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= Export the key = = Export your key =
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= Use your key in Mozilla Thunderbirs = = Use your key in Mozilla Thunderbird =
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You can install [ Seahorse] via apt: You can install [ Seahorse] to mange your keys via apt:
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= See Also =

 * GetYourKeySigned
 * UnsignedGpgKey
 * ["GPGsigningforSSHHowTo"]
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[ GPG-Enigmail Howto]  * [ Using GnuPG, on Linux Gazette]
[ GPG-Enigmail Howto]

Create a GPG Key

gpg --gen-key
  • Then enter a 1 to create a standard DSA/ElGamal key. Press Enter.

  • Type in 2048. Press Enter.

  • Type in 0. Press Enter.

  • Enter a y. Press Enter.

  • Type in your Real Name. Press Enter.

  • Type in your REAL email address. Press Enter.

  • Type in Your First Name, add a comment if you want. Press Enter.

  • Type O. Press Enter. It will now create your Key.

  • You will have to give it a Pass Phrase

- Usually a short sentence or phrase that isn't birthdays, names, etc. of people in your family. I will say this to you, because when it comes to pass phrases, they're not easy sometimes... so write it down. Because what you DON'T want to do is forget it!!

Export your key

gpg --export -a {{{User Name

> public.key}}}

Submit your key

  • Copy the content of public.key:

  • Open in a browser window.

  • Paste the copied content in the box under the label, Submit a key

  • Click on Submit this key to the keyserver!

Use your key in Evolution

  • Go back to and type in your name in the Search String box.

  • Highlight and Copy the section of the result page under "User ID" (It should be your name, comment, and email address.)
  • Open Evolution and go to Edit->Preferences.

  • Choose your email account, click on it, and then click Edit.

  • Click on the security tab.

  • In the PGP/GPG Key ID: box, paste the User ID from the web page result.

  • Click OK. Click Close.

- If you want to use your key in any new email, simply click on the Security menu item in your new mail message, and then click on PGP Sign ...

Use your key in Mozilla Thunderbird

Install the Enigmail plugin either by:

sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail

or by downloading the plugin from [ here] and install it manually

Configure GPG in Thunderbird under: Enigmail->Preferences and add under GnuPG executable path the following path /usr/bin/gpg

GUI for GPG key management

You can install [ Seahorse] to mange your keys via apt:

sudo apt-get install seahorse

See Also


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