Status of new tree versus old tree

  • New version is a clean refactoring with Debian/Ubuntu support
  • Some Ubuntu-only fixes in the old tree did not make it to the new tree -- need merging
  • Upgrades aren't handled by this tool; need to package Ubuntu's do-release-upgrade in a new source package
  • Auto upgrade testing not handled by the tool, needs to go into a seperate
    • source tree
  • New tree needs lot of QA in Ubuntu, but has been lightly tested
    • We should get a update-manager2 package in universe or in a PPA
  • Pretty much complete in terms of frontends

Regressions/Bugs in new tree

  • needs to run a user again (not root, backend specific)
  • easier backend support (PK, aptdaemon)
  • usability fixes, e.g. button naming and error messages

Futuristic stuff

  • PackageKit backend

Reasons for the new tree

  • Easier to maintain (cleaner)
  • More interest / distros => more maintainers / shared maintenance

  • Backend/Distro-agnostic, permits new backends such as PackageKit

Work items

Not a replacement for update-manager-1 in lucid; more of a lucid+1 target

  1. package update-manager-2 into universe
  2. split out release-upgrader from update-manager-1
  3. split out auto-ugprade tester from update-manager-1
  4. work on backends for update-manager-2 so that it no longer needs root
  5. provide meta-release mechanism
  6. QA

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