (LVM + LUKS) could be hidden from the end-user or in advanced partitioning options.
  • Main inclusion requests:

    • SSSD updated to latest stable version and in main
    • Move current release of opensc into main (currently 0.12)
      • Enterprise customers (PSE currently supporting) are using opensc to work with smart cards. Review in progress to determine use by French and US Gov (HSPD-12). Requires work with GDM integration
    • Move tpm-tools and dependencies into main, requires additional fix/qa
      • Enterprise customers (PSE currently supporting) are using tpm devices in Enterprise notebooks/desktops
    • Apt-mirror, apt-proxy and apt-cacher-ng in main
      • Those packages are essential in setting up local repository, proxies and customer specific repos in the Enterprise. Customers use them extensively, and they should be in main. Currently they are all in universe.

Support FOR Foundations

Collect here items which we would like to see be done by other teams


  • HFS+ journal support would allow us to do Wubi for Mac OSX, as well as resize OSX partitions during install (for dual boot setups)


  • TBD


  • Infrastructure to allow system/scenario testing for:
    • Upstart
      • Runlevel assertions and state checking. Examples:
        • No networking in single-user mode
        • Ensure display manager running when cold-booting to runlevel 2.
        • Ensure display manager running when changing runlevel from 1 to 2.
    • common "server scenarios":
      • LAMP
      • LDAP+krb

Ubuntu on ARM

  • TBD


  • Server-side support for debdelta


  • Regular system/scenario test runs for Upstart and common "server scenarios"
  • A central location where all our tests report to ( ?). I think such a public facing collection of our existing test systems would encourage us to build even more. See RT 40560 as one possible solution.

  • actually measuring [ 1, 2 ]

Topics requiring no discussion (Just do it / already done)

  • drop 2.6 and make 2.7 the default during the toolchain setup (and before the first autosync run)
  • switch our default/Main boost version to 1.46
  • Consider utilizing /run (requires blueprint; Scott James Remnant volunteered/requested to implement)

  • Offer read-only recovery mode (friendlyrecovery, mountall and Upstart)

  • port software-center to pygi/python3:

Too small for a session (consolidate, or move to bugs?)

  • detection of invalid swap UUID in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume
  • Extend the scope of functionality for more kickstart keywords to be parsed
    • - rootpw --iscrypted : option should be recognized and translated, or ignored with silent error
      • This should already be supported. If it isn't working, we need a bug report with logs. --ColinWatson

    • - sed escaping for late-command / %post commands in kickstart is not escaped properly (715746)

    • - firewall command is not recognized (776701)

Move to some other team

  • measuring download/installation success (which team? only a small proportion of this is really related to Foundations)

  • Spread Ubuntu (with the web team, initial discussions in the Natty cycle, talk to ev for details)
  • Ubuntu for In-Vehicle Infotainment
    • Is there any community interest around creating a seed and/or derivative of Ubuntu for in-vehicle infotainment systems (not Foundations; which team?)
  • OpenGrok

    • resolve Java issues and package it
    • create "" to allow all files in all pockets in all repos in all releases to be searched!
    • proposed for server track

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