The software-center should have sub-categories to make big categories like games more manageable.

Release Note

Software-center supports more fine grained categorization now.


Some categories like games are rather big and usually the user has a specific game type in mind.

User stories

Joe is looking for a card game. He looks into software-center, navigates to games and is happy that he finds card games here.


The subcategories will be a part of the xml file for the (if we decide to use the same file as the gnome panel at some point it will become a extra file). They will simply be encoded as <Menu> elements with a matching <Directory> element. We need to ensure that we export the "Name" section in the .directory file to the po file so that it is translatable. The parser in software-center needs to be extended to support the sub-categories and the UI code in software-center needs to be able to deal with this new level as well. Some categories will have sub-categories, some will not.

The UI team will provide details on the look and feel (wireframes) and the categories/sub-categories.


See work items in the spec.

Test/Demo Plan

Go to "Games" section and watch the various sub-sections.


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