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Current Team/Membership Status

Ubuntu Community Contributions

I am currently working a lot in the MozillaTeam to help keep that team running and organized. I have done user support on IRC, namely helping people with as many issues as possible. I have also done bug triaging and working with bugs, keeping them organize and helping shrink the large number of them.


Team Work

  • ChicagoTeam - Organizing and supporting the LoCo Team for the Chicago land area. I am the secondary team contact, and work closely with RichardJohnson to structure the team. I communicate regularly with the team in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-chicago on and chaired the first IRC meeting we ever had, and one of the event coordinators for the meetings. Another thing that I do on the Chicago Team is keep the Chicago Team list as spam free as possible, deleting the spam and checking for non-list members that may not be registered but still want to email the list. Updating the website is something I do, as an administrator on the webpage, I update the page with news on releases or meetings, anything the team may find relevant and important.

  • DocumentationTeam - Creating, editing, and reviewing documentation on both the wiki pages and the documentation maintained by the team. One page that I did a major edit for was FirefoxNewVersion. I have also made small patches to the Kubuntu documentation for Feisty and wrote the section related to System Settings. For Gutsy, I am part of a team which is migrating Xubuntu Documentation to Topic-based help (which is a larger project than anticipated).

  • MarketingTeam work - Working with the ChicagoTeam LoCo to do advocacy and spreading Ubunutu in the Chicago land area. Generally spending lots of time discussing Ubuntu and even founding an Open Source (and GNU/Linux) team at my college. One success was a talk at my school on Ubuntu, with many CDs passed out which will be repeated and followed by an Install Fest. Other work on marketing I did was work with the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter people on a few issues.

  • IRC Support - Having been on IRC for since December 2005, I've become familiar with many of the developers and have helped countless people on some of these channels: #kubuntu, #kubuntu-offtopic, #mozilla-team #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-chicago.
  • BugSquad work - I especially enjoy UbuntuBugDay and use those days to throw all my bug work behind some serious triage. Since November 2006, I've been triaging bugs and I have been also been working on getting more of the Chicago Loco doing bug work. One such bug I reported was related to Upsplash art which I filed, and then was then fixed for the Edgy release. Another bug that I triaged can be seen below.

  • MozillaTeam work: Started work on the MozillaTeam since January 2007, and have been working with them since. The goal of the team is to improve the overall condition of the Mozilla Foundation's applications in Ubuntu. We do this through bug triage, working with our upstream contacts, maintaining documentation for Mozilla apps and more. One bug I helped triage (and sent to the upstream developer) can be found here. I am one of the "core" members alongside Alex Latchford, David Farning, John Vivirito and Hilario Montoliu that decides new users and have been helping since Day 1. I am also leading the drive to restructure our wiki pages, as well as the head of our new member education program. Additionally, I have mentored someone to help bring them into the Mozilla Team and the development community in general.

About Me

I am a student at Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL and am a Computer Science / Physics major. I try to be involved at my school: Big Brother Big Sister, Protein Folding Project (coding our own to run on a grid computer), Student Senate (as well as being the chair of the IT committee), Monmouth Open Source Society (A F/OSS team I founded) and I am also a member of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. In my free time I enjoy reading literature, working with computers, idling on IRC for obscene amounts of time, programming, skateboarding, martial arts, webcomics and argumentation.

My Goals

Short Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Become a MOTU at some point.

    Ubuntu Make Xubuntu more visible.

    Ubuntu Attend UDS.

Long Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Help fix Bug #1.

    Ubuntu Learn more about Linux / Unix systems in general, I have only been using them since October 2005 and have learned a lot about them, but there is more technical knowledge I would like to learn to contribute further.

    Ubuntu Take Ubuntu Chicago LoCo to the max. We have a good base set of members who can do a lot, so hopefully our team will grow to over a thousand members (I'll keep my fingers crossed).


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