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Move to GRUB 2 as the default boot loader.

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BoF agenda and discussion

Capture of meeting discussion 27/05/2009 12:00-13:00 UDS Barcelona

* Some minor issues to fix, e.g. tidy up config updates

* grub1 -> grub2 upgrade

 Go for chainloading grub2 in the upgrade
 Grub 2 for new installation
 Karmic +1 to drop grub 1?

 Make update-grub only update grub2 

 Do automatic change to grub 2:

   - detect chainloaded from grub 1
   - then install grub 2 
        change menu.lst in grub 1 - with zero timeout and chainload grub2

    leave stage1.5 (don't scrub it)
    - grub loads grub stage 1.5 (in 32K start of partition)
    - then loads grub stage 2 from fs
    - then chainloads grub2 (2nd stage)

    Note: do not remove grub stage1.5 + stage2

   - device map (hdX,Y) may not 100% correct on some systems

  * purge process of grub1 removes menu.list - this is an issue that needs fixing.
   - dependency issues:
     make sure post rm is removed from grub
     grub-pc replaces grub
     use breaks to stop clobbering of menu.list on purge
 * LVM:
    - currently grub cannot boot from /boot for LVM, needs to use lilo.
    - check if grub2 can boot /boot LVM - and hence remove the need for the lilo on ISO 

 * xfs:  grub2 was known to have race condition installing grub - check racy code is now fixed

 * grub2 EFI/UEFI 
   Mac and x86 PC with EFI support needs checking
   need to check EFI bootloaders on x86 H/W when we get the hardware
* PPC OpenFirmware?

* Modifying the default boot options (e.g. default OS to boot and timeouts) once booted to change bootup next time around:

  legacy grub has grub-reboot and grub-setdefault to change boot. Can this be achieved in grub2?  grub2 seems to
  provide ability to do this but had different commands to do this.

  e.g. for reboot - show menu, for failed kernels

    - for single shot mode - do once, go back to default mode thereafter
    - e.g. for last good boot

* Boot key
  user holds key - e.g. press shift shows menu, otherwise just continue boot process
  Make sure we use different key in grub2 from that in usplash:
    grub 1 - timeout and escape
    grub 2 - shift, alt, control, (should not use alt, Apple Macs)
          make sure grub2 uses shift to get into grub2 menu
    usplash - use a different key

* Older Hardware:

 - grub2 - test on Certification Farm
 - xubuntu - ask community to test as they probably have more legacy Hardware
 - debian
 - get community to test https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Grub2Testing

See also

Previous (misnamed) specification in this series: FoundationsTeam/Specs/Grub2ByDefault

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