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CD build speed has been creeping back up of late; attack it again.

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CD build times are a bottleneck in the release process. We have worked on this before, but we build many more images now and the problem has once again become acute. At the moment, live filesystem build times seem to be the worst offenders.


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BoF agenda and discussion

Lucid: big `apt-get install` phase in livecd-rootfs: 23min amd64, 9min i386

Total with tmpfs (Ubuntu): amd64 7min, i386 21min -> 16min

dpkg fsync->sync fix helps substantially (as elsewhere!)
 * will also investigate turning off syncing entirely

Cody says that concurrent builds helped them a lot

== Work items ==

 * Log total time for livefs builds [lamont]
 * rsync tree to a safe location following debootstrap, and following non-DVD builds; copy this back as the starting point when necessary, but only if the corresponding archive timestamp is correct [lamont]
  * Requires profiling to determine whether this is actually a win; Cody says this is a win in live-helper for at least the debootstrap stage
  * Union mounts may speed things up further - but probably not for maverick
 * Investigate effects on parallelisation of livefs builds [lamont]
  * (ISO builds are already parallelisable, but we generally don't since our bottlenecks are in livefs builds)
 * Investigate removing /usr/share/doc report and fdupes run from release builds [lamont]
 * Add and use dpkg option to turn off syncing entirely [cjwatson]

== Future (we can start investigating this any time) ==

 * Evaluate live-helper as a replacement for livecd-rootfs [cjwatson]
  * Would want to do file-by-file comparison of output and sign off on any differences