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Release Note


User stories



  • Labels will be made to wrap at the maximum width.
  • The ability to select labels will be disabled as part of the BetaProcess.


A different slideshow needs to be created for Ubuntu Netbook Edition, as the existing slideshow points to items that are not present in UNE (the blue question mark). As this also needs to be done for Kubuntu and possibly the DistUpgrade window in update-manager, efforts will be made to create a shared build infrastructure.


Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


  • deliver a consistent look and feel across all stages - typographical stuff, funny links, process is easy to break (not crash. it's easy to be confusing)
  • control the experience a lot more by shifting some stuff around

prompt for a livecd session at the ___ step

move user account creation to first boot

  • big change.
  • need to think about OEM install and Ubuntu One (if you already have an account)
    • oem-config is already separate
    • makes sense for the sake of Ubuntu One but OEM is quite a different experience

There's a long standing thought that the installer should deliver a system that you can use. These additional questions could be intrusive/annoying to the user.

Account creation should occur when the system is ready to use and teach you how to use it. But haven't done usability testing on this yet.

Challenge with setting up a system that is supposed to have multiple accounts.

Slideshow inappropriate for UNR; talks about "blue question mark" UNR should have a different slide show because things are done differently.

  • This work needs to be done to support Kubuntu and (maybe) upgrades. Solution is probably going to be completely different source packages, with unique artwork and content. Will keep installer team posted. -dylanmccall

Make text non-selectable once we're frozen (this is for bug reports)

Text wrapping needs to be fixed.

Should make some improvements to the experience of the last (confirmation... are you sure) screen of the setup process. Is it still necessary? This info is more useful if you have done a manual partition. Perhaps that's a scenario where you need a reminder. A before/after view would be helpful.

Only warn people that data will be deleted if it actually will

Review the progress indicator implementation. Should follow standard conventions to reinforce common experiences. Get rid of "Step n of n" - nobody ever notices it! Use visual representation instead.

Review all pop-up progress dialogs (

  • Make sure we're not relying on the progress dialog being modal to prevent the user from interacting with the main window.

Action - michaelforrest to mock up sequence for lucid

Firefox for links is rather jarring; webkit's accessibility is problematic. Compromise: unless webkit's a11y is fixed, use Firefox when in a11y mode - but we really need to push for webkit a11y