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= Create a GPG Key =
gpg --gen-key
 * Then enter a {{{1}}} to create a standard DSA/ElGamal key. Press Enter.
 * Type in {{{2048}}}. Press Enter.
 * Type in {{{0}}}. Press Enter.
 * Enter a {{{y}}}. Press Enter.
 * Type in your {{{Real Name}}}. Press Enter.
 * Type in your {{{REAL email address}}}. Press Enter.
 * Type in Your {{{First Name}}}, add a comment if you want. Press Enter.
 * Type {{{O}}}. Press Enter. It will now create your Key.
 * You will have to give it a {{{Pass Phrase}}}
Usually a short sentence or phrase that isn't birthdays, names, etc. of people in your family. I will say this to you, because when it comes to pass phrases, they're not easy sometimes... so write it down. Because what you DON'T want to do is forget it!!

= Export your key =
gpg --export -a {{{User Name}}} > public.key

= Submit your key =
 * Copy the content of {{{public.key}}}:
 * Open {{{}}} in a browser window.
 * Paste the copied content in the box under the label, {{{Submit a key}}}
 * Click on {{{Submit this key to the keyserver!}}}

= Use your key in Evolution =
 * Go back to {{{}}} and type in your name in the Search String box.
 * Highlight and Copy the section of the result page under "User ID" (It should be your name, comment, and email address.)
 * Open Evolution and go to {{{Edit->Preferences}}}.
 * Choose your email account, click on it, and then click {{{Edit}}}.
 * Click on the {{{security}}} tab.
 * In the {{{PGP/GPG Key ID}}}: box, paste the {{{User ID}}} from the web page result.
 * Click {{{OK}}}. Click {{{Close}}}.
If you want to use your key in any new email, simply click on the {{{Security}}} menu item in your new mail message, and then click on {{{PGP Sign}}} ...

= Use your key in Mozilla Thunderbird =
Install the {{{Enigmail plugin}}} either by:
sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail
by downloading the plugin from [ here] and install it manually

Configure GPG in Thunderbird under: {{{Enigmail->Preferences}}} and add under {{{GnuPG executable path}}} the following path {{{/usr/bin/gpg}}}

= GUI for GPG key management =
You can install [ Seahorse] to mange your keys via apt:
sudo apt-get install seahorse

= Resources =
[ GPG-Enigmail Howto]

Credits: [ kassetra]

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