frubuntu is a forensic response ubuntu remix LiveCD, designed by computer forensic practitioners for computer forensic practitioners. It carries no licenses above and beyond those that apply to the packages that are included within it (i.e. GPL), unlike some other LiveCDs available.

At boot, the user has the option to enter "Acquisition" mode, which is a runlevel 2 operation loading a Perl disk forensic imaging script on Console 1, and Guidance Software's LinEn disk imaging software on Console 2. Selection of the "Desktop" mode takes the user into a typical Ubuntu desktop.

The LiveCD has been modified to ensure that no disks, partitions or swap space is loaded either at boot or at the insertion of a USB / firewire device. Included with the LiveCD are typical computer forensic packages such as "dcfldd", "Autopsy", "pyFLAG", etc.

It is currently in pre-release, with the latest release candidate RC8 soon to be uploaded.

Limited information can be found at

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