My name Frans Thamura,

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and own a IT company (goes 4 years old this year), Intercitra Prima Integrasi, have a 4 years open source workspace named Cimande, mean massage for health, it is indonesian traditional massage services. Cimande can be access at

I am managing, and Java User Group Indonesia (, and I am also IGOS Team, a goverment project to endorse Open Source in Indonesia, works in IGOS since it come, around 2003.

I use Linux since RedHat 5.0, but I am not expert and now i am more invest deeply in full open stack for business and goverment.

I am glad have a friend that want bring Ubuntu to the Enterprise market, that want to develop a enterprise market in Indonesia or regionally.

Oh Yah, I am a Java Champions, elected last year, and now work with Oracle, Sun to promote Java in Indonesia, soon with IBM to promote Websphere Community Edition (Gernomino from Apache).

in Ubuntu World, I am promoting Ubuntu as standard desktop for goverment, and the good thing the awareness is getting strong. I just believe if the open source project is developed with several version, and the team commit, the project can be use, but if you make only 1 version, forget it. That why I choose Ubuntu, because it always and free forever.

Honestly, I am RPM user than Debian user. But this is a challange right.


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