The current auto-open behavior of the restart required dialog is a bad user experience. It pops up out of the blue without much releation to the running upgrade.

Release Note

For system upgrade like the kernel that require a restart the user is notified in a clean way at the end of the upgrade that a restart of his system is suggested.


The restart required dialog should be in direct relation to the upgrade that was performed to not confuse the user.

User stories

Joe runs update-manager and gets a new kernel. After the upgrade process he is presented with a nice option to restart. He chooses to do so.


Removing a separate alert that suddenly pops up

  • Integrate the alert into the Update Manager window (and discuss with the design team how it should look like)
  • remove the restart required auto opening from update-notifier

Using the session menu as an extra indication

  • Change the power indicator to an alert state (the artists will provide icon)
  • change text of "Restart ..." to "Restart required ..." and possibly highlight this item


See work items in the blueprint.

Code Changes

Update-notifier, update-manager and session-indicator needs to be updated to implement the new behavior.

Test/Demo Plan

To test this functionality install a new kernel update via update-manager and check that the notification is show by update-manager itself. Verify also that the session indicator changes color.


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